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When you receive the Seal you will want to lose any extra weight that you have. If you are a teenager, your perceived social standing in school is likely to affect your likelihood of gaining weight within the next 2 years.
11 Jan 2008
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If you want to persevere, you’ll need something extra to push you. See what pushes Kobe to the next level. Learn more about Kobe's code of a champion at NikeBasketball****/kobe
9 Feb 2008
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Use this optical test to see how fast your eyes can adjust to changing colors. Right now, there are two tests. Each test was carefully selected, ie what colors, radius of the circle, etc. It's pretty interesting. Some people will notice a small period where there eyes don't adjust immediately. Some won't. See where you stand. Your eyes are extremely complex organs! Do some research on them and you'll find a lot of interesting facts. © 2008 – 2009 LSKENGR407
5 Mar 2008
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17 Mar 2008
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A lesson on the different contract sizes available to active traders and investors in the forex market. Foreign Exchange, currency trading, forex trading
16 Apr 2008
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Dermatology Expert: Dr. Butterwick explains the difference between real and fake Botox. Find more dermatology treatment and information at *******www.EmpowHer****. Share your skin care story with us and send this to a friend in need.
11 Jul 2008
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Bird keeps trying to eat from an empty feeder. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Jul 2008
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4 Sep 2008
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*******geeks.pirillo**** - *******live.pirillo**** - LisaLee is a long-time community member, and she writes: "Just wondering... what does blogging mean to you? To me, I blog to share my thoughts or latest internet finds, and I really like to get feedback and a sense of community. Without it, I personally don't see the point in blogging." *******chris.pirillo****
16 Oct 2008
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15 Dec 2008
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Update 01 / 13 / 2009 AM Edition I talk about why I didn't post a video for the last two days. Project365, 365, 2009, Update, January, Thirteenth, cruiked, crow, arccrow
14 Jan 2009
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*******www.sellgoldcoinsinfo****/sell_silver_coins.php Coin Collecting can help one's patience, one's inquisitiveness, and one's value for money. A coins value goes beyond the grading that comes with how much an antique could cost. Reading about the actua
24 Jan 2009
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One of the biggest mistakes that are made by options investors all around the world, is overlooking the options current Implied Volatility, When volatility is high, options tend to sell at a premium, when low, options tend to sell at a discount. Therefore Options must be purchased when IMPLIED volatility is LOW, there are two kind of Volatilities, one is the Historical Volatility and that is the volatility of a financial instrument based on historical returns, and the other one, the IMPLIED Volatility which is the volatility that, given a particular pricing model, yields a theoretical value for the option equal to the current market price. This Is the Volatility we will be using. The way to calculate the appropriate volatility is to look for the maximum and minimum IMPLIED Volatility in the last 12 months, and then divide that area in three thirds, first third been the Green zone, second third the Yellow zone, and the top third the Red zone, now, the current Implied Volatility should be in the Green zone in order to purchase an option when you are trying to benefit with the purchase and the sell of that option, because in this zone the worst case scenario when it comes to Volatility, is that your Option can increase in Volatility, increasing its value, the Yellow zone is a cautious zone , I personally purchase one options transaction that's in the Yellow zone, for every two or three that I purchase in a Green zone, and last third , the Red top zone is when Implied volatility is the highest, I personally never purchase an options when the Implied volatility is in the Red Zone, for if that option decreases its volatility, it would also decrease in VALUE.
7 Feb 2009
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A training video series on how to set long and short term goals.
25 Feb 2009
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When purchasing a new thermostat, it's important to know which type your system is made to work with. Line-voltage and Low-voltage types are the most common. How to tell by looking at the wires connected to your thermostat.
30 May 2009
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This music video consists of the fights: Rock Lee vs Gaara and Tenten vs Temari. Watch Lee and Tenten show Team Sand the true Power of Team Guy.
3 Jun 2009
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