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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 The lymph system’s primary function is to isolate infection and cellular detritus from the rest of the body and deal with it. Imagine you are looking at a handful of living cells through a microscope. A capillary (the smallest blood vessel) delivers blood with its oxygen and nutrients. The local cells use these nutrients and excrete waste. There may be pathogens or antigens present that create an immune response, leaving dead cells and perhaps live infection. Some of the blood and waste products are picked up by tiny veins. But much of the vascular fluid and waste — and hopefully all of the live infection — is picked up by tiny lymph vessels. This process is happening all over the body all the time. Like tributaries trickling into a stream that feeds a slow-moving river, the lymph system transports lymph fluid through ever-widening vessels, moving it through 500 filtration and collection points — your lymph nodes. At each successive node the lymph fluid is filtered and bacteria is removed. If lymph fluid is blocked in one lymph node it will usually take a detour, but when blockage is extreme it can cause the lymph fluid to back up and cause swelling in the surrounding tissue, a condition known as lymphedema. The far-reaching lymph vessels merge at certain points to form lymphatic trunks. You have six major lymph trunks in your body, each responsible for draining filtered fluid from one region of the body. The lumbar and intestinal trunks drain a large volume of purified lymph fluid upward from your lower extremities, pelvis and abdomen into the cisterna chyli, a widened collection pouch at the base of the thoracic duct.
22 Mar 2017
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This Blue & Gold Macaw will play dead upon command.
1 May 2006
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As Elena Filatova puts it, "this is truly a dead land now". Not much can live in such a harsh and hostile radiocative environment. Many people perished in this disaster, probably over 300,000 died. It's still extremely toxic to living things even today over ten years later!
19 Jun 2006
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This Lady has some kind of disorder that makes the odor of dead Fish. It is so strong it can fill up an auditorium. What a Nightmare for this Lady, she even contemplated Suicide.
19 Sep 2006
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Short clip of my dog playing dead.
13 Sep 2006
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Car theif and his Girlfriend try to run from the Police, but turn into a dead end street.
18 Sep 2006
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Raised by wolves in the wild of the great outdoors, his elders sent him out to the city, where he would interact with beings of his own kind for the first time. ACDC, Guns `n Roses, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Ray Vaughn, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Stones, Beatles, The Boss, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Deep Purple Dougs first guitar was given to him by the packs Alpha male after a grisly encounter with an unfortunate wayward traveler. Also included with the mans belongings were classic recordings by the likes of the Who, and Kyuss. Sent off to fend for himself, he wandered into the city of angels, which he would make his new dwelling. It was here that he was assimilated to the world as we know it. Knowing only music and the sounds that echoed from his guitar, he soon began playing with various musical projects, and subsequently through doing so, he met Bastian Kirchdoerfer of Dead End Jane. After bonding through alcohol and various forms
18 Feb 2007
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This funny home video is one of my old-school videos from back in the day. It's a tribute to the Greatful Dead as me and my buddies mess around to the song called "Uncle John's Band".
10 Dec 2006
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the crew found danny from boston to tell us this disgusting dead baby joke. go to for thousands more great jokes!
28 Mar 2007
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disgusting dead baby joke courtesy of jerome from boston. go to for thousands more great jokes!
28 Mar 2007
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News story about dead babies being found in a deceased woman's freezer!
13 Dec 2006
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Dead prez’s wants justice for everyone, including the chickens tortured and killed by KFC. Â
8 Jan 2007
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January 2007 (Medialink) -- Rollovers account for only one in 50 car crashes each year, but they claim nearly four of every ten lives lost on the nation's highways – 10,000 fatalities a year. And they are responsible for another 200,000 injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Automotive safety experts at a new $10 million rollover crash testing facility near Detroit will study ways to keep occupants from being ejected in rollover crashes and develop air bag sensors to better protect occupants in a rollover. General Motors, which opened the facility on December 5, is the first automaker to integrate in-house testing for the infrequent, but often deadly rollover crashes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced for General Motors
9 Jan 2007
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Watch PETA's public service announcement featuring a child who asks his mom where the dead rotisserie chickens came from.
16 Jan 2007
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The following footage was shot entirely by fans during Jars of Clayâs live performance of Dead Man (Carry Me), using their mobile phones at 3 west coast concerts in November 2006.
1 Feb 2007
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Thou must eat Deadly Flakes
13 Feb 2007
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