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The clip date with Fiona from About a Boy (2002) with Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Grant So, Fiona, how are you? I mean, how are you feeling? My stomach's fine. Great. I must still be a bit barmy, though. This kind of thing doesn't go away overnight, does it? No. If Mum was going to get Will to marry her, she'd have to quit making jokes. At least she looked good. I had her put on that nice hairy jumper... ...and the earrings she got from her friend that went to Zimbabwe. The kid seemed to think this was a date. As for his mum, she was clearly insane... ...and appeared to be wearing some kind of Yeti costume. This had better be quick. We were definitely not ordering starters. I'll start with the artichoke, please. Then I'll have a mushroom omelet with fries and a Coke. I'll have the vegetable platter. We're vegetarians. I'd never have guessed. Steak sandwich, please, mate. Thanks. This was going really well. I wondered if we were going to move into Will's place or move into someplace new. "I heard he sang a good song "I heard he had a style" I knew, of course, the song couldn't last forever... ...that I'd soon be at home, tucked up in bed. I knew it, but I couldn't feel it. "And there he was, this young boy" I must've been insane. All I'd wanted was a date with Suzie. This was my punishment. "Strumming my pain with his fingers" The worst part was when they closed their eyes. "Killing me softly with his song "Killing me softly" Come sing with us, Will. I should really get going. Thanks. That's the problem with charity. You must mean it.
25 Nov 2011
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