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Specializing In BMW, MINI, MBZ, VW, Audi.Phone: (310) 390-1108 3817 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City CA 90230 405 freeway exit at Venice Blvd. Established in 1987. Specializing in BMW, MINI, Mercedes, VW / AUDI. We are members of the BMW Tech Group and Mercedes Benz Technical system. We are ASE and Bosch Factory Certified. Members with BIMRS, LMVIND and IATN. State of California official Smog, Brake and Light Inspection certified and repair facility. Factory Trained in Germany on BMW and Mercedes before moving to U.S.A. We have the latest tools, equipment and electronics, to perform the needed Diagnosis, Inspection, Service and Repair on the latest car models. All repairs and maintenance are with factory parts and all our work is guaranteed.
28 Mar 2011
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*******rmatx****/services/diagnosis - Through a fertility testing procedure, a couple can find out why they are incapable of bearing a child. A male fertility test includes getting blood and urine tests. A female fertility test can be determined through simply observing the cervical mucus.
22 Nov 2011
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BY ORLA O’MUIRI ANCHOR LAUREN ZIMA A medical study suggests early-detection tests for breast cancer result in overdiagnosis of the disease. CBC reports. “Norwegian researchers say that when it comes to breast cancer early detection does not help all women.” The authors behind the study are from a handful of research institutions. They analyzed nearly 40,000 breast cancer cases in Norway and found... “15% to 25% of cases of cancer are overdiagnosed...Conclusion: Mammography screening entails a substantial amount of overdiagnosis.” According to WebMD the results mean — many women have undergone unnecessary treatment. “These ‘overdiagnosed’ cancers are treated with surgery, powerful drugs, and radiation, all when the cancer wouldn’t have made a woman sick in the first place.” Medical News Today says the numbers are concerning — but there is also evidence that screening programs are successful in preventing cancer. So what should doctors do? “...the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the two arguments. Give the patients the option for routine screening, present them with the benefits and drawbacks, educate them to examine themselves more often, and when positive results do come back from routine screening, know that they might not present the full picture.” This study and its recommendations were specific to Norwegian women. In the U.S. — the Preventive Service Task Force recommends women 50 and older have mammograms every other year. The American Cancer Society says those exams should start at age 40.
5 Apr 2012
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Jack Osbourne has revealed that he is battling MS.
18 Jun 2012
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A hashtag ‘Bald for bieber’ was trending for a while on Twitter, but faded as soon as people found out the truth…!
10 Nov 2012
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Manisha Koirala is said to be suffering from cancer. She has been admitted to jaslok hospital for furthur diagnosis. Lets pray and wish that she gets well soon.
29 Nov 2012
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***********/watch?v=c7KcE86GVuw The first step in the diagnosis of sleep apnea is to obtain a thorough history and physical examination with concentration on sleep related symptoms.
11 Apr 2013
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Discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D - Child & Adolescent Psychologist Co-Founder of the Child & Teen Success Centers in NY & NJ
17 Oct 2013
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Discussion with Steven Sussman, Ph.D - Child & Adolescent Psychologist Co-Founder of the Child & Teen Success Centers in NY & NJ
30 Dec 2013
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A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that an oral compound entering wide-spread testing is showing promise – offering new hope to the 400,000 Americans living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Most people with MS are first diagnosed with the relapsing-remitting form of the disease, which means symptoms are stable for periods of time and then flare up or cause relapses. Currently, available treatments for MS are all given by injection and are beneficial to a lot of people, but many patients experience side effects. Some patients get painful sores at the injection site. Now, a Phase II study shows that an oral compound, known as FTY720, can significantly reduce the number of relapses and brain inflammation in MS patients for up to a year. FTY720 is now being tested in a larger number of people. For more information on the clinical trial of experimental drug FTY720, visit: www.msclinicaltrials**** or call 866-788-3930 toll-free.
5 Nov 2006
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FDA APPROVES TWO NEW INDICATIONS FOR RITUXAN® (RITUXIMAB) IN PATIENTS WITH NON-HODGKIN’S LYMPHOMA The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two additional uses for Rituxan for patients with CD20-positive, B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). One new indication for Rituxan is for first-line treatment of previously untreated patients with follicular NHL in combination with CVP (cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisolone) chemotherapy. The second new indication is for the treatment of low-grade NHL in patients with stable disease or who achieve a partial or complete response following first-line treatment with CVP chemotherapy. NHL is the sixth most fatal cancer in the U.S. and an estimated 360,000 Americans have NHL - more than 58,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. About 30 percent of those patients diagnosed have a slow-growing, but incurable (low-grade) form of the disease -- the most common type is called follicular lymphoma. Relapse is common in these patients, making the goal of treatment to delay disease progression for as long as possible. The second new Rituxan indication represents a new approach to the treatment of NHL, enabling doctors to treat patients front-line with Rituxan, already one of the standard therapies for NHL, on an extended basis following a good response to upfront CVP chemotherapy. Studies showed that this treatment approach helped reduce the risk of disease progression, relapse or death in certain NHL patients.
5 Nov 2006
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WINSTON-SALEM, NC - On November 30, physicians at the Gamma Knife Center at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center performed Leksell Gamma Knife stereotactic radiosurgery on one of the world's tallest men to treat a pituitary tumor and restore his potential for a promising basketball career. Sun Ming Ming, a 23 year-old from China, came to the United States in 2005 hoping to be drafted by the National Basketball Association (NBA). At 7'9" his prospects looked good. Though he was eligible for the draft, he lacked stamina, strength and speed. He was diagnosed with a tumor on his pituitary gland that was responsible for his extraordinary height as well as his lack of performance. The tumor caused the pituitary gland, which is located near the middle of the brain, behind the eyes and nose, to overproduce growth hormone. "Ming's tumor is challenging in that it is located dangerously close to the optic nerves," said Volker W. Stieber, M.D., the radiation oncologist who is co-director of the Gamma Knife Center. Traditional surgery last year at a California hospital removed the majority of the tumor but enough tumor tissue remained that it continues to overproduce growth hormone at a level that will ultimately be fatal if he does not receive additional treatment. "The Gamma Knife surgery is expected to stop the abnormal hormone production by destroying the residual tumor tissue which could not be removed by conventional invasive surgery," said Stieber. The Gamma Knife Center at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center has one of the most experienced Gamma Knife treatment teams in the country at one of the nation's busiest Gamma Knife centers. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a non-invasive procedure in which a single, highly targeted dose of radiation is delivered through the skull to the tumor. The Leksell Gamma Knife is manufactured in Sweden by Elekta AB. The device focuses 201 beams of gamma radiation directly upon the targeted tissue, thus sparing the healthy surrounding brain tissue from radiation. The tissue is targeted with pinpoint accuracy using highly sophisticated imaging and three dimensional planning technologies. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is most often performed as an outpatient procedure and Sun Ming Ming is expected to be released that afternoon. The effect of the treatment on stopping the production of new tumor cells is almost immediate; his doctors expect that it will take at least one year for his hormone levels to return to completely normal levels.
4 Dec 2006
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Dr Sudesh Kumar looks at the relationship between obesity and diabetes and how researchers are helping doctors better diagnose and treat both conditions.
5 Dec 2006
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ACCORDING TO A STORY ISSUED BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, WEIGHT GAIN, FATIGUE AND CRAVINGS IN WOMEN MAY BE MORE THAN JUST GETTING OLDER Are More than 40 Million Baby Boomer Women at Risk for Diabetes and Heart Disease Because They Aren’t Giving Their Insulin Health a Second Thought? For women, excess weight in the mid-section, frequent fatigue and carbohydrate cravings may be the warning signs of something more serious. A new survey commissioned by the National Women’s Health Resource Center (NWHRC) showed that 75 percent of women ages 40-65 who had not been diagnosed with, but had a family history of diabetes or heart disease reported that they experienced these symptoms. However, nearly one-third (32%) of all respondents did not know they were signs of impaired insulin function, which causes high blood sugar levels and ultimately increases the risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive®, also found that 94 percent of women were unaware that low levels of a common essential mineral – chromium – impact insulin function. Only 10 percent reported that their daily diet contains sufficient amounts of chromium recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. Chromium is an essential mineral that helps manage insulin health the same way calcium helps promote bone health. For more information on simple tips that can help improve insulin health and the latest news and research associated with this important women’s health issue, visit www.BloodSugarFactor****.
10 Dec 2006
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Hard as hell to go to sleep, exspecially when you've been diagnosed with insomia (a sleeping disorder). I just wanted to share make experience with everyone. Its done in a poetic way, so that everything can be felt on what happens when you can not go to sleep. If your staring at a wall not able to fall asleep, know that your not alone.
17 Jan 2007
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DENDREON'S PROVENGE GRANTED 6-MONTH FDA PRIORITY REVIEW FOR TREATMENT OF ADVANCED, LATE-STAGE PROSTATE CANCER More than one million men in the United States have prostate cancer, with an estimated 232,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed each year. More than 30,000 men die each year of the disease. On January 16, 2007 Dendreon Corporation announced that the FDA has accepted for filing and has assigned priority review status to the Company's Biologics License Application (BLA) for PROVENGE (sipuleucel-T), its investigational active cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of asymptomatic, metastatic, androgen-independent (also known as hormone refractory) prostate cancer. Priority Review is granted to products that, if approved, would provide a significant improvement in the safety or effectiveness of the treatment, diagnosis or prevention of a serious or life-threatening disease. Clinical trials have shown that PROVENGE increases survival and is generally well tolerated in men with late-stage prostate cancer, a highly prevalent disease for which there are currently few available treatment options. PROVENGE may represent the first in a new class of active cellular immunotherapies (ACIs) that are uniquely designed to stimulate a patient's own immune system to treat cancer. For more information call 1-866-4-prostate or visit www.dendreon****
17 Jan 2007
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