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Iran is a land of a thousand landscapes, featuring rice paddies and deserts, jagged mountains, rolling hills, and endless plains, variegated meadows and broad steppes. There are lakes, rivers and the sea. The four seasons are distinct, bringing blossom-filled gardens in spring, summer’s dry sand, falling leaves in autumn and wintry snow-capped peaks. The wide range of types of landscapes is accompanied by a great variety of vistas: sweeping stark views with isolated elements, idyllic panoramas, and scenes with geometric effects highlighting contrasting colors and shapes, or rich in vegetation. The only constants are a breathtaking beauty and a dominant sense of symmetry and precision that never fails to surprise.
24 Mar 2009
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Hot Air Ballooning.Hot Air Balloon Travel.Travel Video PostCard Traveling in a Hot Air Balloon is like floating above the earth on a feather. Hot Air Balloon travel mixes the silence of a drift across the earth with the exhilaration of flight. We went Hot Air Ballooning in New Hampshire, a small town in New Hampshire at about 6 in the morning. The Hot Air Balloons were bright and colorful against the morning sky. The Hot Air Balloons took off from a deserted field just before the sun came up. The propane gas bursts were the only sounds in the still morning, as the Hot Air Balloon lifted gracefully from the ground and moved slowly across the New England countryside. We floated silently slowly for an hour or so and came down on a country road where the chase team met us. We packed up our hot air balloons and drove back to the field where the other hot air balloon crew met us and we opened a bottle of champagne to toast the hot air balloon ride of a life time. Hot air ballooning is a wonderful birthday present. A terrific way to travel.
20 Aug 2007
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