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Mother and daughter loose 74 pounds together
8 Mar 2017
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9 Mar 2017
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A father is a first prince for the daughter. The reason why daughter's love dad because he is the only one man in the world who will never heart her. The video express true daddy-daughter love.
24 Feb 2017
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Retired Delta Force operator Colonel John Matrix is informed by his former superior Major General Franklin Kirby that all the other members of his former unit have been killed by unknown mercenaries. The mercenaries, among them Bennett, an Australian ex-member of Matrix's team fired for unknown reasons, attack Matrix's secluded mountain home and kidnap Matrix's young daughter Jenny. While trying to intercept them, Matrix is also overpowered and abducted by the mercenaries. He is taken before their leader, Arius, a South American former dictator who needs Matrix to carry out a political assassination in his home country of Val Verde, where Arius wishes to lead a military coup. Matrix previously led a United States-backed revolution that deposed Arius, who has chosen Matrix because the new US-puppet president trusts him implicitly. With Jenny's life on the line, Matrix reluctantly accepts the demand.
27 Feb 2017
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IVH was founded by Pamela Barnhill who, daughter of an Independent Hotelier/Owner/Manager, grew up in the independent hotel business. Pamela experienced first-hand the difficulty in sales and marketing and the lack of cost-effective operation resources for independent hoteliers.
9 Mar 2017
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You probably don’t know that there is a place where the evil tree of the souls is located. This might seem as a regular tree, a harmless tree as all other, but actually the whole world is in danger right now because the evil tree collects all souls in it, making them evil. Just imagine what could happen if this tree manages to collect all souls in the world. The evil will become dominant and only bad things will happen around us. That is why Harold and his daughter Patricia came to this place, to use their supernatural powers and beat the evil tree, helping the world stay peaceful and good as it is at the moment.
13 Mar 2017
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My Vacation - Guanajuato Mexico ''RODENTOBOB'' Roberto Cardenas GUANAJUATO LEGENDS: EL CALLEJÓN DEL BESO The story is told that Doña Carmen was the only daughter of an obstinate and violent man, but as tends to happen, love wins out, unlucky as it might be. Doña Carmen was courted by her beau, Don Luis, in a church near the maiden's home, where first he offered her holy water with his hand. On being discovered, she was subsequently locked up, threatened with being sent to a convent, and, worst of all, with being married in Spain to a rich, old noble, a marriage which would help to restore her father's dwindling fortune. The lovely, obedient creature and her companion, Doña Brígida, wept and prayed together. Then, before the young girl submitted to her sacrifice, they decided that Doña Brígida should take a message to Don Luis with the unfortunate news. A thousand plans occurred to the young lover, but of all of them, there was one that seemed the best. A window in Doña Carmen's home gave onto an alley so narrow that it was possible, leaning out the window to touch the wall on the other side with a hand. If he could get into the house on the other side of the alley, he would be able to talk with his beloved and, between the two of them, find a solution to their problem. Legends of Guanajuato: El Callejón del Beso He asked who the owner of the house was and bought it for a fortune. One can only imagine Doña Carmen's surprise when stepping out onto her balcony, she found the man of her dreams so close. When a few moments had passed since that indescribable lovers' conversation began, and the lovers were deep in thought, violent words were heard from the back of the room. It was Doña Carmen's father shouting at Brígida, who risked her life trying to prevent her master from entering her lady's chambers. The father pushed Doña Carmen's protector aside with ease, and with dagger in hand, with a single blow he plunged it into his daughter's breast.
15 Mar 2017
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Our parents Aishwarya & Anand speaking on the intellectual mind growth of their daughter Sahana after placing her at Aachi Global School. For admissions please reach us on +91 99620 95567 #ags #aachiglobalschool #parenttestimonial
20 Mar 2017
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For your little girl here are some really great skirts that she would definitely love to wear. These classy and stylish skirts are a must add to your daughter's wardrobe.
22 Mar 2017
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The little daughter tributes to her brave father. It's a real tribute to a person whome we all miss very much....
25 Sep 2006
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Mother Clare Watts speaks about how mothers can raise their daughters in a conscious, intelligent, directive and supportive way.
29 Nov 2006
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My daughter singing in moroccan (arabic)
29 Nov 2006
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my daughter hrowing Gang signs very funny, moroccan, oklahoma, maroc, maghreb
29 Nov 2006
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Description: Otto's Daughter is female fronted cyber erotic pop-metal. The perfect balance between melody and aggression, light and shade. Fragile yet brutal. The music straddles the fence between pop and metal, never sacraficing one for the other. Jacqueline van Bierks soothing, caressing vocals float sensually above the often muscular musical landscape; providing the velvet glove to the instruments pumping fist. Tori Amos meets Rammstein Gwen Stephanie meets Rob Zombie
24 Feb 2007
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Black-capped chickadees feeding out of my daughters hands.
1 Mar 2007
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Father and daughter surprised everyone at this wedding reception in Los Angeles when they performed a very UN-traditional father/daughter wedding dance. No one knew in advance, not even the new groom. It was one of the big highlights of the day. (MAKE SURE YOUR SOUND IS ON)
9 Apr 2007
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