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This dude is really able to freak anyone out with his spooky talent. He can turn his head back almost 180 degrees without a problem.
27 Jan 2018
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World Largest Online B2B Marketplace Bizbilla launches first of its kind feature in B2B world. First time in B2B History Get Accurate 3D 360 Degree View of Your Product. We can make your product 360 spins and show the product from every angle which will definitely improve your product sales. Benefits Showcase your Products in stunning 360 degree 3D animated. Exhibit an immersive view of your 3D product from any devices. Launch your new products in 3D view to the global presence. Share 3D Product with your Dealers, Distributors and End Customers to have closure view and in any angle from their own place. Upgrade your membership in Bizbilla to get accurate 3D 360 Degree View of your Product and feel the high quality 3D viewing experience.
13 Feb 2018
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Peyush is a transformational coach supporting people with a 360-degree approach to realize their highest potential. She is trained energy healer, angel card reader and certified business coach.
18 Jan 2018
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Boomslang (Dispholidus typus) - venomous and very dangerous. -- I relocated this subadult Boomslang from a place in Bellville earlier today. You may see "snake catchers" on TV haphazardly "necking" snakes the way I do in this video, but PLEASE don't ever try doing this yourself. Not only is it extremely dangerous (some species of snake can reach around and bite you even if you neck them), it's also very stressful on the snake. -- Boomslang are known for their strikingly large eyes - the largest of any African snake. Females are light to olive brown with dirty white to brown bellies, whereas males may have a variety of colors but usually present dark green on top with yellow bellies and black markings in-between their belly scales. Shy and diurnal (active during the day), they spend most of their lives in trees and shrubs where they hunt eggs, birds, frogs, chameleons, and other tree-dwelling lizards. Their venom is haemotoxic, which means that it affects the clotting mechanism in blood and leads to severe internal and external bleeding, or even haemorrhage if untreated. Although potent, the venom is slow-acting and may take more than 24 hours to produce serious symptoms - an effective anti-venom is available in some locations. There are two common myths about the Boomslang: firstly, that they drop from trees onto people who walk by (they don’t), and secondly that because they’re rear-fanged they can only bite you on your little finger (they are rear-fanged, but can open their jaws 170 degrees and bite you almost anywhere on your body).
20 Jan 2018
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Dealing with injuries to your feet or ankles can be difficult with negative impacts to mobility as well as pain. Getting the right treatment from the podiatrist Santa Barbara trust, Dr. L. Mae Chandler at Foot & Ankle Concepts can make all the difference in making sure your injuries heal as quickly and completely as possible, returning you to the highest degree of mobility. With specializations in trauma and surgery, Dr. Chandler understands all the elements needed to help you best.
23 Jan 2018
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5 Types of Window Blinds Blinds are a type of window covering which consist of horizontal or vertical slats. These slats are held together by chords which run through the blind slat. Blind slats are made up of wood, fabric, plastic or metal. They increase insulation and provide protection from harmful UV light. They reduce dependence on air conditioners as they maintain room temperature. Types of Window Blinds Roller Blinds Vertical Blinds Venetian Blinds Persian Blinds Roman Blinds Roller Blinds Roller blinds are made up of fabric. They are raised and lowered using chain present on the side. They can be raised or lowered to preferred height. They can be fixed to the side with metal brackets. Roller blinds have side edges which are free of loose fibres. The bottom edge of the blinds are attached with plain stretcher bars. These bars are strong enough to hold weight and remain in vertical position. Vertical Blinds Vertical blinds are made up of high-quality fabric called louvers These louvers hang from the headrail and are linked with a chain They can be tilted from the left to right or be fully pulled back. Vertical blinds come with a white headrail and white components. Venetian Blinds Venetian blinds are made up of aluminium or wood slats. These slats can be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. Venetian blinds can be raised or lowered from the open position. They are very flexible and can be remote controlled. Persian Blinds Persian blinds come with horizontal slats which are made up of metal or vinyl. They can be rotated to 90 degrees. They allow light to pass through and fold up on one side of the door. Roman Blinds Roman window blinds are designed to block sunlight completely. They stack up evenly and can cover high windows. They can stack up completely without overlapping. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Window Blinds Dealers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/blinds
24 Jan 2018
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If Ganesh and Nisha's reception was one spectacular affair, what with ball gowns, and elite dance, their wedding was as traditional as it could get. The couple just made a 360 degree turnaround a day after next morning looking all proper TamBrahm. Wow, they rocked this look too. Every costume in the world just suits them like a glove. They look good in everything. JUST HOW. Nisha chose some amazing traditional colors for her wedding, they just worked wonderfully well with her face. She has such a TamBrahm face, maybe this is what the ancient rishis meant when they defined 'Saamudhrika Lakshanam". She would totally be that face of all the Pothys and RmKVs and Nallis combined. Oh wait, Ganesh just shouldn't go shirtless. This is very distracting, and he is married. Young girls, enough swooning. We were shooting a dream Kollywood wedding for all we knew. Good looks, and too much good looks. The video is all yours to see. Liked the video and want to hire us? Drop us a line here and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Liked the video, but you aren't getting married? It's okay. Share it with your friends and family, and spread the word. Good karma is the best gift you can give yourself.
27 Jan 2018
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Do you know who is Lord Simadhar Swami and the importance of the Lord's statue in our home? On our planet no one is at that stage, so for achieving ultimate salvation we have to go to that planet and when we see Lord Simandhar Swami there, we will also achieve the full state of 360 degrees and will go to ultimate Moksh. The Statue signifies the state of non doership and to remain in the state of pure Soul.
29 Jan 2018
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Dr. Imad Kutum is a business professional with more than 20 years of experience in business management consulting and accounting in Canada. Currently, he is the Founder and the President of Kutum & Associates Inc. He holds the several academic degrees and is member of the professional organizations including American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Arab Society of Certified Accountants.
30 Jan 2018
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There may well be Outlook sign up problems, style problems, set out problems, Outlook hanging often, and progressively may well be enclosed to the summing up. As an oversized portion of the purchasers aren't terribly educated with regard to PCs, they need not the scarcest thought in relevancy a way to approach searching for these problems. Along these lines, it is to a great degree fundamental that the clients ought to contact specialists who are productive too experienced and would have the capacity to handle any sort of issue relating to Outlook. Outlook Password Recovery Number USA 1-866-866-2369 is the one of the best free tech support number.
5 Feb 2018
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With the ever-changing global education methodologies, teachers/trainers/educators need to have an accredited teacher preparation program that provides them with the required knowledge, experience and guidance to teach global students. By pursing a degree in TEFL courses, you can choose to teach very young children from pre-school through the elementary grades or you can work with middle and high school students.
6 Feb 2018
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The Spine Institute Of New Jersey provide spinal decompression, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care right in our office! We have two acupuncturists and four massage therapists on staff to ensure that you will get the most individualized and comprehensive care possible. Dr. Harris has earned the prestigious degree as a Diplomate, Chiropractic Neurologist, which makes up approximately just two percent of Lyndhurst Chiropractic Physicians. Address : 576 Valley Brook Ave, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071, USA Phone : (201) 933-5450
12 Feb 2018
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