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just howing her what she means to me...always wanted to make this
24 May 2009
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This is from devil's advocated where karan thapar questions a b bardhan's endorsement of mayawati
2 Sep 2009
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For my roleplaying site. Me and my baby Coop
3 Sep 2009
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Renuka Chaudhary has been exposed as the men hating woman that she is. This interview clearly depicts the real Renuka Chaudhary and her attemtps to justify the Domestic violence bill of India, which gives sweeping legal power to women and gives them a legal way to harrass and extort money from the innocent husband and his family members. During the interview in the program "Devil's Advocate", she threatens to put a domestic violence case against Karan Thapar and says an ominously advises "Be Careful" at the end of the interview. Watch how female feminazi goons are taking over the media and the law making machinery in India.
22 Sep 2010
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"Vanity - is defenitely my favourite sin" No one could have played "The Devil" better than Al Pacino ;-)
19 Apr 2011
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ysr devils advocate video
2 Feb 2009
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i think both reporters need more than a little nose job...this reminds me of Devils Advocate and Exorcism of Emily Rose or in the movie The Ring where only the face is distorted in the pictures...reptilians control your news... pic of ancient reptilian statue *******www1.freewebs****/blacksun666/Reptilian.html Learn the Power of your Mind (free your mind) *******tinylink****/?uhbak7dj4b if anyone is interested in the reverse speech of this video go here... *******www.evpreversespeaking****/2007/10/21/reptilian-eyes- reporter-on-youtube-the-reptilians-are-in-a-panic-listen Reptilian Pact *******www.luisprada****/Protected/reptilian_pact.htm *note...when uploaded to youtube the anomalies are visable...
7 Sep 2009
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Have President Obama's Af-Pak plans cast a shadow over Indo-US relations and perhaps introduced an element of tension between India and Pakistan? That is the key issue Karan Thapar( ***********/karan-thapar/profile-159263.html ) discussed in this week's Devil's Advocate with the Minister of State for External Affairs, Shashi Tharoor( ***********/shashi-tharoor/profile-656.html )....... .....Shashi Tharoor: But the point is that we are not the US and we don't have to agree with everything they say and the way they do it, but this particular speech had nothing to do with us. The only thing is that when pressure is eased on the al-Qaeda and Taliban( ***********/taliban/profile-522879.html ) in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it adds to the pressure on us and therefore it is a good thing for us that that aspect of the problem is dealt with and those people are left on the backfoot....... ***********/news/devils-advocate-tharoor-speaks-on-paks-narms/106596-3.html
2 Jul 2010
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Steve Greene plays devils advocate at a "Chic Fil A" Protest SUBSCRIBE!! Scroll to 5:01 & caption the picture to get featured next week! Click LIKE and Feed the troll!! Like me on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/Steve-Greene-Comedy/113923781991967 AND follow me on Twitter! *******www.twitter****/SteveGreeneCOM What should I do next week?! Leave a comment!!!
30 Nov 2013
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