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The clip Del eats dinner from Nurse Betty (2000) with Renée Zellweger, Aaron Eckhart OK, here we go. Mm-hm. You sure you don't want any salad? No, I don't want any goddamn salad. OK. OK... OK, here we go. What was all that shit about the Buicks? I told you. Sue Ann was going to take me out, but, um... What, she's not comfortable in a Corsica? It's got air, it's got leather. Actually, I'm glad you're going out tonight. Oh, yeah? Yeah, I got something goin' on. Mm. Some serious clients. With real potential. Oh. So, um... who are these clients? Just a coupla guys in from out of town. They want to see the new LeSabres. The LeSabres? Jesus Christ. Oh... Look at these guys. Who are they fuckin'? You know these actors are mainly models. Which are mainly faggots. Oh? And the rest are assholes. Y'know what bugs me most about those soaps? It's people with no lives... Watching other people's fake lives. ...watching other people's fake lives. Yeah, well... nothing like watching the tenpins fall, huh? Hey, that's a skill! They're tryin' to get that in the Olympic Games. All right, I'm gonna go out. Clean this shit up.
15 Nov 2011
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