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JLA New Frontier News: Do Dinosaurs exist? Or where they part of a radiation experiment engineered by the Government? Did Superman do it?
12 Jan 2008
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This story arch is finally at an end and it delivers all the way through. There is everything we love about the classic Batman: a damsel in distress, a cool bat mobile, lots of gadgets and the villain is outsmarted in the end and the day is won. The one disappointment of the story is that it didn't end with the great hand to hand fight that we've been teased with the whole arch. Batman and the Wrath have been sparring a bit at a time the whole story and in the end after two moves the narration takes over and the only satisfaction we get is the wrath saying "long story short they took me down". No kidding, that almost qualifies for a duh but not quite. As much as I hate it I do have to admit that it is what batman does, he finds the weakness and breaks his enemy down and defeats them in the most efficient way possible, so in that sence it works with the characters. Part of what breaks the Wrath down is seeing Batman and Nightwing in action and how they work together. They were a true team the Dynamic Duo and they had the relationship that he and his mentor never had. It was a good ending to a good arch and a great addition to your collection.
16 Sep 2012
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As the summer of 2008 approaches, Iron Man and Batman compare notes on their respective franchises in this Mac/PC parody. plz rate and leave comment.
4 Dec 2008
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26 Jun 2008
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2:07 Trailer for the upcoming movie Batman - The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger. Looks great so check it out!
3 Jul 2008
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Rahiem interview fans at the advanced screening. www.pdashmedia****
18 Jul 2008
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Watch Full Movie Free *******www.MyFreeFilm**** The Dark Knight
18 Jul 2008
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Here's this weeks Pulp Addiction with a special thanks to Hi De Ho Comics! Check out the site *******
24 Jul 2008
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Moujan and Kelly present the (rejected) segment: Top 5 Reasons Why the Dark Knight is Going to Fail. Free popSiren Bite Video via iTunes: ***********/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=213038294 Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: *******www.facebook****/pages/Revision3/22121885080 For more visit: *******revision3****/psbite/
30 Jul 2008
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Matt West gets a pulp overdose at Comic Con 2008! Check out the site *******
1 Aug 2008
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Wonder Woman coming to DVD and Blu-Ray February 2009! On the mystical island of Themyscira, a proud and fierce warrior race of Amazons have raised a daughter of untold beauty, grace and strength – Princess Diana. When an Army fighter pilot, Steve Trevor, crash-lands on the island, the rebellious and headstrong Diana defies Amazonian law by accompanying Trevor back to civilization. Meanwhile, Ares (the god of War) has escaped his imprisonment at the hands of the Amazonians and has decided to exact his revenge - intending to start a world war that will not only last for centuries – but will wipe out every living being on the planet, starting with the Amazons! It is up to Princess Diana to save her people and the world – by using her gifts and becoming the ultimate Wonder Woman! Check out the official site, wonderwomanmovie****
26 Aug 2008
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BushLeagueTV presents Mr. Comic Con aka the biggest nerd at this year's Comic Con! Check out the site *******
11 Sep 2009
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