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Cure plus is one of the best affordable health care in Bangalore. Our services diagnostic center, blood bank &donor, pharmacy and find doctor nearby Bangalore
19 Sep 2017
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How to Treat Prostate Cancer with Androgen Deprivation Therapy|hormone treatment for prostate cancer works by which action Androgen Deprivation Therapy—also known as hormone therapy—is a way of lowering certain hormones (“androgens”) in the male body to treat prostate cancer. (Surgical therapy is also an option.) Studies have shown that prostate cancer may shrink or grow at a slower pace when androgen levels are reduced. Thus, many doctors and prostate cancer patients look to androgen deprivation therapy as an important prostate cancer treatment. By learning about it and consulting your physician, you may find that undergoing androgen deprivation therapy is the right treatment for you. 1 Talk to your doctor. After your initial diagnosis of prostate cancer in previously untreated prostate cancer patients, you’ll likely schedule a series of appointments with an oncological specialist. Your doctor will evaluate your condition and circumstances and make a recommendation about potential treatments. A physician will gather detailed medical history and perform a physical exam, if they have not done so already. Your doctor will explain to you your diagnosis, prognosis, and potential treatments. Based on diagnostics, they will likely talk about your “grade” or level of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is graded on a scale from 1 through 10, with 5 or above indicating tissue that is extremely abnormal and indicative of cancer. This is called a Gleason Score the higher the Gleason Score the more aggressive the cancer
27 Sep 2017
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Cure plus is one of the best affordable health care in Bangalore. Our services diagnostic center, health & healthcare tips, pharmacy and find doctor nearby Bangalore
4 Oct 2017
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R-1 Service 12052 Pine St, Bloomington, CA, 92316 (909) 219-6306 R-1 Service provides a professional Diesel Engine Repair Service for people in Bloomington, CA. So pick up the phone and call us now. Make the right move by choosing our professionals. Get the service you deserve! Truck Repair, Brakes Repair, Engine Rebuild, Engine Repair, Professional Diesel Mechanic, Local Diesel Mechanic, Transmission Repair, Engine Replacement, Brakes Replacement, Engine Cleaning Fontana CA;Rialto CA;Mira Loma CA;San Bernardino CA;Ontario CA Diesel Engine Repair, Hydraulic Systems, Engine Computer Diagnostic, Diesel Mechanic, Hydraulic Repair Service
11 Oct 2017
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Inmemorycare is a platform that helps people to access preventive healthcare and treatment easier! Consumer buys a health care and wellness discount card, that allows attractive and discounted pricing across medical touch points like pathology labs,diagnostic centers,
22 Sep 2017
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How to Determine Prostate Cancer Recurrence|radiation treatment for prostate cancer after prostatectomy Patients who receive a prostate cancer diagnosis may be concerned that even if the cancer is removed once, it could come back again. Fortunately, the statistics for men who are diagnosed with this disease are mostly positive, with nearly 100 percent of patients living at least 5 years after the initial diagnosis and three-fourths living 15 years or longer. Although no one can tell for certain whether prostate cancer will return, there are many good tests and biological markers to help determine the likelihood of a recurrence of prostate cancer. 1 Know the risk factors for prostate cancer recurrence. One factor is whether there was cancer in the lymph nodes at the time of the initial diagnosis. Cancers that spread to the lymph nodes around the pelvic region increase the risk for a recurrence of prostate cancer later on 2 Ask about the size of your initial tumor. As a general rule, the larger the initial tumor, the greater the risk of a recurrence. Although tumor size isn't the only way to learn how to determine prostate cancer recurrence, larger tumors may mean the patient should have more frequent diagnostic tests to catch a recurrence of prostate cancer early on.
27 Sep 2017
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• Hospital equipment and supplies refer to instruments which are used in hospitals and healthcare establishments. • Wholesale dealers supply medicines and refrigerators to pharmacies and blood banks. • There are four types of Equipment which are diagnostic, treatment, procedural and patient care. Diagnostic Equipment • Diagnostic Equipment are used to check vitals and examine patients. • Some diagnostic Equipment are X- ray and MRI scanners, heart rate monitors, BP machines and ultrasound monitors. Procedural Equipment • Procedural Equipment are used to perform surgical procedures. • Suction machines are used to perform emergency suction application for adults, children and infants. • They also include consumables like bandages, surgical instruments, sanitary products and antiseptics, cleaning supplies. Autoclave Equipment • Autoclave is a procedural equipment which is used to sterilize surgical instruments. • Autoclave machines use pressurized steam or hot mater to ensure hygiene and safety. • Some examples of autoclave Equipment are water distillers, aerosol disinfectors and syringe containers. Treatment Equipment • Hospital treatment Equipment are also used in clinical laboratories and nursing homes. • Some examples of treatment Equipment are medical ventilators, cardiac support and radiation therapy machines. • Treatment Equipment also include incubators, medical thermometers ENT and Ophthalmic Equipment. Patient Care Equipment • These Equipment are essential for patient’s comfort and life support. • Hospital equipment suppliers provide quality resources for the welfare of patients. • They provide bed pans, comfortable beds, basins, hot water bags, dressing drums and sanitary ware. Visit yellowpages-uae com to contact Hospital Equipment Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www yellowpages-uae com/uae/hospital-equipment-supplies
27 Sep 2017
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How to Find the Cause of Aortic Regurgitation|bicuspid aortic valve chest pain Aortic regurgitation is when there is damage to the aortic valve, causing blood to leak backwards from the aorta (the body's largest blood vessel) back into the heart after each heartbeat. There are a number of things that can cause aortic regurgitation, including infection, trauma, rheumatic heart disease, aneurysm, and congenital and hereditary causes. The main way to determine the cause of aortic regurgitation is through cardiac imaging. Other medical tests may also be ordered to confirm the underlying cause of aortic regurgitation as well as assess overall cardiac health. 1 Receive a transthoracic echocardiogram. A transthoracic echocardiogram (commonly called an "echo") is usually the first specific investigation to look at the function of the aortic valve. It uses ultrasound waves to create an image of the heart as it functions in real time. It shows each heartbeat, and can assess blood flow through the various chambers of the heart with each heartbeat.[8] An echo can also be used to determine the underlying cause of aortic regurgitation. 2 Have a transesophageal echocardiogram. If a transthoracic echocardiogram is insufficient to determine the underlying cause of aortic regurgitation, the next step is to proceed to a transesophageal echocardiogram. This is when, rather than having the test performed from outside your chest, an ultrasound probe is instead inserted down your esophagus to provide a more close-up and detailed view of your heart, 3 Obtain other diagnostic tests as needed. Depending upon what is suspected as the underlying cause of aortic regurgitation, additional investigations may be ordered to provide more information. For instance, if an infection of the heart valve is suspected, blood tests and a blood culture will likely be ordered to test for the presence of bacteria. If trauma is suspected, a chest x-ray or CT scan will likely be needed to evaluate for injury
28 Sep 2017
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The Orthopedic & Joint, Knee Replacement specialist Doctor Vibhore Singhal specializes in treating the broad spectrum of problems, providing complete diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services in Delhi, India.
28 Sep 2017
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28 Sep 2017
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Trends and challenges in today’s Transport & Logistics industry mean evolving logistics networks must be prepared to deliver results in an ever-changing business environment. The future of Transport and Logistics relies on the collaboration, co-creation, and coordination among companies to multiply their capacity to generate new products and services. That is co-innovation, whose results would be multiplied if approached from a cross-border perspective. About Gateway TechnoLabs Gateway Technolabs is technology solutions provider for transport and logistic industry more than a decade with client serving across Europe and North America. Our contribution in the evolution: - Efficient Track and Trace Systems through RFID - 3D Image Processing and Tyre Specs Measurement - On Board Diagnostics - Near Field Communications - Efficient Terminal Operating Systems - Augmented Reality Gateway TechnoLabs is visiting #GITEX betweem Oct. 8-12 at SR F-8, Shiekh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center. To Book a Meeting with Us visit https : / / www dot gatewaytechnolabs dot com/transportation-logistics or email us: info at gatewaytechnolabs dot com #GatewayTechnoLabs #Transport #Logistics #FutureLogistics #GITEX #GITEX2017
29 Sep 2017
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With 40 years of experience, Tranco Transmission Repair One of the best Transmission Repair Shops in Albuquerque! Click here to learn more about us or, Contact us today to schedule a free diagnostic check. Address:- 1719 Eubank Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 Phone:- (505) 298-0000
3 Oct 2017
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