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another application of Machine learning for health care industry, “diabetic retinopathy detection” This time I have used Neural ... NEW
21 Mar 2017
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Responsibilities of a Security Guard - Business Benefits 1. Security guards or security personnel are enforcers of protective and preventive control to maintain and protect people, assets and property 2. The main functions of security guards are to monitor activities, prevent criminal activities and to neutralize threats before any damage is done 3. Security Guards can help make your business more productive by Improving Security, Interacting with Customers, Preventing Crime, and Handling Intense Situations 4. By carrying out their duties, security guards automatically improve the security of the business and its assets 5. Improved security- Improved security at the workplace results in -less potential threats and lower crimes, and -less stress while carrying out business operations, 6. Interacting With Customers- Security guards not only prevent crime and handle hostile situations, but also act as customer service ambassadors 7. Through their daily operations, security personnel actively -interact with customers, -help customers find products or locations, -greet customers at entry points, -and even escort customers to their vehicles, after dark 8. Preventing Crime- The presence of a security guard alone can reduce crime or potential criminal activity by a significant amount 9. In addition to this, security guards are trained to detect and eliminate threats, before any damage is done to people or property 10. Handling Intense Situations- Any business activity like purchase-returns, money transfers and payment defaults could result in a buildup of tension Security personnel are skilled in handling these situations, and any other intense situation that may arise at the workplace Visit yellowpages-uae com to Contact Security Guards Services in UAE i e www yellowpages-uae com/uae/security-guards
22 Mar 2017
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Recognized as Hoverboard segway, these self balancing boards use sensing units to detect the instructions in which the biker leans, and after that its electrical motor spins the wheels to removal in that direction. If you are prepared to acquire one either for on your own or as a gift for somebody else, here are a few points you must think about.
22 Mar 2017
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In the year 1983, the girl named Tara has been kidnapped from her home. The last information connected to that girl were that Tara has been seen few times in this specific house. The local people claim that very often they see a spirit of a girl standing beside the window. They are afraid that Tara's spirit lives in this house. People are so scared that no one of them is willing to enter the house. Our task is to find out the truth about Tara. The young detective specialized in paranormal cases, named Krystal, is already inside the house and starts to explore it very thoroughly. Unlike locals, she is not afraid to face the truth about the place.
27 Mar 2017
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Be a sharp eyed detective and find faults in the movie cliping eg the police inspector is holding the madani in his hand.
2 Jul 2006
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Sony's new Face Detection technology can recognize up to 8 human faces in a scene. This technology is used in their photocameras in order to easily make a sharp picture of a group of people.
8 May 2007
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Detect fake money, not just by looking at it
2 Jun 2007
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Easiest way to detect fake dollar bills. This method is used in casinos. It's a need to know because nowadays there are A LOT of fakes on the market.
20 Aug 2007
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see the video from die hard, hacker work, need more information about intrusion detection system visit
24 Aug 2007
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from - detective animation --Sent via : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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When you live on the 8th storey of a 16 storey building, you are not able to detect if a tremor is happening. This video shows a good way to detect tremors.
21 Sep 2007
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Short film will show you, how to become a real DETECTIVE. I'll show you, how to take the fingerprint from items - in this example - from glass. It is really very interesting and useful. There will not be situations like that : WHO WAS DRINKING FROM MY GLASS?
21 Sep 2007
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This is the newest video from MMK Production Studios. It is about how two detectives catch an insane murderer.
19 Oct 2007
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The funniest bits from The Detectives series (episode: Special Branch) with Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell. Hilarious!
27 Oct 2007
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1:08 features an IED detection game designed to teach techniques for defeating IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices. These devious booby traps can be injurious or fatal if not detected and disarmed, destroyed or avoided completely.
16 Nov 2007
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Detective Sharp from Sharpo Inc shares clues for MACNA XX Mystery Contest. This is a work of fiction, copyright 2007 Sharpo Inc. All Rights Reserved.
20 Nov 2007
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