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I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!® is so luscious you can enjoy it with a range of delicacies including shrimp, lobster and mussels... or is it muscles? You'll have to watch to find out! For more great recipe ideas, visit *******www.facebook****/icantbelieveitsnotbutterUSA?sk=app_201843369850022
14 Apr 2011
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Eating Live Squids
4 Sep 2007
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We would throw cheese away if it was rotten. In Sardinia the so called "worm cheese" or "rotten cheese" is concidered a delicacy. Yummi...
4 Jun 2006
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Tutorial video of how to paint a rose in watercolour. Uses three colours and two brushes. Lots of hints and tips on achieving the essential delicacy to create this most popular of flowers
12 Jul 2007
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This is a recent footage of a whale beeing killed in northern Norway. A minke whale was spotted by the walers as they were getting ready to leave for the whaling season in the Barents Sea. It is extremely rare that the minke whale gets this close to land, and even more rarely that they are spotted and killed by whalers. The whale died instantly (the harpoon is loaded with explosives) and did not suffer. Whaling is not very controversial in Norway, as it is humane (as you can see) and the meat is a delicacy.
30 May 2006
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Woody Chaimongkol, also known as “Woody Charcoal,” creates subtly layered and evocative portraits. The delicacy of light and line, exquisite detail, and mastery of technique are suggestive of another era; certainly, such skillful portraits are rare today. For more information, see *******mrooh****/fine-arts/woody-charcoal-chaimongkol-fine-artist
25 May 2009
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While visiting Cartagena, Colombia, Anthony Bourdain dives into the local cuisine of this beautifully colorful city with an unfortunate past. New episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations air Mondays at 10PM only on Travel Channel! For more info, visit: ***********/TV_Shows/Anthony_Bourdain
11 Jul 2008
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Beardyman sits behind the counter in this supermarket full of beatboxing delicacies.
20 Dec 2008
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Eating Insects in Thailand is a delicacy, so I was talked into trying some. Didn't taste very nice!
1 Oct 2007
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• Fully automatic multiple cooking functions : Stir-fry, Deep-fry, Pan=fry, Dry-fry, Steam, Boil, Stew, Braise, Roast, Cooking Rice, Porridge Soup, Steamboat, etc.. • Able to make hundreds of delicacies from Europe, Asia and America. • Designed by Japan and jointly developed by the Ford Research Institute, USA and Canada Carleton University to achieve highest quality assurance. • KSD electronic temperature control technology ensures that there is absolutely no smoke and no overflow during the cooking process. • Using high quality non-stick coating approved by FDA. Voltage : 220V / 50HZ Capacity : 3.3L Weight : 4.8kg Patent number : ZL2004 2 0010098.0
6 May 2010
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How to cook Pad Grapao with shrimp, a Thai delicacy!
18 Jan 2007
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When the harvest is over, the people of Tamil Nadu express their gratitude to the gods, the earth and their cattle. For four days, they celebrate with abandon and worship with devotion. Pongal, the harvest festival in mid-January is a very important one in Tamil Nadu. Pongal festivities continue through the first four days of the Tamil month of Thai (mid-January to mid-February). The houses are cleaned, painted and decorated. People wear new clothes and the cattle are gaily caparisoned with beads, bells and flowers--their horns painted and capped with gleaming metals. TIME OF THE YEAR Pongal falls in mid-January, at the beginning if Thai, which is a month of hope and joy and is considered very auspicious for marriages As a Tamil saying goes, "When Thai is born, it paves the way for hope." The month prior to Thai is Margazhi, considered inauspicious as it symbolizes the death of the sun as it journeys to the winter solstice. It is, however, believed that if a young unmarried woman offers prayers daily before dawn, the Gods would bless her with a suitable husband. CELEBRATIONS Though more popular in the rural areas, it is celebrated with the same gusto and fervor by the urban population too and the preparations are quite elaborate. One can notice beautiful Kolams (decorative patterns made on the floor with rice flour) gracing the entrance of most houses. Kolams are generally drawn, traditionally speaking, with rice flour, the idea being that insects would feed on it and bless the household. The kolam also bore sociological significance and is even today religiously performed as a threshold ceremony before dawn in traditional households. Today, the kolam serves decorative purposes, and therefore almost no one takes the pain to draw it with rice flour. Instead, substitutes that can make instant kolams are popularly used. At the center of the Kolam is a lump of cow-dung, which holds a five-petalled pumpkin flower--a symbol of fertility and an offering of love to the presiding deity. However, one thing that distracts from the solemnity of the festival is the film music blaring out of microphones. Major festivals in the south are irrevocably linked to the buying of new clothes and the preparing of sweets and other delicacies. The shops are flooded with new things begging to be bought. For women, it is a must to put flowers in their hair, as this is considered auspicious. Several community events like bullfight and bird fights are organized and community dinners made from the newly harvested crop are enjoyed by all. RITUALS All the four days of Pongal have their own significance as separate deities are worshipped each day. On the first day, Bhogi or the Rain God is worshipped. The day begins with a til oil bath and in the evening there is a bonfire in which all the rubbish in the house is burnt. The second day is that of the Surya Pongal. The place where the Pongal puja is to be done, usually the courtyard or open terrace, is washed a day prior to the festival, smeared with cow-dung, and left to dry. Pretty kolams are drawn, which are special to the occasion. At the place where the puja is to be performed, a delicious concoction of rice, moong dal, jaggery and milk is cooked in a new earthenware pot on an open fire. But before that, some fresh ginger is tied around the pot. As the Pongal boils over and spills out of the pot, children waiting for this go around the pot, clapping their hands and crying "Pongalo Pongal". Once the Pongal is ready, it is tempered with cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee. The Pongal is offered, on a new banana leaf along with other traditional delicacies like Vadas, and payasam, to the Sun God in gratitude for bestowing his blessings on the land and the harvest. Sugarcane, grain, sweet potatoes etc. are also offered. The third day is that of the cattle worship or Mattu Pongal. On this day, the cattle are caparisoned and paraded in the village after they have been offered the Pongal. The fourth and final day marks the KanyaPongal, when birds are worshipped. Major attractions of this day are bull and bird fights. The Sankranti Rath (chariot) is a typical Pongal kolam. Earlier, the ropes of the rath were kept open till the day after Pongal, when all were "joined" from house to house symbolizing a collective desire to realize an uninterrupted cosmic cycle. Today, no one has the time or inclination to be quite so ritualistic and patterns are confined to houses and the immediate area outside it.
1 Sep 2008
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this is a black One Hundred years old Duck egg, A special Asian delicacy.
24 Jan 2007
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Summer is a really beautiful time in Ontario. I decided to show my European guests a little bit of Ontario’s country charm, so we planned an overnight getaway for July 30 and 31, 2008. Just after lunch on July 30, 2008 we started driving east of the city to the charming country town of Port Hope, just about 100 km east of Toronto. Port Hope is a pretty little town of about 16,000, located at the mouth of the Ganaraska River that is a favourite destination of salmon fishermen in the fall. I was there probably 7 or 8 years ago and since then Port Hope has been spruced up considerably. Many new restaurants and boutiques have been opened, and Port Hope has become a favourite getaway destination for city-weary Torontonians. From here we continued on to Cobourg, another attractive country town just about 10 minutes east of Port Hope. With about 18,000 residents, Cobourg, Ontario’s Feel Good Town, is slightly larger which makes it the largest town in Northumberland County. It features stunning Victoria Hall, a classical building dating back to the 1850s that now houses the municipal offices as well as a concert hall and art gallery. The main street features many cute shops and boutiques. From here we walked towards the waterfront and stopped at the King George Inn, a historic hotel that actually used to be the Cobourg Jail until about 10 years ago. In the basement you can still see various jail cells in their original state. Last but not least we strolled to the waterfront where we enjoyed the beautiful marina and had a look at the wide sandy beach of Victoria Park. Through the rolling hills of Eastern Ontario we made our way to Peterborough where we stopped briefly at the waterfront to admire the preparations for a free concert that was to be held in the evening in the waterfront park. As it was getting late we decided to locate our bed and breakfast, the Shining Waters B&B, just outside Lakefield. Hostess Susan Castle showed us around her 1860s fieldstone farm house that features four beautifully decorated bedrooms. In the evening we had a delicious dinner at Cassis Restaurant in downtown Lakefield where we enjoyed a variety of French delicacies. After a filling breakfast on a gorgeous morning the next day we explored the expansive grounds surrounding the Shining Waters B&B. These include several kilometers of walking trails as well as a recently renovated barn that has become a popular wedding venue. In the late morning we set off to explore the Kawartha Lakes region. Our first stop was in Buckhorn where a Parks Canada employee explained to us the system of 44 locks that are part of the 386 km Trent-Severn Waterway. At mid-day we reached Bobcaygeon, a beautiful waterfront town where we had a late lunch on the patio of the Waterfront Restaurant, overlooking the serenity of the canal. Next came Fenelon Falls where we connected with two extremely friendly OPP officers that did not mind having their pictures taken with us. Our final stop was in the charming town of Port Perry which beckoned with its quaint shops and restaurants on Queen Street. Distributed by Tubemogul.
19 Sep 2008
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Call Arun +919560214267Amrapali Villas are situated at TECH ZONE-4, Near Noida Sector 121, Noida Extension, Noida, Uttar PradeshWith 65 Acres of Open Space, Amrapali Leisure Valley been designed keeping in mind the need to nurture sports talent in youth. With numerous sports options and outdoor activities to choose from, it is our endeavour to develop an infrastructure which offers freedom to the younger generation. Freedom to move, freedom to play and freedom to celebrate.Amrapali Leisure Valley is our aspiration to enhance the exultation of everyday living.Amrapali Villas Noida Extension has Fully Equipped Cricket Academy Tennis Academy Golf Academy with training facilities.Amrapali Villas Noida Ext has well maintained Badminton & Basket Court.Amrapali Villas Noida Extension GREEN Homes can have tremendous benefits, both qualitative and quantitative. GREEN homes help in reducing water and energy consumption throughout the life of the building. The savings in energy are of the order of 20-35% while water savings notch unto 30-50%.Amrapali Villas GREEN Homes can have tremendous benefits, both qualitative and quantitative. GREEN homes help in reducing water and energy consumption throughout the life of the building. The savings in energy are of the order of 20-35% while water savings notch unto 30-50%.Amrapali Villas leads to reduction in energy and water costs adding, utilization of natural daylight, more safety, freshly ventilated spaces and better health and well-Being to its occupants. Add to it the never-Ending satisfaction of being called a ecologically conscious citizen. Amrapali Villas hasCertified Green Homes Rating Use of Lighting sensors for energy controlWell analyzed passive architectural design Energy efficient fixtures and luminariesSolar orientation and sufficient wind flow analysis Use of rain water harvestingEnergy efficient building envelop (Roof, Wall, Window) Water efficient luxuriant green landscape planningOptimum daylight interior Water efficient fixturesUse of solar photo-Voltaic panel Energy efficient appliances and equipment4 Club Houses based of different concepts and themes Amrapali Villas Noida Extension Leisure Club - Dedicated to restaurants, banqueting, get together, billiards and Cars roomAmrapali Leisure Valley Rejuvenation Club - State of the art gym, spa, indoor pool, yoga and meditation center Amrapali Villas Noida Ext Gen -- X Club -_ Discotheque, bar, party den, squash court, tennis etcKidzee Club - Sandpits, Splash Pool, Joy Rides, Video Games parlour for the little champs Amrapali Villas has 3 swimming pools including one temperature controlled indoor pool Amrapali Villas : Gateway to spendour & Grandeur Open up The overview: On the sands of time, a mark of magnificience, In the decent of life- a style of significiance. In the desert of life - style of significiance. The desired destination, for an aura of opulence. An ideal abode, of alife of luxuriance. A marvel, a spellbinding sight, Amrapali Leisiure Valley- a dazzling dream delight! A father's kingdom, A mother's world and a Child's Paradise Stature The Project: Amrapali Leisure Valley is the fulfillment of adream- the dream of eminence and exaltation of life, the dream of owning a independent abode along with the piece of land underneath. The township of Amrapali Villas has been developed taking into consideration numerous requests received from our valued patrons for the development of independent- affordable villas. The unsurpassed landscape, the spacious inner spaces, the intrinsic designs are tailor made and custom suited to the fine tastes of the potential buyers. N-Sides The interior Amrapali Villas As a cut above the rest, Amrapali Leisure Valley is a clas s apart! Style & Quality are its inherent magical qualities to carve a niche in the world of development. The lush luxurious backdrop of greenery, the vastu friendly layout, the adorning interiors, the eco-Friendly exteriors- all make each villa at Leisure Valley an exclusive entity with spectacular views. An imposing ambience of classic independent living style is widespread at every nook & corner of the Amrapali Lesiuer Valley- Comfy cosy villas at affordable prices are a possession of pride! Flexible as well as contemporary, the abodes are designed & decorated in keeping with the requirements of the clients. each Villa opens doors to a heartfelt warm welcome for the entire family! Rejuvenate The body and soul: Amrapali Leisure Valley Fully furnished Amrapali Villas High Ceilings All rooms well ventilated Rich hardwood finishes Modular Kitchen Granite Counter tops A variety of finishes such a slaminates, veneers and gloss Rain showers All electrical fittings of ISI grade Fully airconditioned Complete wood work Fancy light fittings X-Shots Sports Arena Amrapali Villas With 65 acres of open space, Amrapali Leisure Valley has been designed keeping in mind the need to nurture sports talent in youth. With numerous sports options and outdoor activities to choose from, it is our endeavour to develop an infrastructure which offers freedom to the younger generation. Freedom to move, freedom to play and freedom to celebrate. Amrapali Leisure Valley is our aspiration to enhance the exultation of everyday living ! Fully Equipped Cricket Academy Tennis Academy Golf academy with training facilities. A well maintained Badminton & Basketball Court. Amrapali Leisure Valley Noida Extension Blues The Activities: Leisure has a whole new meaning at Amrapali Leisure Valley The stunning range of conveniences at the finger tips of the residers makes Amrapali Leisure Valley a township in totality- self sufficient, self - reliant, all encompassing. The unique undertaking of fantastic features is on its way to enhance everyday living into an exultation! The designer township sre holds its potential residents as "top priority"! 4 Club houses based of different concepts and themes. Leisure Club- Dedicated to resturants, banqueting, get togethers, billiards and card rooms Rejuvenation Club- State of the art gym, spa, indoor pool, yoga and meditation centre Gen-X Club- Discotheque, bar, party den, squash court, tennis court etc. Kidzee Club- Sandpits, splash pool, joy rides, video games parlour for the little champs The Swimming pools including one temperature controlled indoor pool. Luxuriate in the opulence ! Be dazzled in the unending range of comforts! Amrapali Leisure Valley Luxury Leisure Club The Amrapali Villas Leisure Club is the style staement for the residents of Amrapali Leisure Valley. It is not merely games and fitness programmes, Amrapali Villas Leisure Club will captivate you with a variety of foodstuff, continential delicacies and thematic food feat to keep your taste buds wanting more and more. Mouth watering cusines and delicious dishes will be obtainable to you at smart resturants and plush food courts. The swanky resturant with choicest of international cuisines and the impeccable services of highly skilled staff will make it the first choice for your family outings and even buisnesses meetings. The banqueting facilities at "Amrapali Villas Leisure Club"will reflect the grandeur of your lifestyle. Whether it is birtday party or an elaborate reception, the party lawns and the banquet hall are equipped to handle all kinds of gatherings and events. Five Stars Banqueting Facilities with Party lawns Multi-Cusine & speciality Resturant Grand multi-Purpose Party Hall. Rejuvenate The body and soul: Amrapali Leisure Valley is not merely a residential township, it has been our focus to take care of the complete lifestyle requirements of the residents. With a well trained staff and highly skilled instructors, the club would plan complete fitness and diet programmes keeping in mind the hectic lifestyle and pressures of urban living. Every activity has been extensively planned keeping in mind the metropolitan lifestyle of the prospective residers. The overall "fitness cum fun" programme is out to charm the residers and would bring in awhiff of fresh breeze into the lifestyles. Yoga and Meditation Hall Spa with sauna, steam and jacuzzi Library Snooker Room Card Room Fitness programmes managed by experts Multiple Swimming Pools Temperature Controlled Indoor Swimming Pool Spottings Specifications Amrapali Leisure Valley: The dream homes are prized possessions, designed on the tenets of vastu and feng shui. As epitomesof comfort & convenience, the designer dwellings are astorehouse of luxuries. Ultra modern fittings, customised kitchens, 24*7 water supply, plaaned drainage, upto date infrastructure, huge surfacing balconies, spacious bedrooms and a lot more signify the plethora of comforts being cultivated for the metro citizenry. Luxuriate in the opulence! Be dazzled in the unending range of comforts! 2 level Security system Earthquake Resistant Structure ! 24*7 Water Supply Ample Parking Space 24*7 Power Backup Wi-Fi Enabled Complex Eco friendly energy efficient design Energy efficient Lighting Systems and Controls. Use of BEE** Energy Star Labeled Equipments G-Homes Luxury Green Amrapali Villas We at Amrapali beleive that change comes with initiative and being the leader in residential and commercial development sector, we feel our responsibility to be responsive to our envoirnment. Keeping in mind Amrapali's commitment towards a more GREEN world. Amrapali's GREEN Villas are yet another initiative in its efforts to mitigating climate change and conservation of our natural resources. Green homes can have tremendous benefits both qualitative and quantitative. Green homes help in reducing water and energy consumption throughout the life of the building. The savings in energy are of the order of 20-35% while water savings notch upto 30-50%. This leads to reductions in energy and water costs adding upto savings in your MONTHLY electricity and water bills. Along with these, GREEN Homes also provide an enhanced air quality, utilization of natural daylight, more safety, freshly ventilated spaces and better health and well being to its occupants. Add to it the never-Ending satisfaction of being called a ecologically conscious citizen. Certified Green homes rating, well analyzed passive architectural design, solar orientation and sufficient wind flow analysis, energy efficient building envelope (Roof, wall, window), optimum daylighted interiors, use of solar photo-Voltaic panels, use of ligting sensors for energy control, energy efficient lighting fixtures and luminaries, use of rain water harvesting, water efficient luxuriant green landscape planning, water efficient fixtures, energy efficient appliances and equipment Amrapali Leisiure Valley Specification Balcony (Floor & Ceiling)? Plastic Paint / textured paint?? Balcony (Floor)? Anti skid ceramic tiles/ terrrazzo?? Bedroom (Ceiling)? Designer POP?? Bedroom (Floor)? Vitrified tiles-Stone texture/ laminated wooden flooring in master bedroom?? Bedroom (Walls)? Plastic Paint?? Doors (Entrance doors)? Hardwood panel doors melamine polish?? Doors (Internal doors) ? Polished skindoors.?? Electrical ? Modular switches, 24 hrs power backup provision, Fann, light & fancy light fittings, Fully airconditioned.?? Kitchen (Counters)? Granite working platform?? Kitchen (Fittings/Fixtures) ? CP fittings, stainless steel sink double bowl. Individual R.O. system.?? Kitchen (Floor)? Combination of anti skid ceramic tiles / vitrified tiles?? Kitchen (Walls)? Designer ceramic tiles with border 2 Ft. above counter.?? Kitchen (Wooden Work)? Complete modular kitchen with hob & chimney.?? Living/Dining/Lobby Passage (Ceiling)? Designer POP?? Living/Dining/Lobby Passage (Floor)? Vitrified tiles-Stone texture?? Living/Dining/Lobby Passage (Walls)? Plastic Paint?? Structure? Earthquake resistance RCC structture?? Toilet (Fittings/Fixtures)? Jaguar/Koto or superior, granite counter, branded chinaware?? Toilet (Floor)? Combination of anti skid ceramic tiles / vitrified tiles?? Toilet (Walls)? Designer ceramic tiles?? Toilet (Water)? Hot and cold water pipeline provision?? Windows? UPVC?? Type-1 (1825 Sq.Ft)? 3 BHK+ D/D + Terrace Garden + Kitchen + Family Lounge + Store + Sr. Room + Porch + 3 Balconies + Expandable Area?? Type-2 (2525 Sq.Ft)? 4 BHK with dressing + Porch + Front Garden +Living Room + Kitchen + D/D + Pooja Room + Store + Sr. Room + Terrace Garden + 4 Balconies+ Expandable Area?? Type-3 (3025 Sq.Ft)? 5 BHK with dressing + Porch + Front Garden +Living Room + Kitchen + D/D + Pooja Room + Store + Sr. Room + Terrace Garden + 4 Balconies+ Expandable Area?? Villa Size 1825sqft 2525sqft 3025 sqft CLP Rs 65L Rs 88L Rs1.05 Cr Flexi Rs61.75L Rs 83.5L Rs99.75L Booking Rs 5L Rs 7L Rs 9L Cost Price Includes:1 Car parking, Electric Substation Charges, FFC, EDC, 5 KVA Power Backup, IFMS, Club Membership. ?? Notes: * The Preferential Location Charges (PLC) is applicable on Central Boulevard facing will be 10% on, Cost Price units and shall be charged extra. * The Preferential Location Charges (PLC) is applicable on Park Facing will be 5% on Cost Price units and shall be charged extra. * The Preferential Location Charges (PLC) is applicable on corner will be 5% on Cost Price units and shall be charged extra. * The Preferential Location Charges (PLC) is applicable on corner and Park facing will be 7.5% on Cost Price, units and shall be charged extra. * Additional charges like Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, and miscellaneous expenses etc., shall be payable by the Allottee at the time of offer of possession and shall subject to revision Areas are indicative only. * Exact super area of Leisure Villas shall be calculated at the time of possession of property as constructed. Increased / decreased area shall be charged proportionately as per the sale price. * The other terms and conditions shall be as per the Application Form, Standard Terms and Conditions of the Company. * The prices are subject to revision at any time without notice at the sole discretion of the Company. * DD/Cheque to be drawn in favour of "Amrapali Leisure Valley Pvt.Ltd"
4 Jul 2010
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Web: *******agerak.blogspot****/2007/04/andrea-gerak-sings-rorogwela.html Hungarian singer Andrea Gerak and Spanish composer Angel Oros (also known as Cambridge 2003) present a song originated from Oceania, the famous Rorogwela. The melody was made well known in Sweet Lullaby, the probably most recognized song of Deep Forest, which counts as a ground breaking piece in creating the World Music genre, and is a widely adored success track, since 15 years. Their first version was followed by several remixes and Jan Garbarek also fell in love with the theme and made a jazzy saxophone piece out of it, the Pygmy Lullaby. Through the years, other musicians also arranged this song, but interestingly enough, no new vocal recordings can be found. This was the challenge for Andrea Gerak when picking up this particular song. She got the final inspiration kick from the album that came out just a few weeks ago: Deep Forest "Sweet Lullaby" Remixed by Toronto based Existence Records, which approaches the song from 16 different facets of techno, presenting new moods in each. The question was given: can something new still be done with this theme? First of all, as lyrics of the original Rorogwela recording were not available, Andrea listened to the authentic singing of a late Baegu woman called Afunakwa, and wrote down the text, reconstructing it syllable by syllable, which is a great contribution to preserving a treasure of world traditions. With her enchanting singing, Andrea Gerak lived up to the challenge, as well as Cambridge 2003 who, in his New Age, sound track and electronica works is always trying to respect and convey the feeling of the subject. So did he very well in two versions of the song. The Rorogwela Blue Beach mix is more exotic and epic, it is based on the text of the song. It has the pathos and respect towards the deceased father of the children, and another source of inspiration was Whale Rider by Lisa Gerrard. Spicing it up with a few tunes from Eastern-Europe makes it even better connected to the globe. The Rorogwela Sunset mix is sweeter and lighter, and is more based on the delicacy of Andrea Gerak's singing. One feels the sweetness and sensuality of the islands of Oceania in a well-balanced track. Uniting the special sensitivity of Andrea Gerak's vocals and the knowledge and creativity of Cambridge 2003, the result is a creditable tribute to a pearl from the people of Solomon Islands. Credits Theme: traditional Baegu song from Malaita (Solomon Islands), sung by Afunakwa, recorded by Hugo Zemp in 1968, released on the Fataleka and baegu Music of Malaita CD by UNESCO.
16 May 2009
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