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Dandiya in Journal Square, Jersey City, New Jersey. Indian Street.
29 Oct 2007
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The most well coordinated and challenging dandiya i was a part of....
3 Oct 2008
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Tamil nadu, salem sourashtra people performing dandiya folk dance on Rama navami celebraton.
20 Aug 2010
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Watch the video Nia Sharma Playing Dandiya in USA
10 Oct 2016
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India - Gujarati Traditional Dance Festival
9 Jan 2010
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31st May
9 Jun 2009
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Hotels in Orissa Hotel in Odisha Marraige at Orissa Marraige Halls in Bhubaneswar Banquet halls Hotels
13 Feb 2012
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Garba Like dandiya
28 Sep 2008
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*******www.instablogs****/ Two Japanese scientists and a Tokyo-born American shared the 2008 Nobel Prize for physics for discoveries in sub-atomic particles. The nobel committeYoichiro Nambu, a Tokyo-born American citizen, and Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa of Japan for their work. Japanese scientists win Physics Nobel 2008 Two Japanese scientists and a Tokyo-born American shared the 2008 Nobel Prize for physics for discoveries in sub-atomic particles.The Nobel committee lauded Yoichiro Nambu, a Tokyo-born American citizen, and Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa of Japan for separate work that helped explain why the universe is made up mostly of matter and not anti-matter via processes known as broken symmetries. It helps underlie the Standard Model of physics, which unites three of the four fundamental forces of nature: strong, weak and electromagnetic, leaving out gravity. Physicists are now searching for the spontaneous broken symmetry, the Higgs mechanism, at the world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider at the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN in Switzerland. They helped figure out the existence and behavior of the very tiniest particles known as quarks. Nambu shared half of the prestigious 10 million Swedish crown ($1.4 million) prize with Kobayashi of Japan's High Energy Accelerator Research Organization and Maskawa of Kyoto University. High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, Kyoto University, Swedish crown, Instablogs, Sweden Arab Christian population of East Jerusalem is steadily migrating to the west and the other European countries. Rising Islamic fundamentalism combined with deep political and economic instability are the primary factors pushing migration. Arab Christians migrate from East Jerusalem The Arab Christian population of east Jerusalem is steadily migrating to the west and other European countries. Political and economic instability in the region is encouraging them to travel abroad and make a new life. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the region is the primary factor pushing migration. Hamas, Islamic jihad and other radical Islamic groups refuse to accept anyone else other than the Moslem population. Arab Christian population feels insecure surrounded by Muslims in Jerusalem where neighborhoods around the churches lie empty. Israelis must understand that Arab Christians are just as important as native Israelis and not to be thrown aside. The entire world must realize that when Moslems talk about waging a jihad against Israel they are also referring to the Arab Christian population. This is only a small example of a much greater problem, between Islamic fundamentalists and Jews and Christians. Religious minorities within China are being denied their basic right to worship. The 8 to 12 million strong Roman Catholics face repression for their loyalty to the Vatican, which the Chinese government claims interferes in the country's internal affairs. Chinese Christians denied right to worship The Chinese government continues to restrict religious practices of several communities within China. Christians continued to struggle to freely worship in China. Its 8 to 12 million Catholics are split between officially approved Church and the underground one loyal to the Pope. Underground Roman Catholic clergy faces repression for their loyalty to the Vatican, which the Chinese government claims interferes in the country's internal affairs. Some unregistered Protestant churches reported intensified harassment from government authorities leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. In June, several prominent religious activists and leaders, including attorneys, were placed under surveillance, restricted to their homes, or forced to leave Beijing during the visit of a delegation of foreign officials. The Chinese government must allow the basic right of worship to its people. Navratri celebrations have reached its peak in India. The festival of nights is devoted to worshipping different forms of durga amidst feasting and fasting that have taken precedence over all normal daily activities amongst the Hindus. Religious dances are also held to appease and seek the blessing of the goddess. India rejoices with Navaratri celebrations Navaratri festival is the time when entire country is tinged in colors of celebrations, enthusiasm and devotion. The name 'Navaratri' in Sanskrit means nine nights. The nine days of festivities are the symbol of victory and triumph of good over evil. Legend has it that for nine days, Goddess Durga fought with demon forces of Mahishasura. And on the tenth day, she defeated him. The tenth day is therefore known as 'Vijaydashami' and 'Dussehra'. During the festival people worship three divine goddesses, Durga (Goddess of Power), Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth), and Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge). This is the most awaited period by millions of Hindus in the country. In fact, the festive mood engulfs one and all, irrespective of their religion and beliefs. If West Bengal is famous for the Durga Puja celebrations, Gujarat is renowned for its Garba and Dandiya-ras Dance. The dances are performed throughout the nine days of Navaratri. During these nine days, the levels of excitement and energy are touching the skies. *******www.instablogs****/
8 Oct 2008
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India's Got Talent, the Indian version of the Got Talent series, which premiered on India's hit TV Channel Colors on June 27, 2009. Being No-Age Limit, it is India's first multi-performance high entertainment variety show, showcasing India's best acts and talents. Music, dance, mimicry, puppetry, magic - absolutely anything and everything that will entertain and enthrall India. 'India's Got Talent' follows the global format, wherein, the show will traverse the length and breadth of the nation to bring forth interesting talent. And by interesting talent, it could be anything from dancing to dandiya, from singing to shayari, and from wrestling to mallakhamb to nautanki to lavani. India's Got Talent is a platform dedicated to the celebration of uniqueness and originality. India's Got Talent is now credited to be Asia's biggest talent show. Recently we at ZoOm visited the sets of India’s got Talent. Here a few fresh and crisp bytes from the sets…take a look! Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Dec 2009
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India has a very rich tradition of classical and non-classical dance. The Natya Shastra, which is the oldest surviving text on stagecraft in the world, spends a considerable time discussing it. In the old days of the theatre, the dancers would mime the story while the singers would sing the dialogue. The instrumentalists would accompany them all. The nature of the old theatre was such that the dancers occupied a central position. For many centuries the dancers were attached to the temples. This maintained a strong religious flavour to dance. Even today many of the traditional themes are mythological in nature. Over the centuries different areas have given their own colour to the ancient classical tradition. Today the acknowledged classical styles are Dance form States of origin— Bharata Natyam- Tamil Nadu , Kathak -Uttarpradesh, Kathakali -Kerala , Kuchipudi -Andhra Pradesh, Manipuri -Manipur, Mohiniyattam -Kerala , Odissi Orissa , Sattriya- Assam, Garba -Gujarath, Dandiya Raas -Gujarath, Lavni- Maharashtra, Koli -Maharashtra, Bhangda -Punjab, Ghoomar -Rajasthan, Kathputli -Rajasthan, Kunitha- Karnataka , Khaullam- Mizoram, Phag -Haryana, Chhou- West Bengal. Indian classical dance is a relatively new umbrella term for various codified art forms rooted in Natya, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles, whose theory can be traced back to the Natya Shastra of Bharata Muni (400 BC). Posted n Uploaded by Deepak Basti
31 Mar 2011
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Fed Square Garba - Nildhara Gr - 2010 - Watch fun filled dandiya and garba dance video.
11 Aug 2011
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Fed Square Garba - Nildhara Gr - 2010 - Watch fun filled dandiya and garba dance video.
12 Aug 2011
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Dandiya, Garba in Anaheim
21 May 2009
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Diwali Dandiya performed at Indian Cultural Society Jacksonville, FL Diwali Celebrations. Songs - 1. Radha govaldi na ghar pachvade 2. Charana charana maro chakar dhoom chale and 3. Khaikke Paan Banaras wala
18 Oct 2008
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Dandiya by Reshma Singh and her gang Acton Diwali 2008
25 Apr 2009
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