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*******www.ResultsWithGlobal**** While other Dads are out working a job, Jay NaPier is a full time Dad and plays golf with his daughter, thanks to Global Resorts Network
14 May 2008
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Goofy mood meets good beat. This is a video of my Dad dancing. It is original and guaranteed to make you laugh.
18 May 2008
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An official Save the Post Office Song inspired by a protest march that took place in East Runton.on the 3rd of May 2008. The event saw hundreds of people pour onto the streets blocking traffic and voicing their outrage concerning the closure of such an important service. The song 'Dads Army' was written with the elderly in mind whom proudly attended the historical protest march, some of them wearing war medals. It was an emotional affair, it reminded me how lucky we are to be enjoying the freedom they have given us. It was heart wrenching to see people in wheelchairs, that rely so much on the local post office, fighting to keep something that should respectfully be available to them. Norman Lamb MP from the Liberal democrat party delivered a speech I will never forget "We must speak as one voice throughout all political party's" said Mister Lamb "It's outrageous that this post office should be closed" Special thanks to Ashwood recording studios for giving their time to make this song possible. Download Free Song Here
24 May 2008
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Mom & Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary on July 6th, 2008
28 May 2008
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RICH DAD POOR DAD best selling author Robert Kioysaki explains what he thinks is the perfect business for the average to above person in corporate america today. www.ChangeYourRules****
15 Mar 2011
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Consumer confidence and spending is at a low but the desire for hi-tech gifts is on the rise. Cat Schwartz, Hi-Tech Mommy and eBay Gadget & Toy Director, reviews hi-tech gift ideas for tech savvy dads and grads this year that won’t break the bank.
5 Jun 2008
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. VISIT: *******WorkHome.Weebly**** Have you read Rich Dad Poor Dad? Then you would know that if you Think Differently then you can Grow Rich!
5 Jun 2008
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43% of American children live apart from their fathers. These kids pay a huge price when dad is out of the pictures! Why is that? Why does it make a difference? Learn the facts and discern the truth! Distributed by Tubemogul.
13 Jun 2008
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Just wishing my dad a happy fathers day
15 Jun 2008
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A "Stop Motion Animation" Father's Day Vid i made for my dad. It is a short poem named To Dad. I Love You Dad! Happy Fathers Day......................
4 Nov 2008
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A short Flash animation about kids boasting about their dads
16 Jun 2008
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Young boys go fishing with Dad.
17 Jun 2008
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DadLabs Ep. 340 Gear Daddy -- Do dads perform their share of the housekeeping chores? Doubtful. Then why not pitch in? Laundry is easier and greener if it's done by a front loading washer. Our Gear Daddy explains why. Brought to you by OxiClean Baby.
20 Jun 2008
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In clip 2 of the sermon, A Dedicated Dad, Minister Jeff Fannell continues the example of Jairus. A man of faith, who knew the only one that could help his daughter was Jesus. So in spite of all, he stood and bore the wait, as the woman with the issue of blood interrupted his miracle and was rewarded for his dedicated faith. For more info or to get a FREE DVD, visit the website at www.ongoodground**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
25 Jun 2008
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*******www.TUBE.TV has come up with 10 things you can do for your dad on any day of the year!
27 Jun 2008
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Some dad totally owns his son with the tape prank. I cant tell if the kid is laughing or crying by the end. Personally I was laughing.
29 Jun 2008
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