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Indian film actor, chreographer, dancer, director prabhu deva dance moves.
5 Feb 2018
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Shiva is the epitome of faith for all Hindus. Being the principal deity of Hinduism, the benevolence and faith in him is tremendous. He is believed to be the destroyer of the evil and the transformer as well. However, to please him is very easy and that is why He is also called ‘Bholenath.’ Here is a list of things which Shiva likes the most and which should be offered on Maha Shivratri to appease the Lord. 1. Bael- The bel leaves or the trifoliate is offered to Lord Shiva as it signifies the three eyes and the three spokes of the Lord’s Trishul. It even denotes the three gunas and is believed to be a coolant which is why Shiva loves it the most. 2. Datura- Datura is said to have appeared from the cheat of Lord Shiva when he consumed the poison which had been churned out of the cosmic ocean by the demons and devas in order to spread welfare and peace in the world. Hence, the lord loves this as an offering to himwhich enables one to get rid of his ego, envy, foul language and wicked nature. It makes the offerer fully cleansed of all his sins and enables him to emerge as a pure soul. 3. Bhang- Bhang or the Akhanda flowers in blue, as they generally are known as, intoxicates the mind and is offered to lord Shiva primarily during his puja as it signifies the throat of the Lord which turned blue when he consumed the poison to save the world. Therefore, it is one of the main components of worship for lord Shiva. 4. Banana- The yellow banana fruit is considered extremely auspicious and hence is one of the favourites to Lord Shiva. It is mandatory to have a banana in your list of offerings to Bholenath. 5. Curd- White in colour and a by product of milk, curd is very commonly used in Shiva’s puja as it is very pure in form and even removes avidya. 6. Ghee- Again a pure and holy item, Ghee or clarified butter is obtained from the holy cow which itself is sacred to the Hindus and hence Ghee is offered in Shiva’s puja on Shivratri, and even otherwise, so as to get besto
2 Feb 2018
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Présentation de la race des Deva dans le MMORPG Rappelz. Les Deva sont les Enfants de la Lumière et cohabitent avec les factions Asura et Gaia. Retrouverez Rappelz et les autres MMORPG gratuits sur le
27 May 2008
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gamzedeyim deva bulmam barıy manço
7 Oct 2008
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Deva Premal and Miten - Gayatri Mantra
13 Apr 2009
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Deva and Miten talk about what it means to perform their sacred music.
2 Sep 2009
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Pattellam Super RAASIYA Pyar Ka Naam CHHAILA Gr8 Dance by PRABHU DEVA
7 Sep 2009
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Prezentar oras Deva,Romania
23 Aug 2010
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Love your curls with a Deva Cut and Set at Barbara Forgione Salon. Tampa Bay's award winning salon, from classic to trendy, known for corrective and creative color, precision cuts, complete makeovers, skin care, extensions, organic and sulfate free products, and impeccable customer service.
17 Sep 2010
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Prabhu Deva, Akshay Kumar, Vijay, Shahrukh Khan, Sonakshi sinha at Rowdy Rathore Party Stills
6 Jun 2012
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Composed By Dazz Deva Guitars , voice and choirs by Dazz Deva
24 Jul 2017
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prabu deva
9 Dec 2017
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