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Purple Haze Vampire Video Song - Hexabaloo Productions story behind the scenes of the video and song: I went to a gig at the Boondocks Tavern in Seven Valleys, Hex County, Pennsylvania to see the band drummer James Swalinski was in. Can't think of the bands name now. This was around 96. I used to play in bands with James back in the day, in the 70's Strawbridge and Pyramid. He played drums on my very first recordings I did in the late 70's with the 80-8 one of the first consumer multitrack machines available. Back to the story. There was this girl dressed in complete black sitting at the bar drinking this really red dark bloody looking drink that looked like blood. I thought she looks very strange like a Vampire. I walked up to the bar where she was sitting and asked her, "what is that drink your drinking?" She said I'm drinking blood I need it. I laughed. She didn't. Ha. I wanted to make a Vampire movie at the time with the song Purple Haze by Hendrix. I called my version Purple Haze Vampire. I thought she would be perfect. I asked her if she wanted to be in my music video about the Vampire called "Purple Haze," with the song Purple Haze which I had gotten permission from Jamie Hendrix to release. I had to get permission from Jamie before I could release my version of the song even though ascap gave permission they said I still had to get her permission. She's very protective of Jimi's music. Sent her a tape then called her a few days later to see if she liked it and if she would allow me to release. She said it was the strangest weirdest version of the song she ever heard. She said yes, go ahead and release. When I called her I was so nervous to hear her decision. She said, "I like your version Lenny." It is very strange, but I like it. It felt so cool to get her permission. We then had a cool interesting conversation about her brother Jimi. I love Jimi's music. The Vampire girl I've since forgotten her name.
11 Oct 2017
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#Wildman is available now! Directed by: Dennys Ilic Edited by: Ashleigh Harrington "Wildman" Lyrics Verse We light the candle at both ends / Running on low energy But I stand tall / My heart beats / Continues to pump / Blood like there's no choice / For me but to Live / You see freedoms like a fallen Angel / That got her wings back / Now what's the day with a Soul Clap / I could camouflage my self and surly hide away / As if my bones won't decay / Instead we keep it Copasetic / Self medicated to cope / Let the wild man in me run / We can rewind it like a rerun / I can't imagine life with out a son / You see sometimes when the sun / Comes OUT I want to climb up / Find joy in the moment / Not just the climax / Taught to keep running / Now leaning how to relax / Safe and secure with my self And those around me / That's my living prof / Hook (Lynx) Baby I’m running hard / Running Through / This life is a wilderness / Just like you / After the winter’s gone / Comes the Bloom / Baby I’ve seen the sun pulling through / Verse 2 Knees don't fail me now / Legs don't wear out / I'm counting on you / To hold me up / So I won't fall down / Long strides I see the end / It's in sight / My diaphragms expanding / Like a rubber band / When the lights go out / And darkness fills the room / And my minds racing / Things seem out of place / My goals are gone / And the future visions a blur / Decisions are hard to make / And mistakes never occur / Turn down the road / While I'm running / Jumping over hurdles / Seeking visions in the deepest / Darkest places I know / Not afraid of being lost / Where I go So if it wasn't for that And all the things that we do In hopes to be truthful And fit in I'm running away from it Don't want it need it or even get it I hope you know that
20 Oct 2017
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New Electronica Music Performance By Oktopus doing Thermite Live HCC. If you are thinking this is another electro house or electronic dance dj set, you are wrong...again. Enjoy!
2 Apr 2009
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Produced By Johnny Rico - The Electric Charleston. New 2013 Los Angeles Electronic Dance Music Video. Hollywood Club Music. New Dance Moves.
27 Jun 2013
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Scion Audio Visual is back again with some of today’s hottest names in music to produce another exclusive release. Partnering this time with one of ATL’s finest, Big Gipp, as well as rising stars form the dirty south dance & electronic music scene in Atlanta, Scion once again brings exclusive remixes from Treasure Fingers, Klever and Rob Wonder. Big Gipp – Hot(Treasure Fingers Remix) Big Gipp – Hot(Klever Remix) Big Gipp – Hot(Rob Wonder Remix) Remixes available for purchase at all major online retailers beginning October 21, 2008. For more info and music visit: www.scion****/sav
6 Sep 2008
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Dance Electronic
11 May 2011
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Here a little DEMO I made with FL studio 7 sequencer, some CD effects and NeXus synth.
31 Mar 2007
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17 Jul 2007
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Como mixar bem uma música no Virtual DJ. sim é possível! Mixing a music in Virtual DJ, yeah is possible
8 Sep 2007
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Fun in the backyard with Mr. Brooks.
23 Oct 2007
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Perkaltech Music Promo 2008 Powered by WeeKam
5 Feb 2008
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Video from album Hurriya. AL-YAMAN is based mainly on folk songs of Yemen and Arabic world. The sound of the band is the fusion of acoustic instruments and electronics and it connects the traditional methods with new elements of dace music.
13 Mar 2008
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A fun Psychedelic visual ride set to great music. A hippie paradise in color with a trance sound
24 Apr 2008
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Purchase high quality mp3's over here: *******elliotck.freehostia****/9pods.html Also many freebies on my site including an entire album. Thank you! Subscribe if you enjoy my work. God bless.
18 Mar 2008
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SVJ1 – SPUN ON EARTH DVD (VJ MIXMAGIK SERIES) Presented by: Spun Rec / A Film by Dr. Spook Cat: SPUNDVD002 Format: ... all » 2-Panel 2disc Amarray Case Barcode: 881034184665 Release: April 2008 01- Deedrah - Goa Sunrise 02- Logic Bomb (aka Alternate Vision) - Theatre Of Magic 03- Eskimo - Open Your Eyes Up 04- Sub6 & Pixel -Navigate Into 05- Wrecked Machines, Domestic & Pixel - A.D.D. 06- Halucinogen - Gamma Goblins (GMS RMX) 07- Skazi - Fire N Ice 08- Talamasca - Speaking Robot [GMS RMX] 09- Soundaholix (aka Earthling & GMS) - The Moon 10- Soundaholix - LSD Story [Infected Mushroom RMX] 11- Phoenix Family & Earthling - Killer Dope [Chromatone RMX] 12- Mindstorm (aka Doctor Spook) - Starstuff ***********/videoplay?​docid
30 Jun 2009
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An awesome liquid dancing tutorial for novices, focusing on tips and addressing common mistakes. Stick to the rythm and develop your style!
8 May 2008
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