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Destructoid Anthem (The Pledge) I. There occurs a God We are but humans and surely doomed when Destructoid begins to march He's got a scanner for good gaming manners he may let you see his private robot parts Don't be scared He's a gentle god don't be afraid just try his website on we've been inclined to resist from time to time no way we'll win he's got lazers in his eyes when it's time to join we'll raise his standard high and shout Destructoid to you we pledge our lives II. From his mouth we are (in)formed Oh puny humans you're so amusing when you see I burn with epic win I trade in awesome and gaming gossip while the others lie or just pretend Lift up your hands present to me each blistered fist Callused thumbs and aching fingers true gamers never rest let go of fear and anger and be my, be my newest guest III. Sermon I have known you since you were but a small child wild with games and glee was proud of every painful smile even when you faced defeat Every quarter your small hand dropped or console proudly displayed Every wish you made for one more life it was to me you prayed I have seen your long and lonely nights battling last the boss Even though you were fatigued you would bare not one more loss So I welcome you unto my domain my good and faithful servant Love, Destructoid IV. Paradiso Profundo We've got boards we've got blogs about gaming where the women are so hot that it's famous also cocks Vocals - T. Fenchurch Howard Guitar and arrangement - Darrin Johnson Drums - Frenchy Mudwhistle Bass and Keys - Periwinkle Fondlenobs
24 Jul 2007
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This took place at Infinite Bits in Miami, FL. During the panel we talked about Destructoid's history, how all of us starting our sites & a surprise visit at the end.
24 Oct 2009
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HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IT'S THE FIRST EVER EPISODE OF DESTRUCTOID!!!!! First episode includes Red Dead Redemption, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, NBA Jam Politics and more!
14 Oct 2010
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Today on Destructoid, Jonathan and Tara drop a review on Kirby's Epic Yarn and Super Meat Boy, they break down the World of Warcraft Cataclysm ad that aired on the NFL, and try to interpret a tweet from the infamous Cliffy B. Oh, and Tara wears a spacesuit.
19 Oct 2010
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Tara is off at Blizzcon, so the lovely Max Scoville steps into the hot pants to assist Jonathan in running down the hot new newsiness on today's Destructoid. We run down the forthcoming Fallout New Vegas patch, check out Jim Cramer going crazy, peep some Bioshock Infinite screens, and show you an awesome EXCLUSIVE trailer for Dungeon Defenders.
23 Oct 2010
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Today on Destructoid, Tara and Jonathan take a look at some boobs outside New Vegas, check out the new Tomb Raider co-op DLC, and examine the newfound feminine presence in Call of Duty. Plus, they break down the latest on that crazy Playstation Phone you’ve heard so much about. It’s a humpday Dtoid special, so lets all get naked patches!
28 Oct 2010
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Today on a very special Halloween episode of Destructoid, Jonathan dresses up like a woman, Tara dress like satan, and video games get discussed. 360 users finally have a patch for Fallout New Vegas, Fable 3 fans get angry at Jim Sterling, and Force Unleashed gets reviewed. Destructoid?? More like SPOOKTOID!
30 Oct 2010
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Today on Destructoid, Jon Carnage fills in for Jonathan Holmes and madness ensues. Tara breaks down the new Minecraft update featuring Satan’s realm, Call of Duty Black Ops might have Castro, JFK and Zombies, and Xbox Live gets a face lift in preperation for the Kinect release later this week. Plus, Destructoid has a drink made after it! Yay!
2 Nov 2010
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Today we're mixing things up and changing to a roundtable discussion format in honor of the impending release of Kinect. Max Scoville, Tara Long, Jonathan Holmes, and Jon Carnage all huddle together around our tiny table and riff on the Microsoft Kinect. How does it compare to the Eyetoy, Wii, and Playstation Move? What are the launch titles like? Is its release an important moment in gaming? And most importantly, will it say that Jonathan and Tara are morbidly obsese? The answer to all these questions and more on a brand new DESTRUCTOID!
4 Nov 2010
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People are going CRAZY for the Call of Duty Black Ops release tomorrow. A couple peeps robbed a Gamestop in Bel-Air, lines are forming for midnight releases as this is written, and footage has even surfaced of the elusive Wii version. A few other non-Black Ops stuff is happening: theres some new characters revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament, Destructoid and Super Meat Boy teamed up to fight Multiple Sclerosis, and Dance Central is spying on your naked body. Buckle up, its the lucky 13 edition of Destructoid!
9 Nov 2010
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The gang from Destructoid gathers 'round the round table once again to discuss this fall's hottest release: Call of Duty Black Ops.
11 Nov 2010
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Listen: sometimes, a company just doesn't know what to do with their own properties. Sometimes, fan projects have to take the law into their own hands. Guests Tara Long and Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid join Anthony to look at some of the best fan projects ever.
11 Nov 2010
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In this very special episode of the Destructoid show, our trusty hosts find a scary machine that provides a glimpse of the future. Journey with us as we travel forward in time and experience DESTRUCTOID 2050.
16 Nov 2010
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Today on Destructoid, we've got a whole bushel of reviews for your enjoyment. Donkey Kong Country Reviews hits the Wii in a big way, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood exceeds expectations while Sonic Colors does not, and EA Sports MMA looks fomidable in the ring. In soul-crushingly depressing news, Portal 2 moves a little bit further back, and the cool looking Mega Man Online is slated to be a Korean exclusive. (BTW: If any Koreans have a couch Holmes could crash on, EMAIL US!)
20 Nov 2010
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Welcome back everyone. Jonathan and Tara are back from a long, blacked out weekend of turkey and booze, and ready to give you everything you missed in the gaming world. Gran Turismo 5 came out and was reviewed quite favorably by Dale North, Epic Mickey might not SO epic, a brand new world of Destructoid is being created in Minecraft, and Nintendo still sells consoles.
30 Nov 2010
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Strap on the diapers and get ready for an ultra leaky Monday edition of Destructoid! Jonathan and Tara break down the gameplay footage of Killzone 3 that got leaked, ponder the wonders of an Android/Gingerbread powered Playstation Phone, discuss the beauty of a WoW Cataclysm dance party, and chat about Street Fighter, as usual. Also, Tara does her best Lara Croft pose, whatever that means.
7 Dec 2010
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