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When I met Miley! Sorry this took so long to post. It's here now! Get my "Last Song" for Miley here: ***********/us/album/last-song/id363703853 Follow me on Twitter so you know what I'm up to! *******www.twitter****/davedays Thanks to Michael Gallagher for being an awesome camera man, director and stud! ***********/totallysketch Also thanks to Disney for being so cool and making this all happen!
10 Jun 2010
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THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!!! Check out BONUS VIDs HERE ***********/shanedawsontv2 Thanks to: Dave Days! His songs are on itunes HERE ***********/us/album/last-song/id363703853 His channel is ***********/davedays David Choi for making my background music. Check him out HERE ***********/davidchoimusic Peter Coffin for making the theme song ***********/petercoffin ANNOUNCEMENTS: *My shirts are now at HOT TOPIC! yeah! *******tinyurl****/hottopicshane *I have a new channel for random short videos from my iPhone! ***********/shane MY LINKS: BLOG *******shanedawsonblog.tumblr****/ SHIRTS *******www.shanedawson.spreadshirt**** UK/EUROPE SHIRTS *******shanedawsoncustom.spreadshirt******/ TWITTER *******www.twitter****/shanedawson MYSPACE *******www.myspace****/shaneyaw FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/shanedawsonfans FACEBOOK APP *******tinyurl****/sdtvapp DAILYBOOTH *******www.dailybooth****/shanedawson LIVE SHOW *******www.shanedawsonlive**** WEBSITE *******www.shanedawsontv**** CALL ME 562 606 1512 SEND ME LETTERS 12450 Burbank Bl. Suite P #252 Valley Village, CA 91607 BUSINESS CONTACT ONLY smarchettiapa-agency**** The song from my intro is called "REBIRTH" by HADOUKEN! Buy it now on itunes *******tinyurl****/hadoukenalbum The Logo in my hand made by****/spiker369
9 Aug 2010
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New Video Featuring Dave Days! From the album BOMB IN A BIRDCAGE available at iTunes ******* Make sure to check out Dave's YouTube Channel: ***********/user/davedays
22 Aug 2010
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"Olive You" shirts available! *******tinyurl****/28cvys4 Get the song off iTunes! ***********/us/album/olive-you-feat-kimmi-smiles/id388769190 Website: *******www.davedays**** Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Subscribe to: Kimmi: ***********/kimmitalks Joe: ***********/joenationtv Cyr:***********/cyr1216 Lyrics: Can't get the words out of my mouth That little feeling everyone talks about The things you say like I miss your face I wanna let you know but I can't get the words to go so Olive you and everything you do What two words can mean afraid to say the other three Olive you the words are coming true I don't know what to say but olive you Can't fight the feeling I feel inside I try to tell you but I always hide The things you say like I want you to stay right Here by my side and let the words slide Olive you and the little things you do What two words can mean afraid to say the other three Olive you the words are coming true I don't know what to say but olive you You wanna tell me but I don't know how to say it I'll let it out what's been on my mind Those two words need an I love... I love you and everything you do These two words mean what I meant to say with three I love you never felt so smooth All I can say is I love you (Olive you olive you olive you) I love you (Olive you olive you olive you) I love you
6 Sep 2010
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This is the pop-punk version. Don't understand what's going on? Click here to watch the main video. ***********/watch?v=u6s0V0Vjg7E Lyrics: I see her a few times a week She sees me accidentally I find words that don't make sense She finds ways to forget She acts like she doesn't have a clue Why do you think I'm standing next to you If only you gave me a chance She said I'm sorry I've already got a man Oh la la la she's all I need Oh la la la he's gotta leave I'm sorry girl we can't be friends It's not real if I pretend Oh la la la she's all I need Oh la la la he's gotta leave I'm not trying to make things end I'm just saying that I'm better than your boyfriend I'm better than your boyfriend ___________________________ Connect with me! iTunes: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewArtist?id=310337726 Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Dave-Days/32151044465?ref=s&refurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook****%2Fs.php%3Fn%3D-1%26k%3D100000000020%26init%3Ds%253Afbpage%26q%3Ddave%2Bdays Myspace: *******www.myspace****/davedays Dailybooth: *******www.dailybooth****/davedays
13 Sep 2010
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Song by Dave (DaveDays) link ***********/watch?v=FSOxeRbUJXc -A song for Miley Miley Cyrus - My Last Song for Miley (Dave Days) hope you like the lyric video
27 Sep 2010
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Click here for the main video: ***********/watch?v=tvSoGW1U20s This is a behind the scenes of my parody of Justin Bieber's song "Baby". We had a lot of fun making it :) We filmed this at a park, Universal Citywalk in LA (where Justin filmed! omg!) and in my room. Add my pals who helped with the shoot: Cyr - ***********/cyr1216 Derek - ***********/whatadayderek Joe - ***********/mysteryguitarman Joseph - ***********/g3nuinejoe Tay - ***********/tayzonday Get the song on iTunes: ***********/au/album/imma-be-down-with-fireflies/id356484944 Add me on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ddays MySpace: *******www.myspace****/davedays Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays
22 Nov 2010
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Like my Facebook here! *******www.facebook****/ddays I will be randomly selecting one person who likes my Facebook page and will announce the winner on January 1st. All the people from before and now will be able to win! Winner will get a Gibson SG :) I love music so I thought it would be a perfect gift to give away around the holidays*. Download the song fo free here: *******www.davedays****/downloads/music/ Thanks to schmoyoho's videos for the inspiration :) ***********/schmoyoho PS NO SUNNY D OR RUM WAS USED IN THIS VIDEO! JUST GOOD CLEAN AIR
17 Dec 2010
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NEW ORIGINAL EP "Dinner and a Movie" on iTunes now: ***********/us/album/dinner-and-a-movie/id410949144 Let's keep it in the top 100!! Thanks to all those who got it so far :) You rock!! Music video PRODUCED, DIRECTED, EDITED by Wong Fu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Philip Wang) *******youtube****/wongfuproductions *******wongfuproductions**** ORIGINAL SONG by Dave Days *******youtube****/davedays *******davedays**** Song produced by Chris Rojas *******www.twitter****/chrisrojas Watch the BEHIND THE SCENES to see how we made it: ***********/watch?v=Ol3Gpif5ix0 PRODUCTIONS DESIGNER: Andy Kim COSTUME DESIGNER: Jae Park LINE PRODUCERS: Christine Chen, Chris Dinh PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Kevin Chan, Regina Fang, Philip Tran, Tommy Trinh, Phillip Yang FEATURING Amanda Lynn *******youtube****/itsmickandshell Keeptheheat *******youtube****/keeptheheat Kimmi Smiles *******youtube****/kimmitalks Shelby Erin *******youtube****/itsmickandshell Timothy DeLaGhetto *******youtube****/timothydelaghetto2 Ricky Shucks *******twitter****/rickyshucks Sammah *******youtube****/sammah1 Peter Rallis *******youtube****/RallisP Goldeyrocks *******youtube****/goldeyrocks thewillofdc *******youtube****/thewillofdc Tay Zonday *******youtube****/tayzonday SPECIAL THANKS to the East West Players and the Audience extras that came after responding to our tweets and facebook posts :) You rule!! ______________________________________________ Link: Like my Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ddays (I'm selecting one random person on Jan 1st, to who ever likes my Facebook, and will be sending them a Gibson SG! Signed by me.. if the winner wants! ;)) Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Dave Days' Shirts for the Holidays! *******www.gomerch****/shop/body.php?module=store&id=156
6 Jan 2011
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Like the cartoon? Have twitter? Click here to tweet: *******clicktotweet****/ng4DP Download the song here in high quality: *******tinyurl****/ygbteg2 Or just get the entire Digital Album here: *******www.willhundredpercent**** Song at the end is "Atlantean Twilight" from *******www.incompetech**** I wanted to finish this animated short for the longest time, but so many things would come up that would get me side tracked. But finally, after working on it off and on for 9 months, I can finally present to you my version of "The Secret Life." Special thanks to Will Hyler, who was really supportive of the idea from day one, and helped me so much along the way. Subscribe to him now! He's one of the most talented YouTubers out there! ***********/willhundredpercent Cameos by Shay & Katilette ***********/shaycarl ***********/SHAYTARDS ***********/katilette Dave Days ***********/davedays Olga Kay ***********/olgakay Onision ***********/onision Shane Dawson ***********/ShaneDawsonTV Mystery Guitar Man ***********/MysteryGuitarMan Charles & Alli ***********/charlestrippy ***********/CTFxC ***********/Alli Kassem G ***********/KassemG Philly D ***********/sxephil -------------------- T-SHIRTS *******cybertoons.spreadshirt**** TWITTER *******twitter****/CyberToons FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/CyberToonsPage
17 Jan 2011
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Fun and... interesting weekend! Watch the music video we made: ***********/watch?v=QaHJOx6-guI Thanks to the Kutchers for letting us hang at their place! Links: Website (more bikini pics!): *******www.davedays**** DailyBooth: *******www.dailybooth****/davedays Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ddays
21 Jan 2011
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Download song here: *******www.davedays****/downloads/music/ Download the drum beat and stems here: *******www.davedays****/downloads/music/ Get my original album "Dinner and a Movie" on iTunes! ***********/us/album/dinner-and-a-movie/id410949144 Vote for me here!! :) *******shortyawards****/Davedays?category=music DeStorm's Channel: ***********/destorm Thanks to Sammah for filming: ***********/sammah1
23 Feb 2011
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One thing learned from this little experiment.. Youtubers never answer their phones :) THANKS TO ERIN FOR THE IDEA: *******youtube****/xerinmarie PEOPLE I CALLED: *******youtube****/davedays *******youtube****/shaycarl *******youtube****/hiimrawn ** READ MY BLOG: *******ijustine**** GET AN IJUSTINE SHIRT: *******ijustine.spreadshirt**** DAILYBOOTH: *******dailybooth****/ijustine TWITTER: *******twitter****/ijustine FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/ijustine **
5 Mar 2011
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Get the song off iTunes :) ***********/us/album/i-just-held-hands-single/id424291063 Get a physical copy of my original EP "Dinner and a Movie" and a new shirt here: *******dftba****/product/1202/Dinner-and-a-Movie-Bundle I'm going on tour this April - May with some other awesome YouTubers! Get tix! *******www.thedigitour**** Lyrics: This is a little song about getting some, ya know what I'm saying? If you don't.. then.... KICK IT I just held hands and it felt so good A women let me put my hand in her hand Have you ever held hands I did it felt sweet It felt so good when I did it with my penis.. I mean my hand A girl let me do it, don't ask me how it happened Holding hands can make a nice man feel uh.. the same I guess You'll never guess where I just came from, I held hands If I had to describe the feeling they were smooth Mine were a little sweaty, but hers were kinda warm I called Father Anthony right after I was finished Oh hey, why you creeping I don't hold hands and tell if you really wanna know just give it a smell "Woah guys, check it out, I think he's telling the truth Dave I wish I was you!" High five! I just held hands and it felt so good A women let me put my hand in her hand I just held hands, I couldn't ask for more I felt spark, heart to heart, girl you're the best I'm gonna tell the world To be honest I'm not sure if she was really into it Instead she tried to touch my face and my leg I ain't one to argue man, we so held hands She could be my wife, best 3 hours of my life I'm so humbled by a girls ability to let me hold her "Cool story bro, maybe next time she'll let you pwn her!" "Don't say that, she was sent from above!" She let me wear my hat and my favorite glove This ones dedicated to the girls That let us flop around on top of their hand If they're big or small weird looking or long This song goes out to youuu She was calling up her parents Doesn't matter held hands She might have been asleep Doesn't matter held hands She even had a boyfriend Doesn't matter held hands She didn't have a hand Still counts!!... "Wait that does not count mister" SOLO We just held hands and it felt "mehhhh... Awesome!!" A women let me put my hand in her hand We just held hands, we couldn't ask for me We felt sparks, heart to heart, girl you're the best I'm gonna tell the world. ______________________________________ This is a parody of the song "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island. ______________________________________ Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ddays Website: *******www.davedays**** Get the song playing at the end (You've Been on My Mind) ***********/us/album/dinner-and-a-movie/id410949144 Tags: * lonely island jorma andy akiva akon jessica alba blake lively john mcenroe itunes
6 Mar 2011
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Get the song on iTunes here: ***********/us/album/dinner-and-a-movie/id410949144 Facebook: *******www.facebook****/ddays Twitter: *******www.twitter****/davedays Shirts (at HotTopic) or *******www.gomerch****/davedays Thanks to my viewers on BlogTV who helped me write some of the chorus ;) Watch me live here: *******www.blogtv****/people/davedays
9 Mar 2011
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This is why i love ijustine. She's willing to make fun of herself. LOVE THAT! People in this vid (in no particular order) ijustine ***********/ijustine mitchelldavis ***********/livelavalive jake ***********/iamcountjakey tony ***********/blackboxtv davedays ***********/davedays cat ***********/catrific
22 Mar 2011
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