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21 Apr 2017
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Test detonations of nukes and h bombs from all over the world...
9 Nov 2006
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The video explaining how to make a simple remote electro-detonator which can be used as firework missile launcher
10 Jul 2007
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This is what happen when you bomb in deep sea Detonation is a process of supersonic combustion in which a shock wave is propagated forward due to energy release in a reaction zone behind it. It is the more powerful of the two general classes of combustion, the other one being deflagration. In a detonation, the shock compresses the material thus increasing the temperature to the point of ignition. The ignited material burns behind the shock and releases energy that supports the shock propagation. This self-sustained detonation wave is different from a deflagration, which propagates at a subsonic speed (i.e., slower than the sound speed of the explosive material itself), and without a shock or any significant pressure change. Because detonations generate high pressures, they are usually much more destructive than deflagrations.
15 Aug 2007
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now im detone my own firecrackers and i put some into and axe very funny
22 Aug 2007
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Simple how to/tutorial to help you create your own homemade igniter/ detonation box from items you can buy all for under $30. All items can be purchased at local RadioShack or parts supplier. Use it with anything from your spudgun to homemade fireworks or firecrackers. ***NOTE: I am not responsible for any harm that may come to you from the creation or use of this project. All uses are at the discretion of the owner; I am thus not liable whatsoever for what you do with this item. ***WARNING: Be sure to discharge the capacitor before handling. Over 300V can hurt. If you have any questions, please send a message. Please rate.
7 Feb 2008
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Filming the detonation of my Airsoft tripmine at 1200fps. For more info on how to build it go to *******www.instructables****/id/Build-an-Airsoft-Trip-Mine/
16 Nov 2008
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Large Bomb Detonated Under Lake
6 May 2010
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Bomb detonated planted in car by a army tank . comment. rank it . thanks
14 Jun 2009
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The cell phone remote bomb detonator
27 Jun 2009
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22 Jan 2010
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Bomb Detonated in Lake
5 May 2010
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Navigate the dangerous corners of the street on the way to your detonation mission in Blacklight: Tango Down, good thing you have that big weapon in your hands to keep you safe.
21 Oct 2010
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Chicago Dodge Nitro Detonator by South Chicago Dodge has Slashed Prices on all New Dodge Nitro in Chicago Illinois. New Dodge Dealer in Chicago il on Western Avenue reduced all Prices on New Dodge Nitro to sell more New Dodge Nitro in Chicagoland. Click to Compare. www.southchicagododgechryslerjeep**** 773-476-7800
5 Apr 2011
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They made them this big because of the relative inaccuracy of their missiles.
9 Apr 2006
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a line of 21-odd paperclips bent into triangle grenades and laid on top of each other. (it was a dull day at work)
17 Apr 2007
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