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While battling depression and thoughts of suicide, Shawn Craig was spoken to by the book of Deuteronomy where it says "God will never let you go". God's hand will hold you wherever you are or if you've "made your bed in hell".
18 Oct 2007
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Dr. Benzinger from secondopinion**** with health information on anxiety and depression.
31 Oct 2007
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Dave Romero of CO3 talks about a depression he went through, and how he needed to 'increase' God in his life, moving from selfishness to selflessness. CO3 also share this song a capella.
5 Dec 2007
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from www.Free-Massage-Videos****: Depression Massage Therapy Video - how simple techniques can influence our emotional state and mood
6 Jan 2008
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A recent study concluded that depression can be linked to a higher risk of death due to a whole host of conditions, not just from heart disease and suicide which were previously linked.
9 Jan 2008
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Anger and depression in men lead to a higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.
9 Jan 2008
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informational video on depression facts. causes, symptoms, consequences and advice. aimed towards youth and those working with youth. stats were from 05 and before, so maybe a bit dated. background music by evanescence, simple plan, green day etc.
17 Jan 2008
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A funny way to cure depression the Bill E. Bob way!
23 Jan 2008
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Depression is more common than most people realize-especially in children. Julie Totten, founder of Families for Depression Awareness, is dedicated to helping family members whose loved ones are affected by depressive disorders. Julie considers depression a "family illness"-meaning it takes support of loved ones to get well. Julie will discuss signs and symptoms for mothers to look for in their children, how mothers can best support their loved ones who have depressive disorders, and much more. Mom Matters is 10 easy-to-watch anytime minutes of practical advice for more productive parenting. For more information about this and other Mom Matters episodes, visit us at**** <a href="*******www.podshow****/"> Podshow PDN </a> {podshow-0bfc634598054e6ee99f3dd9d22b2e39}
2 Feb 2008
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Now that the Super Bowl is over, millions of Americans will experience what is known as Post NFL Depression. These poor people deal with the loss of their favorite sport for six long months in between the Super Bowl and the next season’s kickoff. We brought in the Daily Idea staff doctor to tell you more about this debilitating disease.
8 Oct 2008
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When thousands of dollars have been stolen and an innocent man accused, who should come to the rescue but Tarzan the Wonder Dog! Inside Information is the family friendly story of this magnificent police canine that can sniff out criminals. When a banker is mysteriously robbed and wrongly blamed for it, Tarzan the Wonder Dog and his partner Lloyd Wilson (Rex Lease) must uncover the real criminals. Originally intended as a happy way to spend an afternoon during The Great Depression, Inside Information is positively delightful to watch today.
26 Jul 2009
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How is depression connected to your hormone balance? Get information from Dr. Margaret Christensen, M.D. 1st private Ob-Gyn practice in Dallas to incorporate holistic healing in women's healthcare. Share your hormone story at *******empowher****
25 Feb 2008
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Depression can lead to bigger things.
29 Feb 2008
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Kristin Park discusses her story on Postpartum Depression. Go to *******www.EmpowHer**** and get more information on PPD. Share your PPD story & send this to a friend in need.
20 Mar 2008
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Kristin Park discusses what kind of recourses helped her get through PPD. For more postpartum depression resources & information go to *******www.EmpowHer****. Share your PPD story & send this video to a friend in need.
24 Mar 2008
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