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Worlds Most Dangerous Driving
30 Mar 2017
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Car Rally action in video. *******x-loan.blogspot****
11 Nov 2007
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More Car accidents on this video, a compilation of Car crashes and accidents.
4 Oct 2008
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one hand on the steering wheel, one hand holding the eye on the road,one on the camera, it was dangerous to drive like this on the hills of ponmudi, a hill station about 60 kms from trivandrum, kerala.Lucky not to get any traffic from the opposite direction.
22 Apr 2010
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crazy, dangerous driving on unicycle trough city, fabolous style with great editing, running for commercial contest
7 Apr 2007
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James, Jade and their teammates visit Toronto's Harbourfront to encourage drivers to change their dangerous driving habits.
28 Jun 2007
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dangerous driving
16 Oct 2007
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This 1950's automobile history and educational video was made to teach kids interested in hot rods about the safe way to drag race. Produced in conjunction with Hot Rod Magazine and featuring many vintage hot rods, classic cars, custom rat rods, street rods, and footage of a real Indy 500, this film is a must see for all automobile, drag racing history, and general gearhead enthusiasts. The main character of the film is a new boy in town who is shunned for his dangerous driving practices by the locals. Puzzled, he tries to find out why no one is impressed by his reckless driving, which leads him to the local drag racing community. They show him how they’ve cleaned up the sport by introducing rules, car safety, speed regulation, and special drag strips while getting rid of the aggressive driving and road rage. This drag racing video is historically significant for its great Indy 500 footage as well as American hot rods, a gem in the history of the automobile.
18 Jun 2008
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This video aims to increase awareness of the consequences of dangerous driving. You Can Win iTunes vouchers and iPods if you can drive safely for 1 year. Go to R8URM8**** to enter.
27 Jun 2008
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In 1937's The Other Fellow, classic comedian Edgar Kennedy (one of the original Keystone Cops) ditches his dangerous driving (road rage aggressive driving) and learns to obey the rules of the road. Kennedy reforms his reckless driving ways through humorous lessons (like ridiculous car accident clips) that stress the importance of safe driving. Informed and cautious thanks to safe driving tips, Kennedy is no longer the other fellow causing accidents. Kennedy learns not to be The Other Fellow that everyone else can't stand on the road by learning how to drive a car properly. A great responsible driving safety video.
16 Jul 2008
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Road Runners is a 1952 film which promotes organized drag-racing as a way for troubled youths to blow off steam and use as a creative outlet instead of getting in trouble with the law. When Mel, a hot rod racer with dangerous driving habits, discovers the Santa Ana drag strip and its accompanying timing association, he is hooked on safe drag racing and becomes a model young man who gets trophies instead of traffic tickets. This film includes many good shots of vintage hotrods, classic cars, street rods, homemade seatbelts, and dangerous driving. While it's funny that the film paints drag racing as a safe alternative to aggressive driving and reckless driving, in this way the film also works as a time capsule for 1950's America. Old school hot rods make this a fun film for gearheads and anyone interested in the history of drag racing.
19 Jul 2008
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ryanair suggested it might be charging for in-flight toilet use installing a coin machine would charge to use the toilet during flights to generate extra additional revenue for the airline, women ticketed for driving, calling, & breast feeding at the same time very dangerous driving, dumb drivers, odd news, strange news, funny video, funny news video, - www.myinboxnews****
2 Mar 2009
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very dangerous drive
1 Jul 2009
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the most danger drive
3 Aug 2009
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Facebook and Twitter, by making our lives increasingly public, make avoiding the dangerous drive towards perfectionism difficult. Tal Ben-Shahar explains why. *******bigthink****/talbenshahar
8 Oct 2009
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I had great fun making this (playing with my new toys) I have strong memories of Yellow Capri's My Dad used to work for Fords and we had 3.0 Yellow Capri. He was a maniac and Bodie and Doyle had nothing on my dad when it came to dangerous driving. If you like my video - Please Vote For Me
28 Nov 2009
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