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'Petya' ransomware, a cyber attack which is being originated from Ukraine has shown an unprecedented level of sophistication, which authorities believe, mainly spread through a malicious update to a small Ukrainian tax software company. 'Petya' attacks the Master Boot Record (MBR). It first reboots the computers and then encrypts the hard drive’s file table (MFT), which renders the MBR inoperable. From this point forwards, it restricts access to the system by seizing information of file names, sizes, and location on the physical disk. Who Are We? G'SECURE LABS - A division of Gateway Group offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for BFSI, Enterprises, Online Portals, and SMEs Our Offerings • Database Security › VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT › VIRTUAL PATCHING FOR DATABASES › DATABASE ACTIVITY MONITORING • Agentless Data Security › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY › PIXALERT DATA CLASSIFICATION › ILLICIT IMAGE DETECTION AND MANAGEMENT › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY › PIXALERT DATA DISCOVERY • Agentless System Management › UNPRECEDENTED NETWORK CONTROL, OPTIMIZATION AND PERFORMANCE › CHANGE CONFIGURATION › LICENSE MANAGEMENT › MIGRATION • Firewall Management › Firewall analyzer › Firewall workflow • Advanced Threat Prevention › Target-specific sandboxing increases detection › Freeze the threat › Initiate fix
4 Aug 2017
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Zemana-Antimalwa Best malware scanner that provides excellent malware detection, quick scans, and easy malware removal and save your computer.
4 Aug 2017
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SYNOPSIS A near future. After the first invasion of humanity, the struggle is not over yet. The planet is again besieged by the Kaiju, a race of colossal aliens that emerge from an interdimensional portal, aiming to destroy the human race. Faced with this new threat for which humans are unprepared, the Jaegers, giant war robots piloted by two people to cope with the immense neural charge involved in manipulating them, are no longer up to the task. It will be then when the survivors of the first invasion, along with new characters such as the son of Pentecost (John Boyega), will have to devise a way to surprise the huge enemy, betting on new defensive strategies and attack. With Earth in ruins and trying to rebuild itself, this new battle can be decisive for the future. Second installment of Pacific Rim (2013), directed this time by Steven S. DeKnight (Daredevil, Smallville). Although this sequel does not count on Guillermo del Toro (the scarlet summit, the labyrinth of the faun) like director, yes is present like producer of the film. The cast consists of actors John Boyega (Star Wars: Attack the block), Scott Eastwood (Suicidal Squad, Snowden), Adria Arjona (Anomalous, True Detective) and Max Martini (Fifty darker shadows, 13 hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi).
10 Aug 2017
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If you face difficulty to hear friends or family while engaging in a space filled with background noise? You may be suffering from a hearing problem called hidden hearing loss. Hidden hearing loss is a anomaly that can happen in those who otherwise have good hearing. In fact, standard hearing tests won't detect it.
16 Aug 2017
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Malware is constantly evolving to evade surveillance and detection. iZOOlogic provides solutions to protect and identify end points compromised by malware. Contact us today www dot iZOOlogic dot com to know how can you prevent your business.
16 Aug 2017
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PV Plumbing LLC - Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA, 95060 (831) 217-4150 PV Plumbing LLC - Santa Cruz offers professional plumbing services for the residents of Santa Cruz, CA. We have friendly staff members that will fix your problem in no time. We offer services such as plumbing, sewer and drain cleaning. Book an appointment now! Plumber, Plumbing Contractor, Plumbing Repair, Plumbing Company, Sewer Cleaner, Drain Cleaning, Leak Detection, Plumbing Inspector, Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Maintenance, Sewer Line Installation, Water Heater Installation, Water Line Installation, Sewer Back Ups, Residential Sewer Line Installation, Commercial Sewer Line Installation Plumber, Plumbing Maintenance Service, Plumbing Maintenance, Emergency Plumber, Emergency Plumbing Repair
18 Aug 2017
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BullGuard Internet Security features multiple protection layers that guard against all types of malware ranging from known viruses to emerging new threats such as ransomware, which has been particularly prolific in the past few months.t also provides spam filters, powerful parental controls and a safe browsing component that raises red flags when unsafe web sites are detected.
18 Aug 2017
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Sony's new Face Detection technology can recognize up to 8 human faces in a scene. This technology is used in their photocameras in order to easily make a sharp picture of a group of people.
8 May 2007
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Detect fake money, not just by looking at it
2 Jun 2007
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Easiest way to detect fake dollar bills. This method is used in casinos. It's a need to know because nowadays there are A LOT of fakes on the market.
20 Aug 2007
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see the video from die hard, hacker work, need more information about intrusion detection system visit *******nids.pasangkamera****
24 Aug 2007
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When you live on the 8th storey of a 16 storey building, you are not able to detect if a tremor is happening. This video shows a good way to detect tremors.
21 Sep 2007
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www.IEDVigilance**** features an IED detection game designed to teach techniques for defeating IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices. These devious booby traps can be injurious or fatal if not detected and disarmed, destroyed or avoided completely.
16 Nov 2007
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Mammography is recommended by age 40, but Halo offers an alternative for younger women to detect early signs of breast cancer. The "Halo Breast Pap Test" goes beyond x-rays by detecting abnormal cells as much as eight years before they become cancer. The test detects 95-percent of the most common breast cancer. Go to www.NeoMatrix**** for more information.
17 Jan 2008
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Slick action and murderous intrigue surround every scene of Roar of the Press, a hard boiled detective story from the forties. Wally Williams (Wallace Ford) is a workaholic newspaper reporter who’s hot on the trail of a murder that most have been led to believe was a suicide. Williams is so engulfed in his work that he’s not paying enough attention to his sexy new wife Alice, who’s played by Little Women’s always amazing Jean Parker. Alice decides to team up with her hubby to unravel the mysterious murder, but in the process they become new targets for the killer! Roar of the Press combines sleek characters and high powered crime for an engaging ride through danger and uncertainty.
23 Jan 2008
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