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Innovative Uses of LED lights LED lights are one of those big leaps in technology, and in this case a leap that could save the environment from destruction A long service life, energy efficiency and 100% reusability are some of the major benefits of installing LED lights An LED bulb can function for 25,000 hours which is about 20 times longer than traditional bulbs that can function for a mere 1200 hours It can be used for a number of applications from lighting homes to airports, traffic lights and street lights to architectural lighting and for industrial purposes Besides these applications LEDs can be used in many innovative ways, here are a few: Bionic Contact Lens: Used in the gaming industry and to help visually impaired, bionic contact lens have been developed LEDs as its core technology The lens are inserted into the eyes of a person who is visually impaired, bionic lens do not degrade over time and protects the user from cataract or failing vision for the entire duration of their life In the gaming industry, these lenses could provide the gamer, with a virtual display without restricting his movements for a complete virtual gaming experience LED Roof Panels Led panels could be fitted onto the ceilings to light up rooms or to create virtual sceneries on the ceiling LED Wallpapers LED embedded wallpapers are soon replacing traditional wallpapers and wall paints LED wall papers can emit a smooth glow in a wide range of hues and patterns LED Light Strips Led strips are available in a wide range of colors and color changing options And can be used to decorate anything from porch edges, swimming pools and cars to roofs, audio systems, showcases, mirror edges, and stairs Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Benefits of Decorative LED Lights i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/abu-dhabi/led-lighting
14 Mar 2017
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3 Apr 2011
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A short-feature movie about decay of townish space (based in São Paulo City).
4 Jan 2008
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EMA’s Dennis Drogseth and OpTier’s Motti Tal define the attributes of an application outage with real-world examples, explain the roadblocks that make identification of this problem elusive and introduce the concept of end-to-end transaction management.
12 Sep 2008
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20 Nov 2008
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14 Sep 2009
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check this interesting.....
27 Nov 2009
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A group of scholars are sounding alarm bells that ornography is very harmful to society.
18 Jan 2012
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500 years ago, Giordano Bruno was burnt in Rome for claiming stars were planetary systems like ours, why? In this 6-min episode, the Pope, Giordano Bruno and Freud debate this in heaven... GOTO to watch this video with much better quality, the metacafe processing degrades image. Also get a free !
1 Apr 2007
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"Well, wouldn't you feel degraded to be seen in the company of a cowardly lion? I would." So says the same named lion in the famous "Wizard of Oz"... funny how he turned out to be the bravest one in the bunch, huh? Guess he went in search of the very thing he already had.... So... what's the most couragous thing you've ever done? We want to know....
25 Mar 2007
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Catholic priest reflects on the nature of insults and how they are meant to hurt and degrade others. He shows how the insults hurled back and forth within a family are the most damaging of all
23 Apr 2007
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G-Unit Shootings Spider Loc "blutiful day" shooting Akon So Horny Grinds on 14yr Old Jam Master Jay Suspect Named War on Degrading Rap Lyrics Orpah's town Hall Cam'Ron speaks on Snitching Will Smith/Jazzy Jeff Re-unite Damon Dash Sues Accountant Biggie "Wrongful Death" Lawsuit 50 Cent $15,000 Child Support Jin VT Tribute on
25 Apr 2007
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Catholic priest explains how insults degrade the person using them and how blessings uplift the person giving them. Tips on how to control and respond to anger.
25 Apr 2007
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Men and women need to check themselves and stop degrading the female human species
26 Apr 2007
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I don't care how much she gets paid, I'd never do that, it's degrading. But eh, I never knew a Zebra could transmorph into other animals.
22 Jun 2007
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The speed of the memory is much, much higher than the speed of a hard disk, so as long as you use the paging file, there will always be performance degradation. However if you have more than 256MB of RAM use this tweak to considerably improve your performance. The main idea is to use all the memory before using the paging file.
23 Jul 2007
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