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Watch the debate of The Masters, Seattle Mariners, NBA Talk, 2001 Lakers Best Team Ever with JC Kabassu at SONTSports.
12 Apr 2017
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Welcome to SONTSports we are live again and Debating today: -Marshawn Lynch to New England Patriots -Prediction for 8th seed -Lebron and Cleveland Cavaliers at LIV Miami -Melo's days over with Knicks -NBA MVP
13 Apr 2017
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SONTSports is back at it! Today's topics Include: -Damien Lilliard says Blazers in 6? -Louis Murphy Arrested -Griffey Statue -Also a request from a guest The New York Giants!
17 Apr 2017
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Unggul Telak Debat Vs Ahok Di Metro TV, Elektabilitas Anies Makin Melambung Tinggi Anies membongkar perilaku kasar dan arogan Ahoax yang seringkali mencaci maki kaum ibu bahkan kepada seorang Ibu (Ibu Yusri) yang datang untuk sekedar menanyakan KJP tapi malah dimaki-maki oleh Ahoax , Anies katakan itu sikap yang tidak bisa diteladani. Anies pun menunjukkan bukti dan fakta-faktanya buruknya kinerja Ahoax. Ahoax tak mampu berkelit sedikitpun dihadapan data-data valid yang ditunjukkan Anies. Segala kesombongan Ahoax yang berusaha membanggakan diri bahwa ia telah banyak berhasil semua itu pun berhasil dimentahkan oleh Anies.
28 Mar 2017
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Scene from the film "Crimson Tide" where Captain Ramsey debates the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan
6 Apr 2017
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a speech I gave for a school debate about Asylum Seekers
25 Jun 2006
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500 years ago, Giordano Bruno was burnt in Rome for claiming stars were planetary systems like ours, why? In this 6-min episode, the Pope, Giordano Bruno and Freud debate this in heaven... GOTO http:spacegeek**** to watch this video with much better quality, the metacafe processing degrades image. Also get a free aliasspacegeek**** !
1 Apr 2007
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Mid-Term Election Results Could Mean Positive Changes Mid-term elections are over but the debate over immigration reform is far from it. The recent elections highlighted what public opinion surveys have revealed consistently for more than a year: Americans want Congress to produce a serious, lasting, and fair solution to the undocumented immigration crisis. While Americans are growing older and better educated, the U.S. economy is still creating jobs for less-skilled workers. Forty-five percent of the 55 million job openings expected between now and 2014 will be filled by workers who have a high-school diploma or less. The American Immigration Lawyers Association believes any proposal to reform our immigration system must establish a "break the mold" worker program, creating legal avenues for willing workers to come and work with full labor rights, and the proposal should address those living and working in the U.S. by giving them the opportunity to earn the privilege of legal status. For more details visit www.aila****.
15 Dec 2006
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This is a video of the Buddhist monks of Sera monastry in Lhasa, Tibet. They are called the "debating monks" because they seek enlightenment through debate. One monk plays the role of the "student" and the other plays the role of the "teacher". The teacher slaps his hands and asks the student a question about existance and the student has to reply. After a while the students and teachers switch positions. *part of my china travel series*
9 Jan 2007
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Debate sobre los pros y los contras de la tauromaquia moderado por el sin par Eleuterio García Sánchez.
27 Jan 2007
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Zuma Dogg Host Candidate Debate on L.A. Eastside (CD 14)
20 Feb 2007
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Zuma Dogg Host Candidate Debate on L.A. Eastside (CD 14)
20 Feb 2007
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Two men have a debate and in the end he throws a chair FUNNY
5 Mar 2007
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In 1419, Jamchen Choje Sakya Yeshe established the Sera Monastery, a monastic university that provides religious education to monks from age 8 up to 70. An integral part of the monks' studies is Buddhist debate. Every afternoon, students gather in an open courtyard to debate the scriptures, using specific gestures (e.g., a downward clap, pull back, push forward) that contain profound meanings. explore™ (*******explore****) is a multimedia organization that documents leaders around the world who have devoted their lives to extraordinary causes. Both educational and inspirational, explore creates a portal into the soul of humanity by championing the selfless acts of others. Distributed by TubeMogul.
5 Apr 2007
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Sen. Clinton Debates Sen. Obama for the Black Vote in a Britethorn Media Campaign 2008 Election Event.
22 Apr 2007
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Clinton and Obama Debate for the Black Vote
2 May 2007
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