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Dudes! Meat Island? Let's... what's up with Meat Island, dude? Starring David Lehre Moses Storm Lee H. Page With Jaylen Moore Charlie Pecararo Jared Kusnitz Produced by Jessica Blackwell Tony Disano Michael & Daniel Carberry
2 Sep 2009
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Dudes! Meat Island! Let's DO this! Get ready for the world of dudes doing what they do best...being dudes. Created by and starring: David Lehre Starring David Lehre Moses Storm Lee H. Page With Jaylen Moore Charlie Pecararo Jared Kusnitz Produced by Jessica Blackwell Tony Disano Michael & Daniel Carberry
19 Aug 2009
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At the Skoll World Forum, Global X interviewed David Lehr, an Acumen Fund Fellow based in India. Watch him as he tells the story of the woman who wanted to eat ice-cream at Baskin Robbins even though she was wearing a burka.
27 Nov 2007
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David Lehr - Acumen Fund Fellow
22 Oct 2007
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Alyson Stoner (AlysonOnTour) and Camp Rock's Mdot (4mdot) teamed up with Chase Ryan (RyanRiverStudio) to create a cover/remix of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend". Music Video Directed by David Lehre (DavidLehre) for Vendetta Studios. Choreography by Kenya Clay (AyeKenya) Dancers: Marqos Maldonado (MarqosM) Chris Koehl (D8ChrisK) Analiza Zapien (AnalizaZapien) Jasmine Rafael (JazzRazzMaTazz) Location: Courtesy of Nick Cooper of The Vocal Corner Store. Thank you for watching. "Like" it. Share it. Tell Justin to watch it.
20 Oct 2012
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Parody of Pittsburgh Slim's "Girls Kiss Girls" Directed by David Lehre Starring David Lehre & Lauren Goodman Super Producers Tony Disano & Nick Amrhein 1st asst. camera Josh Corbin Executive Producer Jimmy Risk Animal Trainer Josh Young Download the Hi-Quality MP3 HERE!!: *******www.mediafire****/download.php?rznnm4owgtn No Squirrels were harmed during the filming of this video. :-) Check out the original song & video here: ***********/watch?v=4TXGhim-fVI Visit www.DavidLehre**** for more movies & fun. Add us as friends at: myspace****/VendettaStudios LYRICS: Ya'll know what's hott to me when I see squirrels running up them trees from the west coast to the dirty south you can put these nuts in your mouth i'm up in the woods, i'm looking, i'm spying- look out now! That squirrels flying! yeah thats right, you know its all gravy this joints hot like britney spears is crazy i got them cars from the benz to the mini what's my name? Detroit Skinny! i got that money, i ain't unemployed up in the hood, they call me squirrel boy ragtop porsche, can't tell me nothing on sunset tan those girls got somethin' i'm on BET, on the cover of the Source Let nature take it's course. ww.HotSquirrels**** I log on myspace I see tom All you hoes got your hair in a curl cause i be crankin that solja squirrel Do it like this- Do it like that Talking with a Squirrel on a video chat i like cartoons i like to play hockey what do i watch? Bullwinkle and rocky! We can get down in the club of the trail girl drop it low shake the back and the tail i'm signed with def jam, i roll with Jay-Z Detroit Skinny is smacking MC's! you can't be like me, ya'll haters are are wishing gimme that pole, i'll go squirrel fishing up in the club i get all the fly girls- cause i'm rolling with twiggy- the waterskiing squirrel My New York squirrels, got it goin' on- mexican squirrels are all named juan Down in Texas, my squirrels make noise up in Tennessee, they eat them boys! Here's the Squirrel dance, put up ya hands Run around the club like Jackie Chan Find a big booty and give it a smack Pose for the picture and then lean back Don't Stop Squirrel, do it again Do it for real squirrel Don't Pretend Don't stop Squirrel, Do it again Do it for real Squirrel You and a Friend They up a Tree! Up a tree! Up a Tree! Up a Tree! up a tree! SQUIRRELS. CHASE. SQUIRRELS. SQUIRRELS. CHASE . SQUIRRELS. HD VERSION: ***********/watch?v=HGOyF5dNzAU&fmt=18
25 Jun 2011
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From the movie Epic Movie - White Bitch (Jennifer Coolidge) helps punk Edward (Kal Penn), who punches the prank show host (David Lehre) in the face.
4 Jun 2011
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Directed by David Lehre. www.DavidLehre**** jsdnafjnewlefw Watch it in High Quality HD here: 1. *******www.vimeo****/1790628 or 2. ***********/watch?v=BPkDPcAqy6g&fmt=18 Starring (in order of appearance) John Kubin as Brosiff Jason Parsons as Joseph Lee Page as Payne Chasen Allen as P-Nut Roy Wood JR. as Sweet-T Jillian Reed as Stacey Jaylen Moore as Barry David Lehre as Cody Moses Storm as Moose Avalon Barrie as Destiny Lauren Goodman as Susan with Kasia Szarek Percy Rusty Zinah Dietz Scott Cushing Dale Hersh Joe-Joe Smith Claudia Fijal Michael Battle Theresa Jun Tao Brittany Carson Kristina Cohen Kayla Laws Featuring J.J Pasco Clayton Woodley Amitabh Klemm Sam Sabawi Kaylon Hunt Alice Hunter Jackie Jimenez Austin Jankowski Christopher David Graham Breitenstein Jack Bond Sara Agor Carolyne Yu Kara Hills Hailey Malmin Christina Jimenez Monique Vazquez with special guests Justin Chon Kenny Wormald J.W. Starrett Luke Broadlick Executive Producer Tony Disano Produced by David Lehre Jessica Blackwell Casting & Pre-Production team David Lehre Michael Battle Jessica Blackwell Jarrett Conaway Written by David Lehre Jessica Blackwell Jonathan Minjoe Moses Storm Audio Supervision & Mixing Bryan Clearside Assistent Director Moses Storm Camera & Lead Tech Nick "Gangsta" Amrhein Film Editing David Lehre Creative Consultant Josh Corbin Production Manager Devesh Verma LIghting Moses Storm Super Stunt Specialist Craig Henningsen Stunt Coordinator Ilram Choi VFX Marco Cardenas Animal Trainer Matt Contreras Art Direction Austin Jankowski Creative Master Shawn Ahmed Still Photographer Swat Khan Technical Supervisor Kevin Cao Production Assistant Jason Chen Design and DL Online Josh Helfferich Turbo Team Leader Jarrett Conaway There In Spirit Brad Harris Transportation Carlos Leon of CML Studios Ryan LeClerck Best Roomate Andy Fischer-Price Location Managers Jesse Gass Shawn Ahmed Ilram Choi Rick Lundren Chrissy lawver Original music score by Kole "Here Comes The Ground" "More Noise" Written and Composed by Rion Harmon of The Zax "Susan I Love you" "Foxy Destiny" "Bad Boyz" "Immortal Kombat" "Psycho to Space" Music written & Composed by Andy Waldeck "Smack those hoes" Music written & Composed by Olly Sneaks Special Thanks Minnie Blackwell Joe Rowett Jay Wiener Richie Keen Dallas Sonnier Babette Perry Ben Stiller For more, Please visit: www.DavidLehre**** Myspace****/VendettaStudios Youtube****/DaveLehre or facebook****/pages/David-Lehre-Vendetta-Studios/25987896040?ref=ts
30 Oct 2009
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Directed by David Lehre www.DavidLehre**** www.VendettaStudios**** www.myspace****/vendettastudios
3 Aug 2009
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