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Deep hole drilling machine moves in LM guideways.
16 Sep 2009
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He didn't notice the big hole and just fell right into it. He was pretty lucky - watch how deep it is...
3 Aug 2006
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They did not expect that the hole would be that deep.
27 Nov 2006
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Drilling of stainless steel tower bolt used in hardware industries. We have used the best tooling and the cycle time is nearly 40 seconds to drill 4 SS bolts. which is 10 seconds for single component. The second hole is also done on the same machine with the reference of first hole. please contact us for more detrails. visit our website www.kasthurimmc****
8 Aug 2009
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Rematrade Maschinen AG, Mühlepark 4, 8598 Bottighofen, SWITZERLAND, Tel: +41 71 686 50 90, Email: Rematrade Maschinen AG has an immense knowledge in the construction and recondition of deep hole borers. The company stands out due to the quality, the price-performance ratio and the short delivery time of its products.
21 Jun 2009
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29 Jan 2009
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News broadcast from Polish national TV pertaining to the dissaster in Guatemala last saturday (Feb 24, 2007)- apparently because of heavy rainfall an underground sewage pipe collapsed and the water washed washed out the soil, creating this huge 40m diameter x 100m deep hole, which swallowed up several houses, one lorry and two people
28 Feb 2007
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It happened on a building site, there was a 3 foot deep hole and the rain the night before filled it up plus it was really muddy with puddles in front, I nearly fell in myself. This is one of the funniest jokes ever, if not the number one.
19 May 2007
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he is very lucky because there a people there and catch him. ether way he will bury alive in deep hole
14 Sep 2007
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deep hole in monitor?????????????? just kidding having fun with webcam
31 Mar 2009
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Deep Hole
2 Dec 2008
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jeep mudding in deep hole
3 Sep 2009
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The Dead River has ten special high volume dam releases each season that produce big whitewater action over 16 miles. The river bed drops steadily during the entire run and produces long, consistent action that builds throughout the day in Class III-IV rapids such as "Humpty Dumpty", "Elephant Rock" and "Spruce Ledges". Each rapid includes long wave trains and sudden drops into deep holes. The Dead continues to build through dozens of rapids and culminates in the LONGEST RAPID IN THE NORTHEAST, Class IV-V "Poplar Hill Falls". "Poplar" on its own is one mile of whitewater with huge standing waves and deep, turbulent holes. When you combine "Poplar" with the rest of this action packed trip, you have the finest raft trip in the Northeast! Don't miss this special river adventure which guides and rafting veterans cherish each year.
18 Mar 2010
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Her ankle boots leave marks and dents on floorboard. she also checked how well they crush things. last week we went to my wife's sister. she wore these boots: the heels are now a little more worn. The center round stud is a little more visible. The results on her sister 's floorboard were quite damaging. I spotted the holes my wife punched in the floor right away. i was the only one apparently. each step dug a sharp and deep hole in the wood floor. It loved it... when we left the floor was punched every where. cause my wife kept playing with her sisters boy, walking with him everywhere: the boy, he just started walking... you can imagine the rest.
8 Jul 2010
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It give us great pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading and a professionally Managed team of technical expert people engaged in pest control services. We are providing our contractual services to various Govt. & Public Under-takings, Housing Societies, Food Industries, Farm- Houses, Hotels, Schools, Factories, Companies, Godowns, Banks and Residential Premises etc. A member of “INDIAN PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION ” A member of “PEST CONTROL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA ” We are awaiting your positive response and looking forward to receive your valuable order. Assuring you of our best services at all times. Thanking You, MANU PEST CONTROL PVT LTD East Delhi : 22483278, 22483279 West Delhi: : 64565057, 9868035471 Noida : 2444581, 9810762869 Ghaziabad : 9868035471, 98111-91551 Central Delhi : 9312220721, Gurgaon : 9811327637, 9211652274 www.manupestcontrol**** www.pestcontrol****.in ***********/watch?v=EwsX3VCquFs ***********/watch?v=4G8cYBTyzH8 ***********/watch?v=GYgyEeRMIl8 ***********/watch?v=Xsozr4R1C28 Termite Control This is silent enemy enters building/structures from below the ground level. Perforating the foundation, It finds its way to upper levels by moving through wall cavities, joints and floors. It moves through enter spaces of brick and stone work in composite and masonry foundations, penetrate concrete slab-in –grade constructions and RCC columns and beams. The steel used in RCC rusts during the curing period and provides excellent tunnel space for termites, facilitating their entry to upper floors. Termites are reported to even crack to beams to get to the wooden part of the roof. To detect termite activity, look for swarms galleries in wood , mud tubes, soil passages and areas close to light sources in buildings. Especially during spring and autumn. Termite damage to your valuable possessions like costly wooden-work and furniture, clothes, books, important documents, priceless painting- for that matter any thing that has a cellulose base. They also ruin lawns and garden. Termite treatment methods are :- (a) Pre-Construction Termite Treatment (b) Post-Construction TermiteTreatment (c) Soil Treatment. Pre-Construction Anti - termite treatment:- Chemical emulsion apply at follwing stages:- Stage A :- Treat the bottom surface and sides of the excavation made for column pits. Wall trenches per square feet area. Stage B :- Treat the refill earth on both sides of all build-up walls (approximate width 30cm ) and depth 45cm of vertical surface of substructure. Stage C :- Treat the entire leveled surface (before laying the floor) .in case of RCC framed struture with columns and plinth beams and RCC basement, the treatment can starts at a depth of 50cm below ground level. Stage D :-The treatment along the external & internal walls of entire building below concrete and masonry apron & soil under existing floor using chemical emulsion at per square feet including drilling & plugging hole as per standard norms. Our squad will drill the hole, both side or existing wall. We will drill the holes every one square feet on the inside building & out side plinth area. We will close all the holes at floor area. All plinth area spray by our chemical emulsion before laying floor. Stage E:- Treatment inside the building by chemical emulsion (in oil/kerosene base solution) on all wodden work all the wooden work in twice time as per standard norms& all walls spray by chemical emulsions. We close the holes by white cement. Post Construction Anti-termite treatment:- Chemical emulsion apply at follwing stages:- )External treatment MASONARY FOUNDATIONS Dig shovel width trenches along the external wall of the building exposing the foundation wall surfaces 50cm deep holes, all along this trench and pour chemical emulsion. Treat the back fill earth with chemical emulsion to the trench directing the spry towards the wall surface. If there is a concrete or masonry apron around the building, drill 12mm holes as close as possible to the plinth wall and pump chemical emulsion to soak the soil linear meter.. B) Internal treatment TREATMENT OF SOIL UNDER FLOORS Soil below and opening the floor is to be charged with the chemical so as to deny access to termite. Drill 12mm holes at the junction of floor and wall, along cracks on the floor and along constructional joints to reach the soil below and seal the hole properly. WOOD WORK TREATMENT The existing wooden fixtures in the building, which are in contact with the floor or the walls and which are infested by the termites will be treated by drilling 6 mm at an angle of 45 degrees at the junction of wood work and masonry and squirting the chemical emulsion in the holes till refusal or to a maximum of half liter per hole. COCKROACH CONTROL Cockroaches brownish black or tan, shiny flat bodied foul smelling insects are well known and are found all over world . More than 3000 species of cockroaches are known to occur throught out the world. They are very active at night or in dark places. Their filthy habits, repulsive appearance, odour and possibility that they spread diseases like Tuberculosis, Cholera, Leprosy, Dysentery and Typhoid make them very dangerous. They destroy food, damage fabrics and book-bindings and contaminate the materials over which they crawl by their excreta. The cockroaches do not lay their eggs singly. They are laid in groups, each group being covered by a hard covering matrix. Cockroaches frequently enter into the houses through small inlets crevices, hole and openings of floors, walls doorframes, spaces behind wooden furniture. It is desirable that wooden utensils or furniture’s are avoided in the houses. Modern practice is to use marble-made utensils like shelves, cupboards etc. Special attention be given to water and drainage pipe. Several observations have shown the city-drainage-systems are most important breeding sites for American Cockroaches. (A) American Cockroach. (B) German Cockroach. (C) Oriental Cockroach. (D) Wood Cockroach . Rodent Control Rodent create a huge problem to mankind due to its sheer numbers. It multiplies fast and eat a good part of human food and destroy valuable equipment by cutting wires etc in storage places, homes, factories hospital, commercial buildings. There is no place is rodent proof. Rodents are several diseases spread to human like :- Rat-Bite Fever:- Germs are found on the teeth and gums of rats. They transferred when a person is bitten. Leoptospirosis:- mice and rats carry germs and transmit them to human food through urine Salmonellosis:- Food poisoning spread through food contaminated from mouse or rat droppings. Plague:- Known as the “Black Death” is a germ transmitted to man by the fleas of infected. Major areas where rats pose problems are FOOD PROCESSING UNITS, BAKERIES, POULTRY, CATTLE FARMS, CATTLE FEED MILLS, BOTTLING UNITS, PHARMACEUTICALS, SOAP AND OIL FACTORIES, PAPER INDUSTRY,RESIDENTIAL COLONIES, WARE H OUSES, HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS, RAILWAYS, AIRPORTS, SEA PORT, SHIPS, DEFENCE ESTABLISHMENTS, INDUSTRIAL TOWNSHIPS etc. Rat is a suspicious and smart animal. Hence control measures require great deal of expertise and experience. Mosquito control can be very difficult but must be attempted to not only rid our homes of annoying bites but also to stop the spread of certain mosquito borne health problems. In a perfect world we need only eliminate the breeding grounds of these biting pests. This is easier said than done! Even if you eliminate all possible breeding sites on your personal property, mosquitoes born in other areas will still fly to your part of the world. Eliminating all possible mosquito breeding sources - standing water, piles of cut grass and fallen leaves, cleaning fence rows of tall grasses and weeds, keeping rain gutters free of leaf litter and other vegetation. Bed Bug Bed Bug are cosmopolitan pests, attacking all whether hygiene plays a role or not. They are hitch-hikers and very common in public transport, hospitals, theatres, hotels, hostels, etc. They move from place to place along with people’s clothes and baggage. During the day, bed bugs hide in tiny cracks and cevices and feed on human blood at night. Since they are mostly found in beds they are aptly named ‘Bed Bugs’. The Treatment Bed Bug Management Services consist of a through inspection of the entire premise. The most common places are beds, mattresses. Pillows, storage cabinets, sofas walls, etc. A through insecticide spray is given to all cracks and cervices in the furniture, bed joints and other fixtures, giving special attention to mattress beading and folds. Since bed bug eggs are resistant to insecticide penetration, a second bed bug management treatment is followed up within a fortnight to control new hatchings. Treatment Benefit Prevents Bed Bug bites and ensures a peaceful night’s sleep. Stops itching and inflammation caused by Bed Bugs. Feature:- Residential & Commercial Pest Control Services A professionally Pest Management company A member of Indian Pest Control Association Specialist:- Termite control ( Pre & Post construction) Offices:- Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Meerut, Agra, Jaipur, Dehradun, Pune, Kanpur, Luchnow
2 Apr 2012
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This is the work I really love, because that's what an Excavator does! The Excavator music video is just one of 10 cool songs about 10 cool trucks included in the Truck Tunes DVD for kids. The Ultimate Trucks Package includes the Truck Tunes DVD and music CD and the Twenty Trucks DVD featuring 20 more trucks. Plus, order now and we'll send you the Twenty Trucks T-shirt, all for just $19.95. These kids videos are packed with entertaining and educational information about all kinds of trucks, from excavators to bulldozers to fire engines and monster trucks. And the music is fun to sing and dance along with! Order the Ultimate Trucks Package at *******www.TwentyTrucks**** Two DVDs, a music CD and a T-shirt, just $19.95! Watch all of our Truck music videos on YouTube here: ***********/playlist?list=PLN1wIkcbUsQnAWN_vGF67bSZxbUy4AQyg LYRICS This is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does I said this is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does He's an Excavator His work is more like fun He digs with his big bucket And works out in the sun He can dig the deepest Holes that you have ever seen Other trucks can dig, oh yes But not like this machine No, not like this machine This is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does I said this is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does See how long his boom is Reaching far below The tracks that keep him safe from Falling in this deep, deep hole One of his best talents Is spinning all the way around In either of both directions His tracks stay firmly on the ground (SPOKEN) Excavators are sometimes called Diggers. This is because their main job is to dig. Do you see how far down this bucket can go? Other trucks, like front end loaders, can't reach their buckets nearly this low. The bucket on both of these kinds of trucks can be called a shovel, just like the shovel you use to dig up dirt and sand. But an excavator's shovel is huge and very strong. Look at the teeth on this shovel. Some excavators can dig up more than a ton in one scoop of their bucket. This is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does I said this is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does After a long day of Hard and dusty, dusty work He likes to take a shower And spray off all that dirt He'll start tomorrow early Just as the new day dawns And work a long, long day again But you'll never see him yawn This is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does I said this is the work I really love Because that's what an Excavator does Copyright 2007 Hammershark Media LLC
12 Sep 2014
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