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Game designer Scott Zier walks us through Global Agenda: Conquest, the Allaince-versus-Alliance campaign for persistent territory control.
23 Apr 2010
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While showing never-seen-before footage, the Ninja Theory team talks about its influences -- from the latest Hong Kong action films to weight lifting at the gym.
1 Oct 2010
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We've compiled the top tech stories from TechVi Now from the past week to create a new show called TechVi: Top Stories. This week, Google announced plans to drop support for IE6, Macmillan and Amazon disputing over book pricing plus much more on TechVi: Top Stories. Show Notes: 0:11 — Google to pull IE6 support, ABC News 0:29 — Amazon dispute with Macmillan, ABC News 0:54 — Google Chrome OS Tablet, Chromium Dev Blog 1:21 — Nexus One gets multi-touch, Engadget 1:35 — AOL makes a profit, TechCrunch Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Feb 2010
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Brought to you by ______________________ In this video, I will describe how to jailbreak your iphone edge, iphone 3g or ipod touch 1g on firmware 2.2. Note: Do not use this guide if you plan on unlocking your iPhone The link for the dev blog is here since some people dont know how to google: *******letmegooglethatforyou****/?q=dev+iphone+blog If you have any questions sign up at and we will be glad to help you! You can donate to me through paypal at dualcorexgmail**** FYI: I performed this jailbreak on my new macbook. The one that was released this October. Were the blogs wrong? Thanks
31 Jul 2009
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10/7:UPDATE: greenpois0n goes LIVE 10/10/10 10:10:10am GMT set your clocks!! Sunday morning greenpois0n fer brefast!! WARNING!!! Beware of SCAMMERS & FAKE SITES!! THERE IS ONLY ONE OFFICIAL greenpois0n site! *******greenpois0n****/ which is on stand-by until the jailbreak is LIVE. Especially avoid etc. any alternate spelling is TOTALLY SCAMMERS! The FACTS from the Chronic Dev Blog- 1. The greenpois0n jailbreak for 4.1 is still making progress, but not finished. 2. The Dev team hasn't released the tethered/untethered status, so anyone saying one way or the oter is speculating! 3. Any info Coming from any other sources than the Chronic Dev blog or the team members respective Twitter accounts is false or speculation! 4. Some of the Dev team's accounts in Twitter: p0sininja musclenerd chronicdevteam I may have misspelled p0sininja(sorry, I know I'll hear it!) But follow these guys for any official updates. ** And the Dev Team has said any info on the eminent release of the greenpois0n jailbreak will drop on their blog first - *******chronic-dev****/blog and the DL will be available at their only & official website - *******greenpois0n****/ Hopefully I got all the links correct, if any don't point correctly, comment or PM & I'll update... MOST IMPORTANTLY...BE PATIENT! ** RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE FOR FURTHER UPDATES! **
16 Oct 2010
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I discuss even more news on the iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak. Rumors have been saying it will be released on December 5th, and hopefully this is true. Please rate thumbs up and subscribe for more jailbreak videos when the next jailbreak is released! Thanks for watching, you guys are the best! iPhone Dev: *******blog.iphone-dev****/ Follow me on Twitter: *******www.twitter****/jimbo5999 Visit my Website: *******www.themacintoshreview**** Subscribe to my Other Channel: ***********/thejimbobstuff
22 Dec 2010
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The Monkey King excels at close-range combat, "comboing" his abilities in quick succession to keep an opponent disoriented and disabled. In order to truly optimize his early/mid game damage output and mobility, he requires a sizeable mana pool to frequently use his abilities. Buying a Bottle or Blood Chalice will help to ensure he will always have mana for the early game. A Nullstone or Shrunken Head can help you survive against casters if you wish to play more defensively, while a Ghost Marchers and Frostburn combo can launch you past the 500 movement speed mark by the time you are level 16. In general, your luxury items should focus on both keeping you alive and maintaining good damage output. You will want to skill Heavenly Vault primary, as it will be the greatest source of damage output. As your secondary skill, you can either level Illusive Dash or Wan Jin Slam to max, depending on whether you want additional mobility or simply want reliable damage on your disable. Whichever route you go, you should always put at least one point in all three abilities for combo purposes, and pick up Flying Nimbus as soon as possible. Video directed, scripted, and narrated by MsPudding Video editing and effects team: Smyger, RuthlessVoid, Jimfro, and Swebyson Intro music by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory Try Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.HeroesOfNewerth****/trial.php Discuss Monkey King on our forums: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=303937 Monkey King Dev Blog: *******forums.heroesofnewerth****/showthread.php?t=300532
19 Aug 2011
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Play Heroes of Newerth for FREE: *******www.heroesofnewerth****/ Among the tribes of the moon, there lives an elite caste of warriors. Like Krixi, the Moon Queen, these women draw their power from the rays of Lunari. As children of the Moon Goddess, the rays of Sol burn their flesh, forcing them to construct a vessel to channel Lunari's might during the day. The magicks used were so potent that only a chosen warrior, born in perfect balance between light and darkness, could harness its vast power by being forever bonded to her armor. In the night, the chosen can retake her true form and strike from the shadows, free from her confining shell. Be it through strength by day or stealth by night, Solstice, the Lady of Lunari, stands ready to show her enemies what power truly is. Solstice is a melee, strength hero who excels in close-combat. She is able to scout out her enemies before initiating a wild charge, jumping into the fray. When gloom looms over the canopy of Caldavar, Solstice sheds her heavy armor so that she may slip into the shadows. Check out the Solstice Dev Blog interview with balance designer, Aaron VanNote at: ***********/watch?v=rs6k-nF-kc4 View the full Hero Summary of Solstice at: *******heroesofnewerth****/heroes/Solstice/ Spectacular introduction music composed by Thomas-Adam Habuda *******www.facebook****/tomhabudamediamusicfactory
24 Aug 2013
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1080p recommended! Since we support neither of the coalitions, a late night trip to B-R with a scout provided a chance to sit back and enjoy the view. Besides, one of my missions is always to remind people that Eve is not only one of the most tactically deep games ever created but also boasts some of the grandest scenes in MMO gaming. A 4K gallery of the battle is available here: *******imgur****/a/ikc3o#0 The battle is between the coalitions of CFC/RUS/BL and N3/PL. A new record of 75 titans died in the fight, with 59 kills for the former against 16 kills for the latter. More information at: *******community.eveonline****/news/dev-blogs/the-bloodbath-of-b-r5rb/ The footage here mostly varies between real-time and 200% to compensate for fluctuations in Time Dilation, i.e. not very sped up or altered and a fairly close approximation of the feel of the battle. Music is Arcana's 'Chant of the Awakening'. If anyone unfamiliar with Eve is viewing this and is curious about the mechanics, a video like CC3 or Anatomy of a Fight will show more about the nature of the game's campaigns and battles: ***********/watch?v=XrYe_4vHzgE
3 Feb 2014
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