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Witches of East End Season: 1 Episode: 1 Julia Ormond and Madchen Amick talk about Joanna's attempt to keep her daughters alive longer by not revealing to them that they are witches.
7 Oct 2013
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What would you do if you saw a mom putting clothes in her girl's backpack?
14 Dec 2013
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9 Mar 2015
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in July 20 2006 the (islamic national security men) kidnapped two copts christians sisters "Nariman & Margeret",after usual raping operation, girls were married and converted to islam by forcing by two fanatic muslims "national security men's friends".sisters's father asked for his daughters from the head of the national security, and the man told him that "God choosed your daughters to islam, and they will go to muslims's paradise"...."why islam choose only christian girls to islam!!!"... God save egyptian copts(men & women) from this hell.
20 May 2009
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Following on the success of their current hit Brothers and Sisters, Ken Olin (Alias), Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti (Everwood) create a unique, character-driven drama that explores the very different worlds of law and spirituality in a humorous and heartfelt way. Combining the fantasy and spirituality from The Ghost Whisperer, sincerity and passion from The Practice and quirky humor from Monk, the show explores whether we can change the course of our lives in midstream. Today, the worst thing happened to mercenary attorney Eli Stone. A case made him care. As if that's not hard enough for a soulless shark, Eli's also hallucinating -- larger-than-life visions of pop stars and his dead relatives. Could it be that Eli's not cut out to be a cutthroat lawyer but actually has a higher calling? Well, if the universe can bring his college girlfriend back to him, then maybe he needs to risk everything he's worked for, including gunning for partner and his relationship with the boss' daughter, to take on his own law firm. Eli's as surprised as anyone that it works and that it feels so good. Now, instead of defending evil mega-corporations, he's fighting for the little guy in his law firm's new pro-bono department. As for those visions, his doctor thinks it might be an aneurysm, just like the one that tortured his father. But Eli sees a greater possibility, a destiny to become a spiritual prophet. He might not have been anyone's first choice but, given his looks, charm and intelligence, it's an excellent one. Eli Stone stars Jonny Lee Miller (Smith, Trainspotting), Natasha Henstridge (Commander-in-Chief), Loretta Devine (Grey's Anatomy, Waiting To Exhale) and six-time Emmy® nominee Victor Garber (Alias, Legally Blonde). Over the years, the legal trade has earned billions... but with Eli Stone, it has finally made a prophet.
23 Oct 2008
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Just a guy who lives in my neighborhood! Up to now the media has been in the tank for Obama the public has not been allowed to know much about Obama . Many of us have known that he has lied over and over again since he first opened his mouth and he has gotten a free ride at every turn. Today for the first time CNN has been forced to shed some light on one of these lies. Cooper tries to put as much of a positive spin on it as he can but all the lipstick in the world can not hide this pig! The truth has finally come out! Obama is a liar- He knows Bill Ayers and knows very well Bill Ayers is a lot more than just "a guy who lives in his neighborhood. He knew what his pastor was about or should have before he took his daughters to that church, he know about Rezco before he accepted a 300,000 price slash on his home next door to Rezcos and he know the Saudi who paid for his Harvard education. " Can we really trust him with the 6 pillars of Power? Can we? Please consider this! Our founders never intended for one party let alone one man with this many questionable friends and acquaintances to have this much power. Think about this. Which one of his jobs has he really ever stood out in really ever accomplished very much in before he quickly moved on up to the next position usually funded by some very questionable or radical benefactors. Who ever is behind this meteoric rise, if Obama wins will have control of the 1-Oval office, 2-the House, 3-the Senate, 4-the treasury secretary holding the 800+ billion bailout slush fund, 5-any upcoming Supreme Court appointments and 6-THE MEDIA. Not only is that not a scenario that our founders ever intended - it should be clear that this particular group is clearly of questionable fitness to be in that powerful a position. Based on what I have seen just in the primaries I am imagining a dictatorship, with his truth squads, children for Obama, campaign training camps, and a national security force. The one thing that has made America great and the envy of the world is our separation of powers and checks and balances we are about to hand all of it over to one man and/or whoever is pulling his strings. If I am wrong, at best, we are not in line with our founders envisioned as the best way to run our country. If I am right- we have handed over our democracy away for a song.
11 Nov 2008
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The scene which was hidden from the American viewers for a decade. (It was added back in for some of the versions released after 2004.) Besson's original movie idea was more violent, and the relation between Léon and Mathilda showed much less ambiguities in the first version of the script. However, Natalie Portman's parents did not let their daughter to play that part, so the director had to rewrite the script. You can read the version 1 script here: *******
24 May 2009
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Set in the 1680s, when this country's reliance on slavery as an economic engine was just beginning, 'A Mercy' explores the repercussions of an enslaved mother's desperate act: She offers her small daughter to a stranger in payment for her master's debt.
9 Dec 2008
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Lathe Di Chader - Mussarat Nazir - Live Ptv ******************************* About Singer: Musarrat Nazeer is a legendary singer and actress who sang and act in many Urdu and Punjabi films. She also sang solitary, mostly wedding, songs. She was born to a middle class family in 1937. Her parents were of Kashmiri origin from Lahore. Her father, Khwaja Nazeer Ahmed, worked for the municipal corporation as a registered contractor at the time of her birth. Education Despite their meager resources, Musarrats parents wanted her to be a doctor. They provided her the best possible education they could afford. Musarrat passed the matriculation examination with distinction. Two years later, she passed the intermediate examination from Kennard College, Punjab, Pakistan. Film Career She had keen interest in music and began singing for radio Pakistan. However, insufficient money from the radio took her to the film director, Anwar Kamal Pasha. She explained to Pasha about her strong desire to sing for the movies. Instead, Pasha suggested her to become an actress. Musarrat needed her parents approval. Pasha himself met Musarrats father and convinced him to allow his daughter to work in movie industry as a singer and actress. Pasha changed Musarrats name to Chandni and signed her for a side role in his movie. Hence, Chandni made her debut with Nayyar Sultana in Pashas film Qatil in 1955. Her role was secondary but forceful. Sheikh Lateef of capital films Lahore planned to make a Punjabi film. Lateefs friend, poet and script writer, Baba Aalam sia poash, advised him to cast Chandni(Musarrat) in the film. Sheikh Lateef agreed. This was the debut of Musarrat in Punjabi films, with a nick name Chandni. And then Chandni appeared in the hit Punjabi film, Patan, with her real name, Musarrat Nazeer. She played the lead role opposite Santosh Kumar also. The producer was Sheikh Lateef and the film was directed by Luqman. The film Patan opened the doors for Musarrat in the Punjabi film industry, which led her to the all time hit film Paatay Khan. She was the supporting actress. The film was Produced by Shami and Musarrat Nazeer acted along with Noor Jehan and Aslam Pervez. Comanding Respect In her entire movie career, she has always been respected and she herself believes in giving respect to others. She says Give respect, get respect. Films Musarrat also gave performances in Pakistan cinemas greatest melodramas like the films Maahi munda and Yakkay wali. It is said, the films Yaar beli, Kartaar Singh and Zeher-e-Ishq were so interesting and emotional that they left audience with tears in their eyes. Following is the list of Musarrat's films: Naukri, Aankh ka nasha, Baap ka gunah, Qismat, Naya zamana, Jatti, Watan, Raza, Sola Aanay, Street number 77, Gudda guddi, Lakan matti, Seestaan, Sahara, Rukhsana, Thandi sarak, Palkan, Sehti, Sunehray sapnay, Mirza sahebaan, Jaaedaad, Jhoomar, Gulbadan, Ishq per zoar nahi, Chotay sarkaar, Mungoal, Muft bur, Gulfaam, Bahadur, Baaghi, Jaan-e-bahar. The song "Us bay wafa ka sheher hai" in the mega- hit film "Shaheed", is considered to be the most popular song till today. Popular Songs One of Musarrat's greatest achievements are the songs listed below: "Mera long gawaacha" "Chalay to cut he jaaye ga safar Aahista, Aahista", "Apnay haatoan ki lakiroan mein". Best Actress Awards Nigar Award for best actress in 1958, for the film Zeher-e-Ishq. Nigar Award for best actress in 1959, for the film Jhoomar. Nigar Award for best actress in 1961, for the film Shaheed. Personal Life Musarrat married cardiologist, Dr. Arshad Majeed and both of them settled in Canada in the mid 1970s. Dr. Arshads father, Sheikh Majeed, is an entrepreneur and owns Lala Zaar cinema, Sialkot. Musarrat, who is 71 years of age, and in an excellent health, lives with her husband and daughter in Toronto Canada. Moreover, she in her real life is known to be very friendly and humorous, cracking jokes frequently. Musarrat sang for quite some time. She retired from the cinema years ago. However, she continued singing for the Pakistan television(Ptv) up until recently.
9 Jan 2009
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We made this video of our daughter to raise awareness about Autism and to stress the importance of Early Intervention. We also would like to honor all the teachers at Birth-to-Three and the River Street School at Coltsville. Abby would not have come this far if it wasn't for the love and dedication from her teachers. Abby still has a long way to go, but she is a happy little girl who teaches us everyday day to appreciate the simple things in life.
24 May 2009
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Muslims. Sarah and Amina were "To American". They also had Christian boyfriends. When their father found out about the boyfriends, he promised to kill them. He kept that promise, on New Years day, 2008. Yasser Said shot his two daughters to death. This was an "Honor Killing". This dangerous, cold blooded murderer has not yet been apprehended. Visit my channel, joinhunt4yasser, see how you can help put this killer behind bars. Also, please take the time to visit the "My Space" page that ...
5 May 2009
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A tribute to mothers everywhere who do not have their babies with them. My DH and I have four babies in heaven now, including a set of twins. We still have nothing to fill our arms. My husband's sister and her husband lost their three month old daughter to SIDS on Christmas Day 2006. Their pictures are also in this video. I have learned that this poem was written by Jennifer Wasik for a couple who lost their son, Zachery. Thank you Jennifer Wasik for your beautiful gift... so many people ...
10 May 2009
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love with Laura, a Spanish lady but her father insisted she cannot marry a black man. To prevent their relationship he took her to Puerto Rico. Dotun relocates to Pennsylvania from New Jersey out of frustration there he met, fell in love and impregnate another Spanish lady. The relationship between the two ladies and the reason why Laura's father would not allow his daughter to marry a black man even though Laura's mother is a black Spanish woman is the intrigue of this love triangle. ... If ...
25 May 2009
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Keeping Up with The Kardashians Season: 2 Episode: 6 Kris takes her daughters to a shooting range for some practice--but can Kim, Kourtney and Khloe handle the big guns?
27 May 2009
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The song YOU'RE STILL HERE taken from her first album The Best Of My Heart (SONY BMG 2006) was dedicated by Lovi Poe to her late dad Fernando Poe, Jr.. A beautiful song from a lovely daughter to a wonderful dad! What more could one ask for! Lovi has since released her second album Bloom also from Sony BMG. Lyrics: YOU'RE STILL HERE I may never see you again For a lifetime now 'Coz I know that you are there In our Fathers's house Everyday God sends you here And there's nothin' more I fear With my angels you are here with me. I can feel you're still here Breathing through me I can feel you're still here Whisp'ring to me Saying words/ Singing songs of love Guiding me, shielding me I can feel you're still here with me. I may never hold you again For a lifetime now But you wrap me In warm embrace Leaving me a vow That everyday God sends you here And there's nothing more to fear You're an angel taking care of me. I can feel you're still here Breathing through me I can feel you're still here Whisp'ring to me Saying words/Singing songs of love Guiding me, shielding me I can feel you're still here with me. Album THE BEST OF MY HEART by Lovi Poe copyright by SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Philippines) Pictures ftaken from the web. WARNING!!! PLEASE DON'T POST OFFENSIVE COMMENTS! THEY WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!
8 Aug 2009
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In this campaign, FedEx's approach to business growth and financial savings for smaller companies is emphasized through over-the-top situations and drastic cost-cutting. One company replaces "Casual Friday" with "Nordic Tuesday" to save on heating bills, another uses the dorm room of an executive's daughter to conduct meetings, and one eager manager brings in a renowned business speaker to add international prestige to a two-man operation.
11 Oct 2009
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