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The Dark Knight Rises and Batman: Arkham City make us realize Bruce Wayne is the man to watch over the next year.
6 May 2011
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Play as Batman, play as Catwoman, and kick ass in a tight leather suit. Peeooow.
15 Jun 2011
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Straight from Microsoft's February Showcase, we've got fresh new details on the Dark Knight's next adventure.
1 Mar 2011
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It's Game Time! This week, host Flitz Ricketts gives gamer addicts of South Korea some advice, and looks forward to the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, which stars a softer and more vulnerable Lara Croft.
1 Dec 2012
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Can you be Batman? Who is your mentor? Do you want to blast ice, hurl fire, or control minds? We visited Sony's Austin offices to find all of this and more out!
10 Jan 2011
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He's a classic Batman foe, and he's still searching searching for a way to save his wife.
16 Aug 2011
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What the devil is this game?
20 Dec 2011
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Superman Doomsday available on Blu-ray 11/2
20 Nov 2008
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We build a Flash-like character (Flashbyte) who blasts through the early levels of the game. Watch us earn items, powers, and crush enemies to a pulp!
7 Jan 2011
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Hunt Batman? Surely, you jest.
9 Dec 2010
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Watch our exclusive animated cutscene spotlighting John Stewert as Green Lantern.
4 Jan 2011
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Based loosely on the DC comic's story arc, Oracle calls up Power Girl, asking her to rejoin The Birds of Prey. But after having a previously bad experience, Power Girl is not exactly jumping at the chance. And while on the phone having her chat, Power Girl is stuck dealing with a childlike Bizzaro Superman. Hopefully he will finally overcome his terrible diction before he makes a complete ass of himself..... or maybe not. Either way, watch I'M POWER GIRL DAMMIT!!! A WORD FROM CHRIS I shot and edited this movie in less than a day. It all started when Tawnya Manion came over to visit and she mentioned that she really wanted to do another Power Girl movie. I said sure thing, but what should it be about? So we started thinking and I came across a bit where Oracle had asked PeeGee to rejoin the Birds of Prey and her response was "When Hell freezes over." I thought that was funny and definitely very appropriate for Power Girl to say. So I got cracking on a script based around that one line and started filling it with jokes. I wanted to make references to my 1st PeeGee film and definitely mock her enormous.... assests. As one can already tell, that's what makes Power Girl most memorable. So after I had written the script and figured out who my villain would be (I needed someone equally as dumb as Solomon Grundy, but easily capable of being funnier- Bizzaro was my choice because he is a retarded version of Superman, so A- he's in the Super Family of villains and B- It would be logical for PeeGee to fight him, yet not take him seriously, since no one really does) I needed to cast the part. Guile Branco was, believe it or not, the only one who wanted to audition. I guess all the other actors were too afraid to look foolish on screen and tarnish their reputation. Anyhoo, he did a great job physically as Bizzaro, but unfortunately, he couldn't nail the voice. Guile is Brazilian and has a thick South American accent. So it's really funny hearing him try to do the voice, but it just wouldn't fly. So I stepped in and dubbed him. Yeah I know, the dubbing isn't 100% believable, but I don't have a professional sound studio, so I really had to wing it. But if you just sit back and watch, it kinda works.
22 Apr 2007
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