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Indubitably, Stephen Piscotty is a brilliant right fielder but seems he is enduring bad days of his life, failing to catch breaks.
6 Apr 2017
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This rat has had enough bad food; now has decided to come out to enjoy some fine dining. It was surprising for other customers.
7 Apr 2017
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4 Apr 2017
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5 Apr 2017
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Convection microwave ovens are the pick of the day for most of the people, as you can use the machine to heat the food and to cook pizzas and bake biscuits. Convection microwave ovens are pretty expensive compared to solo microwave ovens, but it is filled with a lot of features.
14 Apr 2017
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This boy takes a photo of himself Every day for 6 years
23 Jul 2007
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Brothers in Arms D-Day for PSP
11 Oct 2007
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bad day for player
31 Dec 2007
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Valentine's Day for Single People
10 Feb 2008
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Ave Maria! Corinn Dahm and Nicole Peck discuss the 40 Days for Life prayer campaign to end abortion that is rapidly becoming a national phenomenon. Based on the concept of 40 days for the more important transformational events in the Bible (the rain for the Great Flood, the prayer and fasting of Our Lord in the desert) 40 days are being set aside in front of abortion clinics across the nation in a concerted spiritual effort of monumental proportions to transform the hearts of abortionists. Listen to this incredible account of this historical event. Ave Maria!
5 Jul 2008
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Ave Maria! Last night (Sunday 4th November, 07) was the end of the official 40 Days for Life Campaign outside of the Abortion Mill at 12 Case St Norwich, CT. I say official end because the 40 Days for Life Campaign has re-energised the Pro-Life movement across the United States and most of the people involved are resolved to continue to witness for life outside numerous abortion facilities across the United States praying for God to put an end to this heinous crime.Corinn Dahm was one of the organisers for the 40 Days for Life here in Norwich, CT, and she had a few words to say during this beautiful, prayerful, vigil which ended at midnight. I say a few words because those that know Corinn would find it hard to believe that she was stuck for words, but that is what happened during this interview. I had the kindness to edit it out for her, but not the kindness to keep it a secret!We would like to personally thank, not only those who participated in the 40 Days for Life here in Norwich, but to all those thousands of people throughout the United States who prayed in front of the abortion mills, and to those who also prayed and fasted and offered up sacrifices to God to end abortion in our country.We ask you to continue to pray for an end to abortion and to pray for those who cannot speak for themselves! Ave Maria!
22 Jul 2008
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   Ave Maria ![Update: The 2008 40-Days-for-Life Vigil starts Sept 24 in approximately 300 cities across America, praying outside of abortion clinics 24 hours a day for 40 days ending Nov 2, just prior to the presidential election.]Last night (25th Sept, 2007), Friar Roderic caught up with Corinn Dahm at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Norwich, CT, after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been offered for the launch of the 40 Days for Life Campaign at the Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill in Case St Norwich.Over the next 40 days there will be a minimum of 2 people at all times praying in front of the Abortion Mill, not only in Norwich, but in 89 cities around the country, to end abortion in America, and these front-line soldiers will also be supported by thousands of other people who will be offering their prayers, sacrifices, and fastings for the success of this endeavor. This is a history making event that will change our country!We beg you to support our troops with prayers and fastings and to pass this news onto others that may not have heard about it and help save the lives of maybe thousands of unborn babies.Check out the 40 Days for Life website at:40daysforlife.comStay tuned to over the coming weeks as we keep you up to date on the events surrounding this incredible initiative. Ave Maria!
29 Jul 2008
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   Ave Maria! [Update: The 2008 40-Days-for-Life Vigil starts Sept 24 in approximately 300 cities across America, praying outside of abortion clinics 24 hours a day for 40 days ending Nov 2, just prior to the presidential election.]Friar Roderic caught up with Fr Angelo Gieger in front of the Abortion Clinic in Norwich, CT, on the night of the start of the 40 Days for Life campaign, which is now into Day 11.We here at AirMaria apologize for not getting this footage up sooner - we have been so busy preparing for the Videotaping and Live-Streaming of the Coredemption Conference in Indiana, preparing for several NCE-FM License Applications, and to top it all off, madly preparing for the Boot Camp at the friary starting on Oct 19th. Whew!!!Anyways, all these activities end during the same week in October (the 19th) and then our AirMaria crew will receive a manpower boost, with the addition of two Novices to the team, and we will have much more time to devote to keeping up with our postings. Ave Maria!
6 Aug 2008
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Corinn Dahm and Lisa Martin discuss the upcoming 40 Days for Life Campaign for the end of abortion - starting this September 24th (Wednesday). 40 Days for Life Information: website - Commercial - 40 Days for Life Trailer -
24 Sep 2008
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Watch How To Get Paid Every Day for Selling Electricity!
21 Nov 2008
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13:31 - A Tribute to Animal Friends on International Day for Biological Diversity, Episode 616, Air Date: 22 - May - 2008
31 Oct 2008
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