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Info# Boulevard Nights is a focus on life in a gang. The movie portrays the dangers of street violence. Richard Yniguez plays a young Chicano who tries to get out of the gang, but he keeps finding himself drawn back into it. Boulevard Nights is all about brotherhood and survival. East Los Angeles, California 1979- Two members of an East L.A. street gang, 11th St, wander aimlessly one evening; getting drunk and horsing around. One of the cholos (a term for Hispanic gang members), Toby (Robert Covarrubias), decides to go to the neighborhood of their rivals, The Varrio Grande Vista street gang (also known as VGV) and cross out their graffiti tags (a sign of disrespect to rival gangs). Toby's friend disapproves and advises that they leave, however an arrogant Toby dismisses his friend as a "chavala" (a Mexican-American slang word for "punk" or "coward"). Toby's friend leaves and Toby continues to cross out the VGV tag and replace it with an 11th St tag. Proud of what he's done Toby prepares to leave when he's set upon by several members of VGV including Big Happy (Gary Cervantes), the senior member of the gang, and Chuco Avila (Danny De La Paz). The VGV gang members jump Toby and beat him into the dirt until they are stopped by Raymond Avila (Richard Yniguez), a well-respected former member of VGV and Chuco Avila's older brother. As the other gang members stop beating Toby Chuco, angry that Toby knocked him down while trying to run away, continues stomping and kicking Toby until he's physically restrained by Raymond. Raymond allows a beaten Toby to leave and the VGV members head home, bragging about the assault. Subscribe Me!! #
16 Nov 2012
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