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King Of Devil's Island speelt zich af in 1915 en is gebaseerd op ware gebeurtenissen. Het is de vierde speelfilm van de veelbekroonde Noorse regisseur Marius Holst. Met een hoofdrol voor de Noorse acteur Stellan Skarsgård, die internationale bekendheid verwierf met zijn rol in Pirates Of The Caribbean, Dogville en Melancholia
8 Dec 2011
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Ein kalter norwegischer Winter im frühen 20. Jahrhundert: Auf der Gefängnisinsel Bastøy bei den Fjorden von Oslo lebt eine Gruppe straffälliger Jungen unter dem strengen Regime des Anstaltsleiters Hakon (Stellan Skarsgard). Die inhumanen Umstände, unter denen sie hier heranwachsen, prägen die Jungen, machen sie hart. Zugleich schweißt das eintönige Leben auf Bastøy die Heranwachsenden zusammen - sie werden zu einer verschworenen Einheit. Eines Tages kommt Erling auf die Insel, für den seine eigenen Regeln gelten. Er beugt sich dem brutalen Regime nicht und stachelt seine Mithäftlinge zur Revolte an. Nach einer wahren Begebenheit zeichnet Regisseur Marius Holst einfühlsam das präzise Portrait einer verlorenen Jugend. Eindrucksvolle Charaktere, überwältigende Landschaften und ein Finale, das einem den Boden unter den Füssen wegzieht. So spannend war Arthouse-kino schon lange nicht mehr!
29 Mar 2012
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In Cinemas June 29th - Based on a true story: Norwegian winter, early 20th century. On the island Bastoy, located in the Oslo fjord live a group of delinquent, young boys aged 11 to 18. The boys daily, sadistic regime is run by the guards and the principal who bestow both mental and physical abuse on them. Instead of the boys being straightened out with education they end up being used as cheap, manual labor. The boys attempt to survive by adapting to their inhumane conditions. One day a new boy, Erling (17), arrives with his own agenda; how to escape from the island. How far is he willing to go in order to get his freedom? After a tragic incident takes place, Erling ends up forced into the destinies of the other boys by leading them into a violent uprising. Once the boys manage to take over Bastoy 150 government soldiers are sent in to restore order.
29 Jun 2012
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Vastly entertaining 1973 Roger Corman produced exploitation pic based on the very real accounts of the French prison colony in French Guiana. Jim Brown sure knew how to pick great roles and this fits right into his early '70s repertoire. Also stars Christopher George, Richard Ely and Richard Rust.
17 Oct 2009
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11 Nov 2013
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Megadeth Rude Awakening 1. Dread and the Fugitive Mind ***********/watch?v=c8wdnp8JsCI 2. Wake Up Dead ***********/watch?v=6pjU90NYMn4 3. In My Darkest Hour ***********/watch?v=tusBpdxEd7I 4. She-Wolf 5. Reckoning Day ***********/watch?v=N-71rJWklpU 6. Devil's Island ***********/watch?v=TXVXojOY1h0 7. Burning Bridges ***********/watch?v=-wpxMoyZ5qI 8. Hangar 18 ***********/watch?v=SOTtlI1fSzQ 9. Return to Hangar ***********/watch?v=BECW2ch-msE 10. Hook In Mouth 11. 1000 Times Goodbye 12. Mechanix 13. Tornado of Souls 14. Ashes In Your Mouth 15. Sweating Bullets 16. Trust 17. Symphony of Destruction 18. Peace Sells 19. Holy Wars -Underground Show- 20. Kill the King 21. Angry Again 22. Almost Honest 23. Train of Consequences 24. A Tout le Monde -Megadeth On Megadeth-
17 Dec 2009
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Chapter 9: Devil's Island Chapter 10: Monster Attack Boss: Giant Squid Difficulty: Hard. Note: Conan is a single-player game released by THQ not related to the conan films played by Arnold Schwarzenegger films. Instead it's legendary barbarian from Robert E. Howard's fantasy stories . Features Ron Perlman as Voice acting for conan
4 Feb 2012
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From the movie The Devil-Doll - Directed by Tod Browning and starring Lionel Barrymore, Frank Lawton, Robert Greig, Henry B. Walthall, Pedro de Cordoba. An escaped Devil’s Island convict uses miniaturized humans to wreak vengeance on those that framed him.
23 Aug 2012
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***********/ ***********/EN/ See how Smart Ninja turns into the Japanese folktale character Momotaro (Peach Boy) and travels to Onigashima (Devil's Island) using a Smart Transportation System with another familiar folktale character. Can you guess who ?
7 Jun 2013
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KILLING IS MY BUSINESS...AND BUSINESS IS GOOD! [1985] 1. Last Rites/Loved To Deth 2. The Skull Beneath The Skin; 04:39 PEACE SELLS...BUT WHO'S BYING? [1986] 3. Wake Up Dead; 08:24 4. The Conjuring; 12:01 5. Peace Sells; 17:03 6. Devil's Island; 21:05 7. Good Morning/Black Friday; 26:10 SO FAR, SO GOOD...SO WHAT! [1988] 8. Into The Lungs Of Hell; 32:50 9. Set The World Afire; 36:12 10. In My Darkest Hour; 41:46 11. Hook In Mouth; 48:13 RUST IN PEACE [1990] 12. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due; 52:54 13. Hangar 18; 59:26 14. Take No Prisoners; 1:04:37 15. Tornado Of Souls; 1:08:04 16. Rust In Peace...Polaris; 1:13:27 COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION [1992] 17. Skin O' My Teeth; 1:19:03 18. Symphony Of Destruction; 1:22:18 19. Sweating Bullets; 1:26:10 20. High Speed Dirt; 1:31:37 21. Ashes In Your Mouth; 1:35:58 YOUTHANASIA [1994] 22. Reckoning Day; 1:42:05 23. Train Of Consequenses; 1:46:40 24. À Tout Le Monde; 1:50:11 25. Family Tree; 1:54:33 CRYPTIC WRITINGS [1997] 26. Trust; 1:58:45 27. She-Wolf; 2:03:56 THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO [2001] 28. 1000 Times Goodbye* 29. Dread And The Fugitive Mind* *Not allowed by Youtube, so I added Into The Lungs Of Hell & Black Friday instead. THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED [2004] 30. Blackmail The Universe; 2:07:35 31. Kick The Chair; 2:12:04 32. Something That I'm Not; 2:16:02 UNITED ABOMINATIONS [2007] 33. Sleepwalker; 2:21:09 34. Washington Is Next!; 2:27:03 35. Play For Blood; 2:32:15 36. Burnt Ice; 2:36:03 ENDGAME [2009] 37. This Days We Fight!; 2:39:50 38. 1,320; 2:43:18 39. Bite The Hand; 2:47:08 40. Headcrusher; 2:51:09 41. How The Story Ends; 2:54:35 TH1RT3EN [2011] 42. Sudden Death; 2:59:01 43. Public Enemy No.1; 3:04:08 44. Never Dead; 3:08:24 45. Black Swan; 3:11:57 Songs I would have added today! (46. Killing Is My Business) (47. My Last Words) (48. Addicted To Chaos) (49. Angry Again) (50. New World Order)
1 Jan 2014
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