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This is perfectly for those daredevil and steel-hearted people who are ready to do anything for adventure. So, are you ready to enjoy a swing over the mountains at 1000 ft? above the ground?
1 Sep 2017
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physically Disabled watch how the journey of this Kid for enjoying the game.
14 Sep 2017
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dare to watch this video ?
16 Sep 2017
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I'm impressed in more ways then one.
2 Sep 2017
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G.U.T.S. - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show Trailer – Flux Game Studio –- PlayStation 4 – Xbox One – Microsoft Windows – Xbox One X – Steam – Inmates – Iceberg Interactive - Davit Andreasyan – eSport – Brazil – Gravel – Milestone - Warface – Crytek - Schrodingers Cat – Italic Pig- -Arafinn - Sycoforge GmbH - Mortal Kombat Gravel has been created with the intention of revolutionizing the off-road scene, opening up the most daring jumps and craziest stunts to players taking to the more than 50 tracks it has on offer. Gravel is set to be a journey around the world for dedicated motorsports fans and casuals alike. Milestone has set out to pack in every kind of track for a full experience; from the red hot sands of an Australian Quarry through to the isolated and unexplored territories of Alaska, where players will cross the arctic tundra and pass through one of the most famous circuits in the world, Montalegre. Gravel also throws in some of the most extreme competitions from real world arenas, skillfully recreated by Milestone’s most talented developers, merging courses that blend together reality with the best of their own imagination.
30 Aug 2017
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Dare to...Do it!! Freefall at speeds of 200 kmph while taking in views from coast to coast and Mt Cook to the Kaikouras. The adrenaline pumping freefall combined with world class scenery make your Tandem Skydive an experience you will carry with you forever.
7 Sep 2017
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8 Sep 2017
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See this impressive talent of this daring biker who attempted to cross a rope by biking upon it and successfullly complete the same like a boss.
8 Sep 2017
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Synopsis: In 'Enganchados a la muerte', five medical students, hoping to unravel the mystery of what awaits beyond the confines of life, undertake a daring and dangerous experiment. By stopping their heart for a brief span of time, each of them suffers a near-death experience. As research becomes increasingly dangerous, they will be forced to confront the sins of their past, in addition to dealing with the paranormal consequences of their incursions into the hereafter.
9 Sep 2017
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Best of SeaTown Riders "STR" & R7 Crew, Wheelies Front Endo, Part #1. Some of the most daring, absolutely incredible skilled stunts performed on the streets of Seattle in Washington state. This video also includes one of the best songs as performed by Basta "Mama, I'm a Criminal." Basta is one of Russia's top music artists today . This clip focuses more on wheelies and related tricks. Other parts that will be uploaded will be focused on other areas of stunt riding. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE!!
14 Sep 2017
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Here contrib city are providing 12 of the most dangerous and extreme railways in the world!!From railways That deep gorges and near vertical descents, to a 100 year old railway bridge built on sea. These are some of the most amazing, unbelievable and incredible railway routes around the world. These Railways offer daring experience to those who ride them. Source :- Facts Factory
18 Sep 2017
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Will dared if he had the lowest card (ie lose the game) then he would pull for 5-10 secs Rollo, naturally he lost, and here is the 'consequence'.
19 Jan 2007
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