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The clip Dexter explains how the show goes from Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002) Well, now that we've all... met each other, the next person who steps out of line will be finished. Is that clear? This is a family show and fighting will not be tolerated. We are going to be developing a different style of hockey that you won't have played before. If anybody wants to have attitude, bench it. First, we will now play two 20-minute periods instead of three. Hey, you're fuckin' with the rules, man. Mr Palmberg, Mr Claremont makes your rules, and both he and I feel that this format will be more television-friendly. Is that clear? Two, let us never forget that it is the Ice Breakers that are the stars of this show. And, like the stars of a Broadway show, they must remain fresh, healthy and unmarked. There will be none of that... stuff that some of your people like to do. Like... hip-checking, high-sticking, tripping,... butt-ending. These are your scripts. Your scripts are your bibles. Let us imagine that our script is called: "The Ice Breakers Beat the Super Chiefs Again. " It's a comedy, and every one of you has a part to play in it. Unlike a Hollywood script, every one of these words is to be respected as written. Is that clear? There will be no rewrites. OK. Good. So... from now on we are not going to practise, we're gonna rehearse. We are not going to play, we're gonna perform.
17 Nov 2011
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