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The clip picking up date from Bride of Chucky (1998) with John Ritter, Gordon Michael Woolvett Hello. I'm Chief Kincaid, Jade's uncle. David Collins. Nice to meet you, sir. David, come on in. Jade! David's here! I've been hearing good things about you, David. You're off to Princeton next fall. Yes, sir. What are you going to study? Theater Arts. But on an athletic scholarship, right? Playing hockey? Figure skating. Jade! Warren, don't scream. Hi. You look great. Jade, uh, I have to tell you. This guy is a big improvement over the last one. I think your mother and father would've agreed. My parents liked all my friends. I'll be home by midnight. She's in good hands, sir. Uh... You forget something? Oh. This is for you. I love lilies. Actually, it's an orchid. Uh, cymbidium orchid? You put it in a vase and drop an aspirin in the water, it should last you the whole week. Or so I read. Nice meeting you.
29 Oct 2011
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Construction of a beautiful centerpiece. Flowers used: hydrangeas, cymbidium orchids, dendrobium orchids. Music: Going Under -- Kruder Dorfmeister
26 Oct 2014
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