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Vashu Bhagnani's daughter Honey Bhagnani and Dheeraj Deshmukh recently held a star studded wedding sangeet ceremony which was attended by the who’s who of Bollywood.
28 Feb 2012
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Ritesh Deshmukh’s brother Dheeraj Deshmukh tied the knot with Vashu Bhagnani’s daughter Honey Bhagnani in a grand wedding held at Grand Hayatt.
4 Mar 2012
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Masoom Official
15 Mar 2017
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20 Dec 2017
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Mel Karade Rabba is a 2010 Punjabi film directed by Navaniat Singh with story, screenplay & dialogues by Dheeraj Rattan, produced by Rajan Batra and Vivek Ohri, and starring Jimmy Shergill, Gippy Grewal, Neeru Bajwa, Amar Noorie, Sunita Dhir & Shavinder Mahal. Mel Karade Rabba released on 16th July, 2010 globally. Almost every university boy of Punjab considers himself to be a cool dude. But through out student life no one has been able to figure out that why such a dude appears harsh-rude to beautiful college girls. Case of our boy in Mel Karade Rabba is not so different here. Surprisingly, without doing anything or rather much, our cool dude has managed to make his way to the most eligible girl in his college. And now he thinks that he has got everything in this world.. but can he make his way to her heart as well? What she thinks? What is there in her mind? Will she open her heart to him or there is something else in her mind?
28 Jul 2010
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Can man fly ??? Yes he can, that too without a ticket. Video of a man flying using a jet pack .... Futuristic but real. Location- George Square, Glasgow, Scotland Year-2007 Shot by :- Dheeraj Sawlani Lets see what 2017 will offer...
30 Sep 2010
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our one day outing.. 80kms from home town..
2 May 2007
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Director Navaniat Singh is coming back with film Dharti. Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Japji Khaira,Ranvijay, Prem Chopra, Surveen Chawla, Randeep Arya, Rahul Dev and Shivender Maha. Visit *******www.moviesdatacenter****/ & *******www.iwatchmoviesonlinefree****/ for watching latest movies online for free.
9 Apr 2011
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Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor Media Pvt Ltd. Launched its first look of award giving ceremony. This awards will be given to all those who worked with Bright
8 Dec 2012
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Preeran- Falling in love with You
12 Dec 2017
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Detailed guide on how to prepare a hookah or also known as shisha pipe. A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed, often glass-based, water pipe device for smoking; originating in India,[1][2] it gained fame in the Arab World when it traveled from Persia to Arabia. A hookah operates by water-filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking many substances, such as herbal fruits and tobacco. Depending on locality, hookahs are known as other names, such as a shisha/sheesha Health benefits and risks Today's media sometimes suggests that hookah can be a more health threatening activity than smoking cigarettes. Research suggests that a session of hookah tobacco smoking (tobacco molasses) which lasts 45 minutes delivers slightly more tar and carbon monoxide (around 5-10%) than a packet of cigarettes.[9] This study has, however, come under criticism for using unrealistically high temperatures for the tobacco (600-650 degrees C) and using arbitrary figures for tar filtration rates.[citation needed] This could possibly have skewed results, as the carcinogenic and toxin levels of smoke increases dramatically with temperature (Wynder 1958). Common practice is to keep temperatures to degrees which do not "char" the hookah; that is within a temperature range of 100-150 C. (Chaouachi K: Patologie associate all'uso del narghile). The effects of these lower temperatures on tar are inconclusive, though Chaouachi indicates the tar would be less harmful. Some hookah tobaccos claim to contain 0.0% Tar. This is highly misleading since the tar is not contained in the tobacco but is produced when it is burned. All tobaccos produce tars when burned. The tar numbers listed on cigarette packs are obtained from burning the cigarette in a controlled way and analyzing the resulting smoke. However research has indicated that the use of the hookah may reduce comparative cancer risks, though such studies are not conclusive (Hoffman[10], Rakower, Salem 1983 and 90, Gupta Dheeraj 2001, Tandon 1995, Lubin 1992, Hazelton 2001, Stirling 1979). The levels of carbon monoxide produced during a hookah session varies widely depending on the type of coal used. Japanese charcoals are thought to produce lower amounts of carbon monoxide. However there is a notable difference in areas of carbon monoxide absorption, in that while cigarettes have a notable effect on the small respiratory tracts rather, shisha smoking mostly affects the major airways (Bakir 1991, Kiter). This means a lessened FEV vs FEV1/FVC ratio compared to cigarettes, which is believed to be less harmful for the airways long-term. However, it should not be considered as a "safe" alternative to common cigarette smoking.
11 Oct 2007
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27 Dec 2009
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