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23 Sep 2012
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"Here I am Lord, Send Me" Ready for our mission this summer? April 8-11,2010 First Day: Communication Foundation for Asia, Sta Mesa Second: Simultaneous mission of different teams to: 1.Sucat, Paranaque 2.San Ramon, Pampanga 3.Antipolo-Sucat 4.Dagupan, Pangasinan Fourth Day: Lay Formation Center, Guadalupe, Makati Reg fee: 1900 register online through this link: ***********/viewform?formkey=dEpQenRON3JUc3Bqdk9BOEtUd3EwaWc6MA
19 Mar 2010
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27 Aug 2009
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Whole version of the performance in Dagupan Bangus Festival 2009.
8 Aug 2010
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2 Dec 2010
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AUGUST 18, 2007,, I.B.P. FACE'D THE HARD THUG FROM LAS PINASchampion u can dance season 2 north luzon elimination ....all star members of ibp dance masters ibp dancers of baguio city noth luzon representative 4 u can dance season 2 to n manila channel 2 abscbn national competition, ibp dagupan city, u can dance season 2 champion north central luzon dagupan.....u can dance season 2 champion north luzon elimination dagupan city... GROOVE UNLIMITED , exquizith , cross over n mix illusion congrats din po sa inyo.. mga winner ng davao at cebu conrats po sa high level.. at u can dance in u can dance all dancers are good...***ngrats to the limited voyz ,top dratz mix illussion cross over at u acn dance in u can dance, groove unlimited congrats salahat,SEASON2.... BAGUIO MOST WANTED GROUP, MOSTWANTED IN BAGUIO.. baguio mostwanted group d ibp... exquizyth goodluck po sa cntest... ALLSTAR / ALLSTARS CREW OF IBP DANCE MASTERS BAGUIOabsbn station id north central luzon .. philippine star ball champion , national hiphop, u can dance 1st , first runner up... exquizyth , allstar , allstars , invictus angels... gma kapuso ... ng norte.. sun dance .. sm baguio.. cyberkz , aligma, crew body mechanix... scandal, nc atin to ... kiko .
21 Feb 2009
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dagupan city, philippines
28 Oct 2009
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Party Pilipinas live in Stadia, Dagupan City Heal the World - Party Pilipinas All - Star Cast
24 Apr 2010
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Paulo my good friend from Nueva Ecija and I met in Dagupan City and we went to the beach together with his friends.. Visit his channel at****/peterandpaulo San Fabian Beach is in San Fabian, Pangasinan...
7 May 2010
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Read the whole story in my blog, *******www.bluemoonray****/2011/04/rip-aj-perez-died-from-vehicular.html like his father's statements, correction from this tribute video, etc (This is a tribute video I made for AJ Perez, I used to tweet with him in twitter, watched his performances in ASAP every sunday. One of the videos I made, wherein I'm totally sad while making it... It's for you Aj...) Antonello Joseph Sarte Perez (born February 17, 1993) is a Filipino actor, a member of ABS-CBN's circle of homegrown talents collectively known as Star Magic, a performer in ASAP Sunday Variety Show died at the age of 18, due to a vehicular accident in Panici, Tarlac. While heading back to Manila from an event in Dagupan (Bangus Festival), A truck bumped at the side part of the van he was riding, where AJ's head was leaning. He was brought to Paniqui, Tarlac Clinic, dead already. Currently, AJ is one of the lead actors in Hit TV Show "Sabel" and a regular performer in ASAP, also a member of a teen male group "Gigger Boys". May your soul rest in peace and you will always be remembered, AJ... Condolences to AJ's family, friends and relatives. :( I'll miss him in twitter & in ASAP every sunday. I dunno what's with number 17: he was born in Feb17, Died at April17, his jersey no. is 17, his twitter account is ajperez17 . His last tweet in twitter: "On the way home already from Dagupan.Long drive ahead.. Thanks to everybody who watched, thanks to zui for the gifts.And hi again to jarred!". He also believes in the saying "I'll take character over reputation. Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. ". He was also in Boracay on the first week of April2011, also a photo of AJ Perez with Rico Yan in ABS-CBN Hallway (See photos in *******www.bluemoonray****/2011/04/rip-aj-perez-died-from-vehicular.html ) AJ Perez' true to life story will be featured in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) on April 30, I hope everyone will watch it. Indeed, life is too short. Cherish every moment while we're still living. God be with you always, AJ... Watch this tribute video I made... :( VISIT *******www.bluemoonray****/2011/04/rip-aj-perez-died-from-vehicular.html for other news & updates about AJ PEREZ' death. :((
2 Jul 2011
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ala akong maisip na magandang video so i decided na DBZ na lng since isa akong DBZ fanatic. naruto sna kaso... nakakatamad mghanap ng video. this song was actually one of my personal fave. una kong narinig ung song na 2 last may 1 during bangus festival sa dagupan. d ko nga expect na gagawing OST ng isang telenobela. CAPTAIN BARBELL PA!! Ahehehe!! astig tlga ang shamrock!! so e2 na.. Shamrock really rocks!!! ^_^
8 Nov 2011
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G.V. Florida Transport, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 by the brothers George and Virgilio Florida, Jr. That time the now defunct EMC Transportation, Inc. was the largest bus company operating in Cagayan Valley. The company operated formerly as Florida Liner, which was founded by Virgilio Florida, Sr. at the end of the 1970s. Even as a new player in the industry back then, GV Florida has attracted the riding public with its ultra-luxury buses; with the distinctive flowery livery, on a pink body color, their company color, adorning the all sides of their buses. G.V. Florida Transport ferries goods and passengers from Metro Manila to Cagayan Valley Region and Ilocos Region. Also, it operates inter-provincial routes between neighboring provinces in Cagayan Valley. G.V. Florida Transport started its Ilocos Route when they acquired F.Franco Transit and B.Trans. It expanded more with the acquisition of Autobus Transportation's Ilocos line. They also expanded its Cagayan Valley and Isabela route when they acquired Viva Alladin, Ballesteros Express, and Dagupan Bus' franchises. With the acquisition of the remaining of Autobus' routes, GV Florida will commence its Baguio City's route. G.V. Florida Transport is noted for being the first Philippine bus company to introduce the "Sleeper class", with Higer and Golden Dragon sleeper buses currently servicing Manila-Tuguegarao,and Manila-Laoag routes. A sister bus company, GMW Florida Trans Inc., is being operated by the other siblings of George and Virgilio Florida. This company serves the Santiago-Cauayan-Tuguegarao-Laoag and Tuguegarao-Abra via Bantay/Vigan routes.
12 Jun 2013
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Courtesy of OctoArts/EMI Music Philippines No copyright infringement intended For entertainment purposes only Whoops Kirri was originally released in 1998 by Fruitcake from their self-titled debut album Fruitcake (Sub-label: Teen Music Power) and re-released in 1999 for their second album Angel Baby as a Dance Remix, both albums under Octo Arts / EMI Music Philippines (now PolyEast Records) Fruitcake are Anne Jomeo, Jel Aquino, and Rhea Ferrer Whoops Kirri is composed by Larry Chua (also the male reggae-sounding back-up vocals) Unofficial Music Video featuing the whoops kirri dance steps here: ***********/watch?v=LRaUdKy0sQ0 Song may be released again in 2013 by Star Records because of frequent play on ABS-CBN's It's Showtime and Gandang Gabi Vice No upload yet of the song on youtube so shared it when I heard it being played on It's Showtime on July, 30 2013 (Clip from It's Showtime July 30, 2013 episode: ***********/watch?v=aj-ajUxToAQ ) Ripped from cassette tape and a little audio editing to improve sound quality Support OPM Buy Fruitcake's Angel Baby here: *******www.kabayancentral****/music/octoarts/mmorihg1237.html (Just hope that there are still stocks left) or Request *******www.mymusicstore****.ph and Octorts/EMI/PolyEast to officially re-release the song, original and/or cover. Some additional Info: *******www.allmusic****/album/release/fruitcake-mr0002252746 ------------------------------ LYRICS (Corrected some lines August 30, 2013) Oh yeah baby Here we go now Singin' a favorite song my love I love that song Hit it Chorus: Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops Everytime I see you Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops I want to know you Whoops kirri whoops kirri whoops Hope you feel the same too And I go whoops kirri kirri kirri whoops I think I love you Baby on the first time my eyes set upon you I went crazy running in circles just to know you Boy don't you kiss me pretending you don't see me Don't be blind, ease my mind, please be kind and love me (Repeat Chorus) Whoops kirri kirri to be with you was easy Again I'm fixin' it to wait into your heart my baby But everytime you're near me my wits run out completely I'm jittering in misery, I tongue-tied up and I go (Repeat Chorus 3x) ------------------------------ UPDATE: Three weeks after Vice Ganda made this song trending because of his new dance steps for the song on showtime last July 30, Fruitcake (Jel and Anne only) guested on Gandang Gabi Vice, August 18, 2013 *******www.abs-cbnnews****/video/entertainment/08/18/13/whoops-kiri-whoops-singers-dance-vice-ganda-ggv Four weeks after Whoops Kirri re-release on showtime, Whoops Kirri was also featured on TV Patrol and Goin' Bulilit (August 25, 2013) Fruitcake (Anne and Jel) also guested on It's Showtime for mid-prod with Vice Ganda (August 28, 2013) ***********/watch?v=r3Bqty2-UA4 Trivia information: Jelyn "Jel" Aquino and Annalyn "Anne" Jomeo now has their own band (Jel with Straight Beat, Anne with Mulatto) Rhea Ferrer now a flight stewardess of Emirates Airlines By the way, youtuber weyanferrer (Rhea Ferrer's brother) has nice Fruitcake uploads, do visit channel: ***********/user/weyanferrer August and September 2013, Fruitcake's Whoops Kirri was again getting massive airplays on Radio Stations, and also entered the countdown / hitlists of some radio stations. ------------------------------ Related links and videos regarding Fruitcake's Whoops Kirri's 2013 re-surfacing: Showtime whoops kirri launch (July 30) ***********/watch?v=aj-ajUxToAQ Fruitcake GGV guesting (August 18) ***********/watch?v=jQfl39Tqdcg Whoops Kirri entered MOR Dagupan's countdown (August 23) *******www.facebook****/PHMusicCharts/posts/10153160789195005 (eto lang na monitor ko so far eh, if meron pang iba, pakicomment at pa-link na rin kung meron) TV Patrol Whoops Kirri goes viral feature (August 25) *******www.abs-cbnnews****/video/lifestyle/08/25/13/marc-logan-reports-whoops-kiri-dance-goes-viral Goin' Bulilit Whoops Kirri Music Video (August 25) ***********/watch?v=YS07CJjgJGU (jump to 8:50) It's Showtime Fruitcake Guesting (August 28) ***********/watch?v=r3Bqty2-UA4 Whoops Kirri on ASAP (September 1) ***********/watch?v=cin3mLomvTU ------------------------------ (just some additional text for easy searching:) whoops kiri whoops whoops kirri whoops ooops kiri ooops oops kiri oops hoops kiri hops kiri woops kiri ops kiri vice ganda oops dance
4 Sep 2013
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