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20 Sep 2017
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3 months after I made my first Buster Keaton video, I decide to go back to the old black and white and film a sequel. You know, cause the 2ed one's always better. In this version I lose my last beer, and look around frantically trying to find more. I like making these types of videos because I think that just because we can now make videos with sound doesn't mean we should just rely on dialogue. You can still be entertained by visual storytelling (At least I hope so)
24 Sep 2017
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Got Talent Amazing Belly dance simon cowell, amanda holden, alesha dixon, david walliams got spell bound.... Roger Moore (James Bond) in "The Man With the Golden Gun" amazing Dialogue here are some favorite faces....and bellies! Veronika Maas, Irina Baranova, Aiza, Nata Tamani, Cassandra Fox, Isabella, Ho Lan, Rocio, Synthia, Alla Kushnir and Christina Guzan.
6 Oct 2017
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Final dialogue assignment for my animation class A man tells a bartender about a girl he loved
4 Jun 2008
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Watch the exclusive dialogue promo of Himesh Reshammiya's brand new movie , ( Karzz ) .
23 Aug 2008
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As part of his unforgettable tour, Amitabh spoke out his dialogues from his film Deewar and got everyone in tears. People gave him a standing ovation for his performance
7 Oct 2008
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we have in this video dialogue bettine Barack VS PALIN (mac v.s. pc spoof)
25 Oct 2008
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The series begins! No plot, no dialogue, just Action Man! Created in 2003, Action Man has gone on to become the signature series for TotemNation Films. Be sure to check back periodically for the newest installments. Enjoy!
31 Oct 2008
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The exclusive dialogue promo of the movie 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!'
11 Nov 2008
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Dev D Dialogue Promo 4
10 Feb 2009
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Dev D Dialogue Promo 4
20 Jun 2009
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Rabne Banadi Jodi Dialogue Promo 3
24 Mar 2009
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Rabne Banadi Jodi Dialogue Promo1
16 Feb 2009
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'Dialogue du vent et de la mer' (Dialogue of the wind and the sea) from "La Mer" by Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Animation by Ali Habashi Thomas M. Sleeper, conductor University of Miami Symphony Orchestra
14 Feb 2009
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In this bonus feature, you'll learn what these college women think about racism's future, listen to the idea of advancing social justice and learn about ethnic diversity at the University of Minnesota. To see the full-length documentary "What Are You? A Dialogue on Mixed Race," please visit *******bustermediagroup.blogspot****
16 Mar 2009
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