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this is a video that shows the risk of date rape drugs and how to be more cautious to prevent from being drug raped
17 Jun 2008
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18 Mar 2012
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Jeff Glor reports on Wisconsin college student Julia Sumnicht, who died on a spring break trip to Florida in March 2010 with high levels of the date rape drug GHB in her system.
9 Sep 2012
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1 - Rape Prevention News - 2 - Weird Art News - JK MERCH: Special Thanks to Our Guest & Friend: Gina Darling (missginadarling) YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: missginadarling Cast: Hosted by Julia Chow (xblueapplez) Commentary by David So (davidsocomedy), Joe Jo (joverdose), Bart Kwan (bartkwan), Geo Antoinette (Geo_Antoinette), Tommy Trinh (TomTTrinh) Crew: Edited by Kaija Leung (kaijaketchup) Articles Researched by Tiffany Del Real (real_tiff), Julia Chow (xblueapplez), Michael Chiu (Michael_Chiu), Brandon Choi (bchoii) and Matt Jun (mattie_jun) Submit JKNews Articles Here: Our Other Channels: MAIN CHANNEL: BEHIND THE SCENES CHANNEL: GAMER CHANNEL: MERCHANDISE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: FOLLOW THE CREW: Joe Jo (joverdose) Bart Kwan (bartkwan) Geo Antoinette (Geo_Antoinette) Casey Chan (chanmanprod) Tommy Trinh (TomTTrinh) Julia Chow (xblueapplez) Michael Chiu (Michael_Chiu) Tiffany Del Real (real_tiff) Brandon Choi (bchoii) Nail Polish Can Now Detect Date Rape Drugs! ft. Gina Darling ft. Gina Darling, roofies, date rape, hangover, drug, nightclub, drugs, drinking, clubbing, club, drunk, drinking, taser, art, electricity, shocked, injury, gina darling, ExSuperVillain, missginadarling, beer, nail polish, nails, news, jknews, jk, new, justkiddingfilms, justkiddingnews, tmz, justkiddinggamer, joe, bart, geo, jkfilms
3 Apr 2015
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Produced with the help of students, this video outlines ten easy safety tips that can help young people be safe from the threat of date rape. Produced in association with Elaine Pasqua:
24 May 2009
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Be sure to check out part 3 listed in the video responses! I was going to add that more than half of all girls lose their virginity when drunk. And 80% of all rapes include alcohol or drugs (that includes date rape drugs though). So if you chose to drink, please keep that very alarming fact in mind. That said, I might eventually make a part 3... but for now, this is it. I hope it helps some of you out there.
17 Aug 2009
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