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The fact is, what you wear Halloween night says a lot about you. Before you decide to dress up as a sexy nurse or your favorite cartoon character, watch this video to understand what your costume says to everyone else.
26 Oct 2007
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So, you separate your bottles, put your newspapers on the curb and you think you're saving the environment. While that's a good start at being green, you're not quite there. You may not be able to save the world, but we can all do our part.
29 Oct 2007
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Are you ready for the trick or treaters? Before you spend your own cash on candy, why not resolve to teach the kids that “trick or treat” doesn’t just mean they’re going to get a a treat. Here are some ideas to help freak out those pesky kids.
31 Oct 2007
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Need to lose a few pounds? Getting your lazy butt out of bed and to the gym is easier said than done. Since drinking celery juice and running marathons isn't exactly reasonable, we found some info to help you reach some easy to reach goals.
2 Nov 2007
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Here's a few tips on how to travel more efficiently. Remember these tips next time you fly and you’ll reach your departing gate with time to spare! You can thank us the next time you land in Saint Louis and your luggage ends up Saint Maarten.
6 Nov 2007
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Wish you had a full-time maid? The last thing you want to get in the way of your important list of things to do is clean your house. Here's how you can divide up the tasks and in 10 minutes or less each day, keep your house clean.
7 Nov 2007
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Chasing the blues away isn’t easy. Most of us go through the same routine each day which can cause that blah feeling. Here are some sure-fire ideas to end your blues and and improve your moods.
9 Nov 2007
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Need a little extra cash? Maybe you're looking for a little financial windfall in the stock market. But how to do you know what stocks to buy? CEO of MyTrade, Andy Swan sent us a list of suggestions on how to become a stock market stud.
16 Nov 2007
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Ever tried to read a text message or email from a teenager? Usually it needs more translation than hieroglyphics. This episode will help you crack the code on teenage net speak and texting and learn to message like a mall rat.
19 Nov 2007
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Thanksgiving feasts are filled with great food and that ONE dish you'd like to forget. Nikki confesses which one she found inedible and wants to know about yours? Leave a comment at and the best story will be featured on our site.
23 Nov 2007
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We've all been through it....the dreaded break-up. gives a few pitiful break-up reason examples and asks you to tell us THE WORST break-line you've heard or used. Post your story in the comments below and we'll announce the winner next week!
5 Dec 2007
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If you're like us, you probably know most of the songs from the 90's. Great artists like Faith No More, Candy Man and Deee-Lite. What you don't remember them? Well, we don't either. Check out these other top one hit wonders from the 90's.
28 Nov 2007
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Holiday shopping can be fun, but expensive. Giving is still better than receiving, but you don't have to give until it hurts. These helpful tips allow you shower everyone with gifts and still let your inner Scrooge come out.
27 Dec 2007
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Millions of people use social networks every day, but you need to be aware of the three types of users. Your actions determine what type of social networking user you become, so watch this video to identify which of the three types are you!
3 Dec 2007
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We announce the last two weeks' winners of our viewer voices. This week, Nikki wants to know what is the craziest thing you've seen or done at an office holiday party? Leave a comment and let us know your answer!
4 Dec 2007
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The holiday season is upon us and what it means for most of us in the business world is the stress of the company holiday party. With our help you can enjoy the festivity of the season with your co-workers and NOT make a fool of yourself.
5 Dec 2007
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