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This video is about how to do a perfect salon style manicure. People give a lot of importance to care about the skin and specially about the face but they forget that care of hands is as important as of face. In this video we are going to show you with demonstration that how to do skin lightening MANICURE at home step by step tutorial and guide to an easy quick and free manicure! DIY Manicure simple and easy way step by step tutorial, Do it yourself Salon Style Perfect Nails. Products Used: -------------- Lukewarm water Nail polish remover Ammonia Hydrogen peroxide shampoo Cuticle pusher and remover Nail clippers or scissors. scrubbing brush nail polish Cotton pads & towel Nail brush, Filer or Emery board, Buffer Massage creams Following are the steps to be followed for manicures:- ------------------------------------------------------ 1. Start by removing any existing polish. 2. Add 1 spoon of Ammonia in water. 3. Add 1 cap of Hydrogen peroxide. 4. Put any shampoo into the water. 5. Wash and sanitize the hands with soap and hot water - 3 to 5 min. 6. Take a brush and start scrubbing nails, hands and palms - 2 to 3 min. 7. Wash hands with clean water and dry with towel. 8. Use cuticle pusher to push back dead skin. 9. Trim any dead or dry skin around the nail. 10. Trim the fingernails and shape them with a nail file. 11. Use buffer to buff and natural shine to the nails. 12. Give soft massage on hands with any creams - 2 to 4 min. Finished!!! Summer Ready Nails ;)
28 Apr 2018
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Body Wrap Treatments, At Home Body Wrap For Weight Loss, Slimming Body Wraps Near Me, Belly Wrap. Body Wrap Ingredients Guide CLAY Body wraps utilize different forms of clay. Normally, clay pulls toxins and oils out of the system. The category of the clay is determined by the mineral and color content. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, bentonite clay holds some negative charge to draw toxins from your skin. SALT Salt attracts water from tissue and when added on to a body wrap assists to decrease puffiness in your skin. Options of salt are as diverse as the alternatives for clay. An affordable option for home body wrap is epsom salt. According to salt distributer, Bath Sale Company based in San Francisco, dead sea salt comprises minerals which detoxify,cleanse and treat the skin. For more information on how effective these ingredients are, when applied in a body wrap visit
29 Apr 2018
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One cannot stress on this enough, do NOT underestimate a lady who dresses in red. She’s deadly, she’s gorgeous. Most importantly, she is a fierce lioness. No, not just metaphorically.
10 May 2018
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A funny video. Trailer deadly battle in a funny voice acting. To look all!
22 May 2018
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We just so happen to pull up on this squad with some rain makers on it. That's right two deadly sharpshooters outside with Zaza himself inside. Can we beat this Golden State Warrior squad with the splash bros!?!? Find out and be sure to hit that like button and SUB to ya boy!
23 May 2018
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Some people probably think that they don’t need a gym trainer. This lady might be one of them if she is she is dead wrong about it.
25 May 2018
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As Elena Filatova puts it, "this is truly a dead land now". Not much can live in such a harsh and hostile radiocative environment. Many people perished in this disaster, probably over 300,000 died. It's still extremely toxic to living things even today over ten years later!
19 Jun 2006
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Short clip of my dog playing dead.
13 Sep 2006
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This funny home video is one of my old-school videos from back in the day. It's a tribute to the Greatful Dead as me and my buddies mess around to the song called "Uncle John's Band".
10 Dec 2006
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News story about dead babies being found in a deceased woman's freezer!
13 Dec 2006
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Dead prez’s wants justice for everyone, including the chickens tortured and killed by KFC. Â
8 Jan 2007
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Watch PETA's public service announcement featuring a child who asks his mom where the dead rotisserie chickens came from.
16 Jan 2007
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