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The clip destroy flowers from American Wedding (2003) with Seann William Scott, Eddie Kaye Thomas Gonna have sex with Cadence Gonna have sex with Cadence Whoo! Uh-huh. Cadence Jesus! You fuckin' stalker. You're not a very stealthy thief. Oh, really? Guess what, shit-brick, it's a wedding. Everything's free. What do you want? Well, Stifler, Jim's grandma doesn't approve of the wedding. We're trying to run interference and, reluctantly, I am asking for your help. Hmm. Sorry, Finch-meister. I got plans with Cadence. Stifler, maybe you could forget about your dick for one second and actually be useful. Fuck you, Finch. You didn't eat shit, okay? You didn't prance around here like a ballerina for the whole week. "Oh, wedding" this. "Suck my ass" that. "I'm special. You're special." We're all just a bunch of special fuckers, aren't we? Well, you know what? I'm a-gonna get laid, Finch-fucker. And it's gonna be oh, so good. It's gonna be like, "You like this shit, Mama?" She's gonna be like, "Fuckin' right, doggy, give it to me. Suck on my nipples like you're milking a cow." Like... You been here long? Oh, shit. Yeah. Cadence, it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you... To the real Steve Stifler. Hi. Hi. Pumpkin. You are quite the gentleman, Stifler. You could have told me she was behind me. Between Grandma and Stifler and Cadence. The cake. The cake!
27 Nov 2011
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