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baby tries to say fast car and fails
21 Oct 2011
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Look and love Cutie Honey?! XD Please comment... ~__o P.S.: Music is from Se7en and called "Se7olution"!
7 Sep 2009
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Re Cutie Honey OVA - 1 Subtitulos en Español
18 Jun 2010
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This Opening Movie is from an Anime called Re: Cutie Honey. The Cutie Honey Theme Song appears through out all the Anime incarnations of the character. In this Anime, it was performed by Kumi Koda. "Ai no senshi, Cutie Honey-san!". PS: "Re" could mean RElease, REmake, REvisited or REvisioned. Thanks to ChocoboKitsune-kun for the suggestions. :)
11 Feb 2009
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30 Dec 2013
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Re: Cutie Honey opening
22 Feb 2012
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27 Jun 2010
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I've seen a lot of anime/manga eye makeup looks in the past, but a lot of them don't look like the actual style seen in anime/manga. Or at least the ones I've seen...even the Hello Kitty Lady Gaga one (although it was cool) looked a bit flat to me. Basically I colored the eyes more like my understanding of what anime/manga eyes look like. I apologize if there's food in my teeth. What can I say, I like to eat. Music credit: (again, these music disks were gifted to me, so I will do my best to give as much info as possible) "Cutie Honey" by Koda Kumi "Come with Me" by Koda Kumi "Sweet Friends" by Crystal Kay from her KISS album All MAC products used are shown in the video. The only e/s that may be unreadable is "shimmer moss" which is the greenish one layered over the upper half of the eye. Again, you if you are recreating this look or making your own version, you may use whatever products you currently own or make your own substitutions. I don't do trials beforehand; these looks just come to me and I record them that day. Also, my tip for checking symmetry and balance: look up/down in mirror. Or, take a picture and you will see where your mistakes are. There are some unpolished edges in this look, but you get the point :)
16 May 2012
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ONLY PLAYABLE ON A JAPANESE Wii or WiiU !!! Regionlocked. Got it today. The Japanese version is much better XD. I looove the animations and the music. They are sooo goood XDDD Please Subscribe! Here is the whole list: 00:55 Exile - Won't Be Long 05:50 Ketsu Meishi - Kimi Ni Bump 10:30 Kumi Koda - Cutie Honey 14:18 Dream 5 - Koi no Dial 6700 18:01 TRF - Survival Dance 22:52 Kara - Jumpin 26:20 Amuro Namie - Sexy Girl 31:33 Exile - Choo Choo Train *I love this dance* 36:25 Boa - Valenti 41:16 AKB48 - Heavy Rotation 46:30 Touho Shinki - Why (Keep your Head Down) 51:10 Kara - Mister 55:02 Gorie - Micky 58:20 Pink Lady - UFO 62:02 Morning Musume - Love Revolution 67:00 Kishidan - One Night Carnival *yeah Ouendan*....thanks to the USer "vandaidx"
31 Jan 2014
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