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This is the longest deer crossing I have ever seen. They were fast but still for their great quantity it took them over a minute to cross the road.
26 Nov 2017
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This is a John Deere 850 tractor (diesel) that has some sort of fume coming out of a hose. I am not sure this is normal
22 Nov 2017
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Most of the people don't know what are the differences between lawn sweeper and bagger. Even though they are doing the same job, they have various unique functions, features, specification, and types. In this video, you will know the major differences between the popularly used garden tools called lawn sweeper and bagger.
23 Nov 2017
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Bob and I were in the woods on my parents' property. My parents had informed me earlier about this grouse that follows you and is very friendly. Bob and I had met it on an earlier occasion but did not expect it to take such a liking to us. We were up in my mom's deer stand bow hunting, and I looked down to see this grouse coming right to us. It climbed up the ladder, one step at a time. When it reached the top it flew up to the rail on our stand and sat there. It ate our trail mix and began to crawl up on us to perch. It stayed with us the entire time we were out there. When we came down from the stand, the grouse waited for Bob to crawl down. It flew down and sat on his shoulder. It followed us where ever we went. It now will hope into Bob's hand and let him carry it that way.
1 Dec 2017
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11 Dec 2017
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A mechanical deer replica is used to catch poachers.
16 Apr 2006
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This clip is of sacred deer who demand to be fed, and chase tourists if necessary. It's an excerpt from "Castles of the Rising Sun", the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of historic and modern Japan. To watch all of this film plus 30 other free, non-commercial, amateur streaming travel videos from every continent, and for more information, including still pictures, please click on the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer link to reach my Video Page, or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
16 Jan 2007
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Nothing Runs Like A Deere
6 Sep 2006
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What happens to a bike when it hits a deer at full speed.
21 Sep 2006
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This poor deer is swimming in the rough water and is confused and frightened by the boat!
11 Oct 2006
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Me Feeding the deers at Marineland in Niagra Falls.
11 Oct 2006
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I believe there was more than 100 deers in that area. Most of them was hungry and tired. What is so amazing is that these deers doesn't afraid of anything. I was feeding some Ice Cream Cones and thats what they basically like to eat.
24 Oct 2006
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An in depth, heartwarming look in to the life of a young man who was born with the head of a deer.
10 Dec 2006
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Deer runs about in a Target store as employees chase after.
18 Nov 2006
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Fascination behavior of the whitetail deer. During our deer hunt, the buck does some hunting of his own. Gets lucky!
28 Nov 2006
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