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Petit court métrage jouant sur la nuance de la peur, l'esprit glauque est present en continue, ceci n'est pas un film complet il a juste pour but de reveler les sensations de beauté et de suspens, tournée dans notre belle ville de toulouse..this a short movies who's playing with fear and sensuality, it's not a complete movies it's only an idea of sensation , idea of dark and black presence have a good look :)
9 May 2007
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Im just in the dark with my cheap camera and Im sayin what I wanna say iight man? just vote for me or my boy trip, ya know what it is
17 May 2007
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French news report about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows being printed in the dark. English subtitles by La Gazette du Sorcier - www.gazette-du-sorcier****
28 May 2007
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A video of Kingdom Hearts I did! Enjoy! Disclaimer: All Kingdom Hearts games copyrighted by Square-Enix. "Dark Wings" and "A Dangerous Mind"(credits) are copyrighted by Within Temptation. All video clips are from KH-Vids****
29 May 2007
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How to shoot fireworks or action in the dark, including tips about manual focus, gain settings, iris settings, and tripod usage.
28 Jun 2007
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Long Dark Hallway, was written about where we practice. Have to walk down a 30m hallway to the studio. Blues X Press, original blues band from Adelaide South Australia
15 Jun 2007
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In this video you can see changing Lithuania from the dark soviet occupation years to the impressive present of Lithuania.
20 Jun 2007
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A sad and dark look at anakin skywalker
22 Jun 2007
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halloween dark picture but good sound.MOV
25 Jun 2007
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A deal with the devil threw the Varinskis into darkness. It stained their souls. But, one escaped to America and hoped to break the deal. But the old country Varinskis would do anything to stop him. Ann was an innocent. She thought Jasha was her really hot boss. Her attepmt to seduce him brings her into the darkness in which she is the only light. Will her light be enough to them...or herself? www.christinadodd****
29 Jun 2007
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Una corta animacion de The Dark una historieta que desarrolle.
2 Jul 2007
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Just a little something... very dark and horribly lit, also very quiet... Everyone was sleep.
3 Jul 2007
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Clip da Música Jones Dark o Negrão Sorriso, Maringá Paraná
4 Jul 2007
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Cool for Party Animals! Self Illuminating Hair and Body Gel for Mardi Gras - Spring Break - Party Time .- St Patrick's Day - Summer Festivals - Clubs - Raves -Beach parties This has got to be the The Coolest Hair and Body gel on the planet! The photo you see here, was taken in TOTAL Darkness. The design took me approximately 20 minutes to apply the to my skin and hair using iGlow. I used 4 colors as I wanted to try and blend them into each other to see just what kind of unusual multi glowing effect I could create ad lib. The gel was easy to apply, and I found it fascinating to use!. This somewhat clumsy "artistic endeavour"was created from someone (yours truly) who has absoloutly no painting/drawing skills as such!. If a Klutz like me can do it, what ,I wonder, could the more artisticly inclined achieve? The weird thing is, you start out in total darkness, (in front of a mirror), and as you fire up iGlow, and mix,(3 minutes) the room suddently starts to become eerily discernable as the product actually starts the process of creating its own bright light source (as quick as 20 seconds... Enough to see by ...From thence forth, its merely a case of tracing out your intended pattern with the gel, and hey got glow!. You are in essence, "painting with light. Now, for the uninitiated, "iGlow" Self Illuminating Gel is the newly improved version of the wildly popular "Voltage" Hair Gel, now discontinued, and usurped by this brash new contender to the throne of light.. The difference is: iGlow glows (amazingly so), TWICE AS BRIGHTLY as the original Voltage gel, and now FIRES UP IN SECONDS instead of having to wait several minutes for the color to activate. A patented process takes ordinary hair color and makes it extraordinary, by adding self-illuminating glow. iGlow does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. Instead, it produces its own light. Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be seen in partial light and in the dark for at least 4-6 hours. A true Glow in the dark product. Eco friendly. No animal testing was used in hte manufacture of this item which is another plus factor about the product. The best thing is, while iGlow is classified as a "temporary hair color" it does not actually color the hair cuticle. Rather, It "coats" the hair with color. The gel is the delivery medium for the luminescence (glow). This means it is safe for color-treated or bleached hair when used as directed. The gel has an added "day tint" which will show up on the hair/Skin under normal lighting conditions. When lighting is reduced to about half-light - After sunet or indeed in Total Darkness as in the photo ( Indoors or out) all colors emit a stunning vibrant glow.. The iGlow Gel's effect is activated when you first open the container and mix the contents as instructed using the provided applicator. Once activated, the glow will last for at least 4-6 hours. Each container is intended for one-time application but depending on the effect desired and amount of gel used, one container is typically enough for two people as a little "dab" will go a long way. Create streaks or spikes of bright glowing color, or go all out with a full Glow effect. Usage hint: Blow-drying hair for 15 -20 seconds, will increase the intensity of the brightness but shorten the duration of the glow. iGlow is meant for short-term use only and should be washed out of the hair before going to bed. To remove iGlow simply shampoo out. iGlow is safe and non-toxic,(*FDA and EU safety approved for use on the hair and skin) but is not recommended for young children 8 years or under without supervision. Glows in the dark...without UV, neon or black lights. Lights up in seconds. Glows twice as brightly as Voltage Hair Gel Hair glows brightly for Hours (lasts for 4-6 hours)! Comes in 9 great colors. Washes off easily with shampoo. Main advantages of this unique Chemiluminescent glow product: Safe and fully tested for safe use on the hair and skin. Will Glow indoors or out without any other light source. No UV, Neon or recharging of any kind required. Use for Raves, Nightclubs, Music festivals, Halloween, Xmas and New Year, Celebrations, Parties, Spring Break, Mardi Gras, Carnivals, Fundraising, Sports events, special fx in movies etc... Check out more info on iGlow at the offical USA Site: www.voltagehairgel**** See these amazing online videos to watch the process in action: www.metacafe****/watch/706223/ (The mixing process in all 9 colors, and shots of the product in Total darkness. By the way,I used Blue, Green, Orange, and Yellow in the shot. However New Colors have Just been released (Sept 2007) : Hot Pink, Neon Blue, White, Neon Green, Light Pink,) www.metacafe****/watch/530090/ (College kids reactions to the product on the streets of New York. ) A great little item. Take a look at the videos...IGLOW: its weird, its fun, its cool!.
15 Jul 2007
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A white ghost appear at the bottom of the dark staircase.
18 Jul 2007
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A sneak peek at the Batman The Dark Knight (TDK) evacuation scene shot 6-27-07 on Wacker and Wabash Drive in Chicago, Illinois with 600 or so extras dressed in jackets and pulling luggage as they flee the Gotham City. Batman The Dark Knight is set to be released at movie theaters in summer 2008.
21 Jul 2007
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