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At the Law Offices of David M. Thomas, we have over 15 years of experience helping people just like you who’ve been injured in an accident get the compensation they’re entitled to. We have 10 years of insurance defense, and we offer free initial consultations and so much more. Law Offices of David M. Thomas, Call Us Today! Law Offices of David M. Thomas (678) 383-0804 4 Lenox Pointe NE, Ste. A Atlanta, GA 30324 www.atlantagapersonalinjurylaw****
14 Mar 2012
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During a session with David Jarrod. Thomas King and David were working on vocal phrasing. The line was “Holding On.” The effect that was wanting to be acheived was a wisper of the songs title as the musical introduction began. Several takes were recorded. Every take was very simple and said “holding on.” The projects co-producer Jarrod Birds had the idea to reverse the best take and butt it up together in front of the unprocessed take. This was to acheive a swell or cresindo, giving more weight to the wispher just before it was to be heard in the mix. The song “Holding On” stands on it’s own merits. There was no pre planning to construct this occurence. David never said ” I’m” The erie part is even backwards the whole phrase is unchanged
8 Jan 2010
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The list of people, telling more and more about the UFO dilemma for the Blackops people ( NASA, MJ/PI40 , CIA, etc) is growing. And the Blackops people is probably trying to miss credit all of them. These people are all Doctors, Scientists, Mathematical genius,Generals,Journalists,Pilots,Actors, even a President, etc etc. These people are still alive and working for the truth, but are more or less miss credited from the people in charge in some way. Bob Lazar: Also passed among other tests also a polygraph test, with perfect result. Dr. Ed Mitchell David Sereda Erich Von Däniken Dan Sherman Thomas Edwin Castello : Was on the run, wanted, got killed. John Lear Dan Aykroyd Bob Dean Andy LLoyd Gus Grissom Norm Bergrun Lou Baldin Jim Oberg Steven Wood : On the run, wanted. Steve Fosset : Missing Morgan O. Reynolds Chris Evans Bill Ryan Zecharia Stitchin Mr.X Ron Blackburn William J. Fallon Ron Schmidt Budd Hopkins Kerry Cassidy Michael Wolf Dan Burisch Jim Doolittle Boyd Bushman David Icke John Greenewald, Jr AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON... And these persons are all of them DEAD! either killed or died of "natural causes" They should definitely be saluted as real heroes. Bill Cooper Dr. John Badwey Paul Bennewitz Ben Rich Phil Corso James Black Dr. Eugene Blass Ron Bonds Mae Brussell Danny Casolaro Dr. J. Clayton William Cooper Dr. Cooperson Arie DeGeus Ruth Drown Clifford Stone "Lost his son for what he said" A hit and run they said. Frank Edwards Don Elkins James V. Forrestal Dr. Max Gerson John Hadley Harry Hoxsey Morris K. Jessup Dr. Milbank Johnson Todd Kauppila Jim Keith Dr. David Kelly Thomas Edwin Castello George Adamski Robert M. Bond Dorothy Kilgallen Dr. William Koch George Lakhovsky Ann Livingston Brian Lynch Dr. John Mack Dr. Eugene Mallove Dr. James McDonald Stanley Meyer Dr. Wilhelm Reich Royal Rife Ron Rummel John F Kennedy Phil Schneider Leonid Strachunsky Svali Nikola Tesla Jose Trias Karla Turner Dean Warwick Gary Webb 25 Marconi scientists, 1982-88 10 NASA astronauts, 1964-67 9 Minot and Barksdale AFB airmen, 2007 AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON...ALL THES PEOPLE, WERE INVOLVED IN SOME WAY IN THE UFO QUSTION...What can we do then? Wise words from someone who knows! Try to advance in your life, Try to live your life's without Hate,Envy, Hate or Greed. Also to spend as much time with your family and tell them how much you love them, every day. John Lear 2008
8 Jun 2009
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Fight Club 1999 R 139 min Edward Norton ... The Narrator Brad Pitt ... Tyler Durden Helena Bonham Carter ... Marla Singer Meat Loaf ... Robert 'Bob' Paulson (as Meat Loaf Aday) Zach Grenier ... Richard Chesler Richmond Arquette ... Intern David Andrews ... Thomas George Maguire ... Group Leader Eugenie Bondurant ... Weeping Woman Christina Cabot ... Group Leader Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston ... Speaker Rachel Singer ... Chloe Christie Cronenweth ... Airline Attendant Tim De Zarn ... Inspector Bird Ezra Buzzington ... Inspector Dent
17 Nov 2009
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Visit *******www.indonesiaindonesia****/en/f/51154-film-hollywood-edge-love/ *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/The_Edge_of_Love For The Edge of Love, Forum & Discussions 2 Comment and Subscribe please if you like it... The story is based loosely on real events and people, drawing on David N. Thomas' book Dylan Thomas: A Farm, Two Mansions and a Bungalow. During World War II, Vera Phillips (Keira Knightley) runs into her first love, charismatic Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys), and their feelings for each other are renewed, despite that Dylan is now married to the spirited Caitlin MacNamara (Sienna Miller). Despite their rivalry, the two women become friends and the trio have happy times together. When Vera marries soldier William Killick (Cillian Murphy), Dylan becomes jealous at the addition of him to the group, and Caitlin notices. But William is soon deployed abroad, and the remaining trio move to the Welsh countryside, where Vera's feelings for Dylan intensify. When William comes home from the war, his jealousy, compounded by his traumatic experiences and Vera's use of William's pay to aid the Thomases, explodes and he shoots up Dylan's house. However, despite Dylan's perjury, William is found innocent of attempted murder. The film closes with the Thomas family leaving their Welsh home and Caitlin parting with Vera.
30 Jan 2011
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Live: North Sea Jazz Festival July 11, 1993 Larry DeBari-g, Gary Foote-b, Neil Capolongo-d, Glen McClelland-kbd, Jerry Sokolov-t, Steve Guttman-t-md, Tim Ries-ts- fl, Charley Gordon-trom, David Clayton-Thomas-v Written by Berry Gordy Jr., Brenda Holloway, Frank Wilson, and Patrice Holloway. Arranged by Al Kooper. Tag: variation on a theme by Erik Satie ( Gymnopédie No.1 ).
28 Jan 2009
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Live-North Sea Jazz Festival July 11, 1993 Larry DeBari-g, Gary Foote-b, Neil Capolongo-d, Glen McClelland-kbd, Steve Guttman-t-md, Jerry Sokolov-t, Tim Ries-ts, Charley Gordon-trom, David Clayton-Thomas-v "Hi-De-Ho" written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King, arranged by Fred Lipsius. "And When I Die" written by Laura Nyro
21 Jul 2009
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Starring David Morse, George Dzundza & Andre Braugher Produced by Gavin Polone, David Koepp & Thomas Carter Directed by Thomas Carter Edited by Fritz Feick
8 Dec 2009
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Trailer for Stephen Gaghan's film starring George Clooney,Matt Damon,Jeffrey Wright,Chris Cooper,Alexander Siddig,William Hurt,Mazhar Munir,Christopher Plummer,Amanda Peet,Mark Strong,Max Minghella,Akbar Kurtha,Nadim Sawalha,Tim Blake Nelson,David Clennon,Thomas McCarthy,Kayvan Novak,
30 Mar 2010
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Blood Sweat & Tears 2/10/1969 David Clayton-Thomas: Lead Vocals Steve Katz: Guitar, Hamonica, Lead Vocals Bobby Colomby: Drums, Percussion, Vocals Jim Fielder: Bass Fred Lipsius: Alto Saxaphone, Piano Lew Soloff: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn Chuck Winfield: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn Jerry Hyman: Trombone Dick Halligan: Organ, Piano, Flute, Trombone, Vocals
7 Apr 2012
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From the movie The Mist - David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and the gang try to make it to his truck in the misty parking lot.
7 Oct 2012
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