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I used a theme I found on Deviant Art and True Transparency. Follow the links.. *******www.savefile****/files/1066056 [click Download File in the orange button] *******bf-87.deviantart****/art/Vista-Theme-for-XP-67785264 [Right click, extract, send to "C:\WINDOWS\Resources\themes"] if I got that wrong its in the video. enjoy!
24 Oct 2008
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Ok before i get my video kicked off for a certain part in one of my poems none of them talk about cutting it has a part where it says carve in to flesh or something like that she's a piece of rock take note of that please anyways i wrote the song and played it and recorded and put it on the video it is mine and mine alone its the only reason i 'm allowing my real name to be showed don't you dare look me up on google i wrote the 2 poems and the song there credits are mine accept for artwork wahla ok enjoy oh and if you want the lyrics i will send you them if you request as i know they are hard to understand but do not i repeat do not post them on any websites oh and the art is from deviant art
28 Apr 2009
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Whats up. If your reading this you've watched my video ,thanks. *Disclaimer* there is no copyright infringement intended at all in all of my videos, they are truly fan made! I used the art at the beginning which belonged to deviant art user the-finale-chaotic The episodes used were 215,211,217,220,212,213,190,202,219,191,and 184 The flash at the end was owned by deviant art user HaruDSX.
7 Mar 2011
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14 Jul 2009
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16 Apr 2011
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Yes. This texture hack is based on Gyro the Hedgehog. You could be wonder why this texture hack was done. Let me tell you. I did it because I thought it would be a good idea for me to make this texture hack so people can beat that recolour sonic fanboy GyroHedgie453 on Youtube and Deviant Art with their favorite characters such as Sonic, Link and list goes on. Here is the download link. *******www.mediafire****/?63im637rit66svb
18 Jun 2011
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This was my first anti pairing video. I have a thing for making anti pairing videos, since making pairing supporting ones happens too often, especially on YouTube. This was on livevideo until it started having problems or something lol I don't know. There's also a story to this one. Basically, everyone is getting into the yaoi pictures and fan fictions, making rumors about Joey and Yugi, Yami and Seto, and Yugi and Yami having gay relationships. They get mad and take it out on each other. Yugi duels Joey, Seto and Yami duel each other, and Yugi punches Yami and takes his puzzle off. I know that some of the pictures from deviant art have the wrong... Yugi or Yami, but this was one of my first videos, so bare with me. I've improved since then and I've made better anti pairing videos. Anyways, the credits have the disclaimer. In other words Yu-Gi-Oh, the music, or any of this stuff belongs to me. This is a fanbase video of Yu-Gi-Oh.
14 Jul 2012
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-SpeedART FIRE Euro By TheAwesomeDesigner™ ©TheAwesomeDesigner™ Extra tags (ignore): speed art speed painting photoshop speed art speed art photoshop speed drawing minecraft speed art art spray paint art sand art speed paint minecraft skydoesminecraft codedraco drawing speed art venom speed art lil wayne slender speed art faze eclectic asylum art gimp acrez speed art cinema 4d intro wolf speed art photoshop ideas speed racer cool art pixel obeysupremacy speed sand art digital art tutorial itzdeaman spray paint portrait art vector art creature hub halo speed paint martial art sparring speedart photoshop gibson goldtone fpsrussia minecraft style everyday im shuffling alexanderkoshelkov fast painting art beyonce my man black ops 2 electric asylum art graphic design wacom art free gfx photoshop download green monster insane speed art antvenom speed art amazing artist surreal art funny mario speed art photo manipulation macklemore speed art utorak007 yogscast speed art song of storms nail art fast art speed art 3 graphitti line art fast drawing halo speed art call me maybe forza speed art sick speed art photoshop cs5 tutorials amazing art cavemanfilms speed art andy samberg ihascupquake speed art speed art 2012 deviant art salt speed art minecraft hunger games cupquake speed paint concept paint dragon art dubstep bass drop vocaloid chimneyswift11 michelle phan speed racer trailer deadmau5 speed art minecraft art mw2 montage left 4 speed how to draw acrezhd twixtor amazing speed designing era speed art cs6 speed art uncopyrighted music
1 Apr 2013
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What Gaming gift did I get?! Check out Hanzos work on Deviant art here *******heavymetalhanzo.deviantart****/ Subscribe! and add us on Twitter! ********twitter****/#!/HCGSHOW
22 Apr 2014
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EDIT: I've gotten so many comments about this that I have to clear it up. I DID NOT STEAL THIS IDEA! I know about the wonderful Sasuke and Itachi video on Deviant Art by the wonderful, talented Puffsgain. I didn't see this until after I made this. Also, I know the original idea that everyone says I stole this from is Family Guy. However, when I did the voices for this I was just messing around and certainly didn't have Family Guy on my mind. This is just how my mind works. And this video ISN'T FUNNY! Dx Okay, I'm done ranting now. :3 Um... I was just really bored so I recorded my voice and pretended to be Kisame and Itachi from Naruto. Basically, it's just Kisame irritating Itachi cuz it's fun. Lol. xD I know, it's lame and not even funny, but it entertained me. Besides, we can't all be funny all of the time. :P As always, the pictures were drawn by me and the movie was made with Windows Movie Maker and MS Paint. And yes, my voice is retarded. xD ...I pray that the English voice actors won't sound anything like this. xD
1 Aug 2008
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A really good song. Art curiosity of zooni, thundara, data-7-panther-dude, III-Lilith-III, xcryingxdeathx of Deviant Art. The words in it are by me. The smiley at the end is by me.
15 Aug 2008
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Deviant Art Link: *******larriel.deviantart****/gallery/ I'm painting a tree on my wall, I don't have really any painting expirience, so I just hoped it turned out well. Lady Larriel
26 Nov 2008
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This is my 1st Naruto Vid. No Copyright Infringement Intended. And big thanks to all these wonderful artists, without whom this would not be possible. Photo's found using Yahoo Search and Deviant Art. Warning M/M Relationship, this means Slash. Shonen Ai. Yaoi. Nothing explicit however. Naruto and Sasuke celebrate after they complete an important mission. The next morning they wake up together and they freak out. They carry on as though nothing had happened. but end up in bed together again after going to a party with Sakura. This time only Sasuke freaks out, Naruto is fast getting used to this. After this happens a few more times, Naruto starts to feel fed up and sick and tired of feeling used. In the end Sasuke comes to his senses after seeing Naruto with someone else. Will Naruto accept his apology or not?
15 Dec 2008
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Do you like Everett Pianos? I sure don't but I sure made a nice rendering of my Everett Piano (3DSMAX) *******fc07.deviantart****/fs27/i/2008/113/a/d/My_Everett_by_ManHoPark.jpg My Art Page *******manhopark.deviantart**** Although I initially played this piece for the hell of it. I didn't realize until much later that it appeared in *Resident Evil. Hence, it means video games! I haven't played it yet but Resident Evil 4 was definitely sweet. Bio: First of all I am Korean. [No I am not chinese]. I am currently enrolled in school going for a bachelor's degree in game development. I love drawing so please do not hesitate to take a look at my deviant art page above! Yes, I do love piano, but I will not post any more videos. I know if I post poor quality videos, many people will start bashing away with criticism. So there is no more reason to put any more recordings up. However this does not mean I have quit playing piano, I still play once in awhile for my own enjoyment. The thing is I have not quit yet =] Note from author: Okay, I understand this version has to go slower, but regardless of that I still think it sounds nice. There's one reason why I continue to play piano and that is to enjoy myself. Yes, I know that sounds a tad rash, but hey its the truth. The point is I am not a professional. Of course I take some criticism seriously but not now for that I am busy with many other things =]
11 Jan 2009
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seeing as none of the big tutorial sites such as gnomon and Kurv studios have any tutorials on exporting from max, detailing in Zbrush, and then importing back into max, I thought I'd do one... hence this video. This was a request by KonL on DeviantArt, and so here it is. I know you can't see the details, but a point to note is that I have never used tangent normal mapping successfully, so I ALWAYS go for another projection method. If you're wondering, my deviant art site is: *******tadmod ...
14 Mar 2009
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An animated version of the OrgLIX audio soundtrack episode "Pregnancy Scare" which was premiered at the OrgLIX Openly Mocks Kingdom Hearts Cannon panel at AnimeUSA 2008 in Virginia on October 10th. For those who don't know though I should hope not with 150 suscribers now, OrgLIX is a parody of the Organization XIII characters from the Kingdom Hearts games. Orin Drake wrote the script and edited the audio, all the voice actors involved are credited (I voice Luxord though he's not in this sketch) and all animation was done by myself. Please don't comment on the visual glitches as it's a technical issue during the uploading process and not an animation error, that and for some reason the soundtrack seems to have dropped slightly in key, personally if I were you I'd click here to see the faultless swf version at Deviant Art: (*******tetsubo.deviantart****/art/OrgLIX-Pregnancy-Scare-100802658). And if you'd like to express your enjoyment of this and help out, please view the swf version at Newgrounds**** (*******www.newgrounds****/portal/view/464745 or search 'OrgLIX Pregnancy Scare') and leave a good rating as it'd be great to get a daily or favourite ranking there since Stickers only got 4th in the daily ranking when it was released. There are some implied issues, nudity and outright naughty words but no direct swears in this piece. Please visit OrgLIX for more... Main OrgLIX site - www****lix**** Forums - *******www.reignofangels****/forums/
29 Apr 2009
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