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An improvised video-poem. I was experimenting, trying to create a déjà vu sensation in the spectator. I don't know if it works, but I enjoy so much making this little movie.
17 Dec 2006
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Avez vous déjà vu ? Episode 2 : Poppi Qui Imite un Chat Enjoy Gomah TV
9 Mar 2008
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Déjà vu Review from CGRundertow. When a detective awakes in a gross men's room without a single memory of who he is, chances are likely he's going to have a bad day. People will tell him he's got a hit on him, a woman wants to kill him, the police are looking for him, and he can't even remember his first kiss. Such is the life of Theodore "Ace" Harding in Déjà vu, the first MacVenture title on the NES. Guide Ace as he tries to recover his memory and find the clues to clear his name in a murder case and a kidnapping. You'll punch muggers, assault butlers, take the taxi, and do drugs. On the dark streets of gangland, Ace Harding searches for clues to clear his name. This CGRundertow Review features gameplay of Déjà vu on the Nintendo Entertainment System and commentary from CGR's Jonathan, who owns the Mac and DOS versions of the game, and 2 copies of the NES version. He may have a problem, huh?
19 Oct 2012
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The human species has been hoodwinked. The Old Testament was heavily influenced by other cultures, politics of the day and personal aspirations of kings, authors and prophets. The Old Testament was written as much from the outside of Judaism as from the inside. The actual quills may have been held by the Hebrews but the ideas were not their own. The Old Testament is riddled with oral traditions from hundreds of cultures. Noah, Jonah, Adam, Job and Lot all have very strong connections to civilizations prior to and parallel with the very early Hebrews. Very little of the Old Testament is revelation or new material entry from within the Hebrew culture or divinely inspired.
26 Nov 2008
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Avez vous déjà vu ? Episode 01 : Un Yaourt Qui Chante des Airs d'Opéra Enjoy Gomah !
28 Oct 2008
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Since their debut in the late 'sixties, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have functioned as the "town criers" of their generation. With songs like "Ohio" and "Find the Cost of Freedom", CSNY were in the forefront of Vietnam-era protest and anti-war sentiment. Though fondly remembered for their harmonies and love songs, the band has never lost their political edge. "CSNY: Déjà Vu" finds the band heading out on their "Freedom of Speech 2006" of North America, featuring music from Neil Young's controversial "Living With War" CD. With "Embedded" reporter, Mike Cerre, aboard, the film documents audience reactions to the music and the band's ongoing connection with its fans, all against the backdrop of the Iraq/Afghanistan War. The film also examines events surrounding the Tour in the crucial election season of 2006. Songs from the Tour are woven together with archival material, news footage, and audience reaction and observations, as the film examines the issues surrounding the integration of politics and art.
17 Jul 2008
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President Bush was optimistic as he ended his Middle East tour, saying that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal can be reached. But violence erupted between Palestinians and Israelis. What went wrong? And will Israel negotiate with Hamas? Answers to these questions and more on Link TV's Mosaic Intelligence Report. For more:
19 Jan 2008
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For the second time in a month a tractor driver goes on the rampage on the streets of Jerusalem.
25 Jul 2008
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Un Monstre Avec Plein de Bras Qui Fait une Blague à un Monstre avec Plein de z'Yeux
7 Mar 2009
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Des Putois Dans un Ascenseur
9 Mar 2009
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Des Maisons à Qui Crache le Plus Loin
8 Mar 2009
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Le Plus Petit Zoo du Monde
8 Mar 2009
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