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Fire Fighters on the front lines along Doe Mill Ridge. A DC-10 is used to fight the Humboldt Fire in Northern California. By day three the fire scorched the entire canyon shown in this video and beyond.The inmates in the orange along with CalFire put it all on the line and took big risk protecting structures.If the fire started a few more miles east on Highway 32 the strong winds would have pushed the fire south through the town of Paradise,which would have been catastrophic. In times of elemental crisis there are no heroes only survivors.
19 Aug 2008
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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: cinema spot
4 Sep 2008
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Follow Sammy as he undergoes the process of lasik surgery in Washington DC, and speaks about his motivation for doing so. Sammy meets with renown ophthalmologists Dr. Thomas Clinch & Dr. Paul Kang in the initial consultation as they explain to him his candidacy and the custom lasik procedure.
24 Oct 2010
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It's lasik surgery day as Sammy walks into his appointment at Eye Doctors of Washington DC. Sammy first meets with ophthalmic technician Alyce to prepare the eye for surgery with some drops, and then with Dr. Paul Kang who creates the cornea flap with state-of-the-art excimer laser technology.
5 Sep 2008
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Dr. Thomas Clinch and Dr. Paul Kang of Eye Doctors of Washington DC get into the power of custom lasik as a solution to nearsightedness, farsightedness and a stigmatism. Custom lasik surgery allows for the physician to treat complex but minor imperfections on the eye. This new higher resolution gives patients the ability to see more clearly now than ever before.
5 Sep 2008
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Dr. Thomas Clinch, co-chief refractive surgeon at Eye Doctors of Washington DC talks about how critical a pre-operative evaluation is when determining candidacy for lasik surgery. Dr. Clinch specifically states how patients with a weakened cornea could do further damage if treated with lasik surgery or other refractive procedures.
5 Sep 2008
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Vernon, a patient of Dr. Paul Kang at Eye Doctors of Washington DC, explains his decision making process to have lasik surgery performed to correct his refractive error. Vernon tells of who easy and seamless the process was.
5 Sep 2008
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Allison decided to have lasik surgery to support her active lifestyle. Swimming, and working out are activities that are not very conducive to wearing eyeglasses. Allison talks about her initial apprehension about lasik surgery, and also how she felt much more at ease when she walked into Eye Doctors of Washington DC for her initial consultation.
9 Feb 2009
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Brian, a recent lasik surgery patient of Eye Doctors of Washington DC, explains his decision-making process to have lasik surgery done as well as the frustration of becoming dependent on his eyeglasses. Brian speaks on his positive interaction with the staff at Eye Doctors of Washington DC.
9 Feb 2009
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At Eye Doctors of Washington DC, our board certified cataract surgeons have performed thousands of cataract surgery cases over the years. Our surgeons are internationally renowned for the excellence in ophthalmology andcommitment to their patients.
11 Sep 2008
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Dr. Susan Majlessi and Dr. Paul Kang of Eye Doctors of Washington DC explain the surgical treatment of cataracts and how seamless the process is. Cataract surgery takes only about 20 minutes with most patients receiving restored vision immediately.
18 Nov 2009
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Because there were too many for one Mini, Josh and Conor are back to laugh at more horrible DC villains.
14 Sep 2008
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