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Morphing movie showing the Renaissance decay
2 Apr 2006
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Bark,bark! Whooeh gave you permission to enter the petrified forest? Oh, so you both thought you could sit there, smoke a joint and perform your lurid sex acts in front of my little shoots, did you? Well I am holding you with my roots. The tentacles are going to tighten around you and throttle you! They will pull you under the moist earth and your fermenting bodies will feed my trunk for the bleak autumn. No you cannot leave! Have you not twigged on? Your rotten corpses will decay and fester with lots of fat wriggling grubs feeding on your remains, which is mulch needed in the grounds! Furrt, furrt, oh, I see you have deposited some fertilizer on the soil! I branch you kindly for your gift! Bark, bark!
26 Dec 2006
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"CityMaps" is the first of my urban series that explores the mysticism and grittyness of city landscapes. Shots range from subway and ferry stations in NYC to Milwaukee's demolished convention center and barren downtown streets. Decay and the degeneration of city centers are omnipresent themes in this work. The soundtrack includes a mixture of sampled beats and various spoken-word sound clips.
26 Feb 2007
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The latest murders are bizarre and baffling. There is no clue to their meaning, no connection to the victims except one: Our Lady of Virtues Hospital, the crumbling old asylum that was once the scene of unspeakable madness. Somewhere in its decaying rooms lies the key to a terrible crime, a betrayal beyond imagining whose echoes are now being felt with vengeance--a crime that seems to lead to Eve herself. And the only man she can trust with the search is Cole, her former lover and, just possibly, a cold-blooded killer. www.lisajackson****
7 Mar 2007
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A video spoken word rendition of my published poem "Contemplating The Enamel of Mortality" in which tooth decay is used as a metaphor for aging and mortality. Transcript available on my blog.
11 Mar 2007
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Story of a man-turned-insect whose life revolves buzzing around bin lids, looking for sunday dinners. (Eating on a diet of decayed food creates illusionary malfunction - and hence odd hallucinations!) Part 2 of this is in development.
12 Mar 2007
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If you feed a Venus Flytrap something that doesn't move, e.g., a dead insect, it will not close tightly over it. You need to squeeze the trap and move the food around so it imitates the action of a live insect. The trap constricts tightly around the insect and secretes digestive juices, much like those in your stomach. The lobe manufactures digestive juices and an antiseptic juice. This keeps the insect from decaying over the few days it is in the trap and purifies prey that it captures. People still do not understand fully how the trap closes. The Venus' Flytrap does not have a nervous system or any muscles or tendons. Scientists theorize that it moves from some type of fluid pressure activated by an actual electrical current that runs through each lobe.
4 Apr 2007
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A decaying, rotting beached spurm whale ridden quite dirty.
17 Apr 2007
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Not all France has given up, some brave souls are standing up to the nonsensical decay, and are trying to do something about it. La Revolution Bleue (the blue revolution) was founded on the dream of what France may yet still become. Their symbol, a blue scarf, suggests their objective: a clear horizon.
13 May 2007
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Not all France has given up, some brave souls are standing up to the nonsensical decay, and are trying to do something about it. La Revolution Bleue (the blue revolution) was founded on the dream of what France may yet still become. Their symbol, a blue scarf, suggests their objective: a clear horizon.
13 May 2007
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Cyberpunk experimental narrative. The virtual reality is wildly unstable. The future is even more decayed.
13 May 2007
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MORE UNDERGROUND THAN HELL plays some loud hip-hop. musicians: KRANK, DAMNATOR, DECAY, DISKORD video: Romain Winkler
25 Jun 2007
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www.BgreenTV**** HELP US SAVE THE PLANET MAKE A ECO FRIENDLY VIDEO TODAY OR SUBMIT ONE YOU FIND AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET (PART 2) Global Warming In 1989 the crew of a space craft watched a smoke cloud from thousands of fires spread across a million square miles of Amazonia. It was rainforest being cleared for cattle ranching. With the burning of vegetation, huge reservoirs of stored carbon dioxide are unlocked, released to float upwards and provide yet more insulation to prevent heat escaping from the earth. When the cattle arrive, each one belches out 60 litres of methane every day adding another twist to the spiral. Together, burning and belching provide the 2nd largest contribution to the greenhouse effect. FACTS 3: Since 1970 the destruction of rainforests in Latin America has contributed over 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Methane gas is responsible for 18% of global warming, with the methane gas content of the atmosphere increasing by 1% per year. 18% of world methane emissions are from livestock. There are more than 1.3 billion cattle in the world. 26% of UK methane emissions are from livestock. UK livestock emissions contribute 1.15 million tonnes of methane to global warming every year. Soil Depletion The United States, the world's largest consumer of meat has lost 1/3 of all its topsoil. Huge areas of the Western states can no longer support the agriculture and the land may well return to buffalo pasture. Underground water supplies are depleted faster than they can be replenished with rain. The soil ceases to provide even grazing and as they do, they consume more water in new places. Livestock's demand for water is as destructive as its demand for food. In the case of beef grown on irrigated pastures 12 times as demanding as vegetables. In Britain, nearly 1/2 of all arable land is now at risk of erosion as intensive farming destroys the very structure of the soil. Acid Rain The world has a new problem - an endless supply of animal excreta, stored in slurry form a 100 times more polluting than human waste - it just keeps on accumulating, too prolific to be absorbed by the land. Bacteria turns its ammonia into acid, it evaporates, joins with nitrous oxide from fertilizers, combines with industrial pollution and forms acid rain. Its legacy is sour unproductive soil and dead and dying forests, rivers and lakes. Almost forgotten in the avalanche of other environmental disasters, acid rain is devastating the northern habitats of Europe and America. In some countries, slurry is its principle cause. An end to livestock production would dramatically slow the decay. FACTS 4: A single cow can produce 23 tonnes of manure a year. 10 pigs can produce 21 tonnes of manures a year. Spread over the land this contributes to acid rain, soil and water pollution. Ammonia from animal farming is recognised as a major cause of acid rain, causing over 70% of acidity in some areas. In Holland, where livestock outnumbers humans by over 7 to 1, farmers have been told to reduce herds by a quarter to help save dying forests. Suffering Seas Trawlers and seine netters cross the world's oceans scooping out increasing numbers of ever smaller fish. Heavy trawl boards smash their way across the ocean floor, destroying everything in their path. Every year more countries scramble to join the killing fields of tuna drift netting and with each net go the lives of more whales and dolphins, rays and seabirds, turtles and sharks. Some countries continue with their slaughter of whales. Mammals with a language more complex than our own, but of which we understand not one word. Intensive factory farming has also come to the seas of Europe and it is salmon, mysterious migratory creatures which are the chosen captives. It is like caging swallows. Crammed into cages they can only survive with the use of antibiotics and pesticides and are made marketable by colouring their flesh with an additive banned in the USA. And to feed these imprisoned creatures, the seas are trawled for other fish, industrial fish.... 5 pounds to produce 1 pound of salmon meat. PCBs are industrial chemicals, some of the most poisonous substances known, these now infect almost the whole of the oceans' food chain. FACTS 5: Nine of the world's 17 major fisheries are in serious decline. All of the others have reached their limits. Worldwide 124 billion dollars are spent every year catching just 70 billion dollars worth of fish. Recent surveys suggest that over 40% of fish caught in the North sea are diseased - often with cancerous tumours. An estimated 240,000 tonnes of PCB's (effectively banned in the UK since 1980) are thought to have entered the world's oceans. Strongly migratory salmon are factory farmed at stocking densities of 15kg per squaremetre. Keywords: Deforestation Global Warming Soil Depletion Acid Rain Suffering Seas Health Welfare animal rights earth liberation animales animali animais tiere dieren djur (more) --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Aug 2007
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A simulated collision event viewed along the beampipe. The event is one in which a mini-blackhole was produced and decayed immediately. The black area in the center with many particle tracks represents the inner detector (pixel detector, semiconductor tracker, and transition radiation tracker), which has been enormously magnified relative to the rest of the detector (in this view) . The colors of the thin tracks have no significance. The thick yellow lines are the two electrons in this event. The green area is the electromagnetic calorimeter, while the red area is the hadronic calorimeter. The green and red histograms show the energy deposits by particles in the electromagnetic and hadronic calorimeters. A muon was added by hand to the event to show how it would look in the detector; it is a thick blue line in the inner detector and orange in the (blue) muon chambers.
27 Oct 2007
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Create a sexy and seductive smokey eye look for a night on the town! PRODUCTS USED: FACE Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup MAC Studio Fix Aziza II Concealer MAC Global Glow Mineral Skinfinish (for contouring cheeks) MAC Gold Spill Mineral Skinfinish (for highlighting cheeks) MAC Northern Lights Mineral Skinfinish (for cheek color) EYES Urban Decay Primer Potion MAC Electra eyeshadow MAC Silver Ring eyeshadow MAC Black Tied eyeshadow MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow MAC Blacktrack fluidline MAC Smolder eye kohl Diorshow Mascara MAC Espresso eyeshadow (for brows) LIPS MAC Spice lipliner MAC Cosmo lipstick MAC Pretty Plush plushglass SONGS HEARD: 'Uninvited' by Alanis Morissette 'Lighning Crashes' by Live
27 Nov 2007
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Want to show your Christmas spirit, but not sure how to pull off wearing red eyeshadow? Wonder no more with this great video showing you how to pull off that bright red with a touch of gold! PRODUCTS USED FACE Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup - shade 18 (g) MAC Studio Fix - NC 35 MAC Mineralized Skin finish in Northern Lights (for blush) EYES Urban Decay Primer Potion (for base) MAC Flammable eye paint MAC Gold Mode pigment MAC Mi' Lady mineralized eyeshadow MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow (highlight) MAC Smolder eye kohl (liner) Diorshow Mascara in black MAC Espresso eyeshadow (for brows) LIPS Styli-Style Line & Seal lip liner in Red MAC Queen's Sin lipstick MAC Boundless 3D-glass SONGS HEARD (please excuse my stroll down memory lane with these songs from the 90's) 'I Wanna Sex You Up' by Color Me Badd 'Here We Go' by Portrait
27 Nov 2007
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